Our New Patient Guidelines

We are adapting to the reality of coronavirus in the community during this challenging era. Our practice has been participating on the front lines of Covid-19 care, and have learned how to minimize patient and staff exposure by following these guidelines:

1. We will encourage virtual consultations and follow up when appropriate.

2. We will screen all staff with temperature checks, rigorous monitoring of signs and symptoms, and testing when readily available for on-site use.

3. We will screen all patients for in-person office visits by way of questionnaire and temperature checks.

4. We will limit office visits and surgeries to patients only (with the exception of children and those in need of assistance). No visitors are permitted in the waiting rooms. We will inform families of patients’ progress and when/how to pick them up.

5. All elective surgical patients will require:

a. A Covid-19 viral PCR test (rapid nasal swab) and chest Xray 24-48 hrs. prior to surgery
b. 2 weeks of self quarantine from anyone at risk for the virus
c. Negative clinical history for Covid-19 signs and symptoms

6. Use of all CDC and American College of Surgeons recommendations for pre-op, intra-op and post-op management of patients.

We are here to help you navigate through this in the safest way possible.

Please contact us with any questions,

Drs. Richard Winters, Stephanie Cohen, and Janet Yueh