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Women who have disproportionately large breasts often suffer from posture problems and back and neck pains due to the weight of heavy breasts. Under the weight of heavy breasts, bras can become extremely uncomfortable, and the straps may create painful depressions in the shoulders and back which result in skin irritations. In addition, extremely large breasts can limit a woman’s ability to enjoy and participate in sports as well as affect clothing choices.

Many patients decide to undergo breast reduction surgery to alleviate their physical symptoms and improve their self-esteem. Breast reduction surgery, which is also called breast reduction mammoplasty, removes fat, glandular tissue and skin to create breasts that are in proportion with the patient’s figure. In addition to alleviating the physical systems, breast reduction surgery can also improve the shape and lift the breasts.

Reasons For Seeking a Breast Reduction

The primary reason women elect to seek a breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size and shape of their breasts. Over-sized breasts can result in:

  • Back pain.
  • Neck pain.
  • Discomfort from bras.
  • Ill-fitting clothes.
  • Lowered self-esteem.
  • Difficulty participating in sports and other physical activities.
  • Disproportionate appearance.

Large, heavy breasts are also prone to sag, and the areolae may enlarge over time as well. A woman who is more concerned with sagging as opposed to the size may opt to have a breast lift surgery instead.

What Happens During a Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are two types of breast reduction surgery. The most common type involves making incisions and removing skin and breast tissue to the desired size and shape. Patients who also need lifting will usually elect this method. Some patients may choose liposuction of the breasts only, which can reduce the overall size without scarring, but will not significantly lift the position.

The procedures and techniques employed in a breast reduction surgery will depend on each patient’s anatomy and desired outcome. The incisions are designed specifically for the patient’s needs to reduce the appearance of large, sagging breasts and improve the overall breast shape. If needed, the incisions may also help the surgeon reposition and resize the areola.

Dr. Stephanie Cohen and Dr. Rick Winters are experienced breast reduction surgeons in Bergen County, N.J. Doctors Cohen and Winters can help you achieve more comfortable, natural-looking breasts with minimal scarring.

Dr. Cohen Discusses Breast Reconstruction Techniques on American Health Front

Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery

Every surgery comes with certain risks, including bleeding, infection, allergic reactions, bruising and adverse reaction to anesthesia. Proper care and attention from expert medical staff can greatly minimize these risks.

Some residual scarring is typically anticipated with breast reduction surgery. Although these scars may fade over time, it is likely that they will always be somewhat visible.

Additional breast reduction risks can include:

  • Temporary or permanent changes in nipple or breast sensation.
  • Poor wound healing.
  • Irregularities in breast contour and shape.
  • Asymmetric breasts.
  • Excessive breast firmness.
  • Inability to breastfeed.
  • Persisting pain.
  • Need for additional surgery.

Additional changes to the breast that occur as a result of pregnancy, weight gain or aging may alter the outcome of a breast reduction surgery.

Patients who have had reductions are still required to get regular mammograms at regularly scheduled intervals but must be aware that occasionally further diagnostic tests are necessary due to post-reduction changes.

Choosing a Surgeon for Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters utilize their knowledge and expertise as reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons to create breast reduction surgery results personalized to each patient’s unique shape, size, and desires. The skills and experience of the plastic surgeon you select to perform your breast reduction surgery will have an important impact on your final results.

Healthy, emotionally-stable women who have realistic expectations about the potential results are excellent candidates for breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery can be completed at any age, however, it is best to wait until after the breast development and growth is completed.

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