Bergen County is an excellent place to find skilled breast augmentation surgeons. Here in NJ, you will find surgeons with significant experience and excellent educational backgrounds from the nation’s best medical schools.

Don’t assume you must to head to NYC for the best breast surgeons. In fact, some of the best breast implant surgeons avoid practicing in New York because of the large overhead associated with running a surgical practice there.

Some of the most dedicated surgeons don’t want to charge patients larger fees just to cover the costs of being located in NYC. That’s one reason why NJ has a high concentration of good surgeons.

Now all you need to do is narrow down the field and choose the best fit for your needs.

Find Experienced Surgeons in NJ: Minimize Risk and Enhance Results

With a little research, NJ is a great place to find an experienced plastic surgeon for breast augmentation.

Surgeons seek out places like Bergen County because they realize they will get a large number of patients and a wide variety of breast augmentation patients.

You want, and deserve the most experienced breast surgeon that you can find for your breast augmentation. Experience, including breast reconstructive experience, plays a big part in minimizing surgical complications and getting a predictably successful result.

Get Personal Attention from Bergen County Breast Implant Surgeons

Many of the best surgeons, like the surgeons at Cohen/Winters, choose NJ as their location to practice over other East Coast states because being outside of the hectic city makes breast augmentation surgery less stressful for patients.

It also gives surgeons more time to spend with each patient than they would have in Manhattan, for instance.

At Cohen/Winters we plan each surgery carefully around you, the patient, so taking time to get to know you are important to a successful outcome. For us, NJ is the place.

Find the Right Surgeon for Your Breast Augmentation in NJ

Although areas like Bergen County attract the best plastic surgeons, not just any great surgeon will do.

You need a great surgeon that you can communicate with easily. Seek out a surgeon who is dedicated to patient care rather than focused on running a business.

You want the surgeon who is right for you and who puts your needs and health first.

Breast Augmentation in New Jersey: Your Surgical Consultation

Here are some of the most important facts to find out from your breast augmentation surgeon before moving forward.

Not only will you get specific information in your consultation, you will also have a basis to determine if the surgeon is really right for you.

When you meet with a plastic surgeon, ask about:

  • What are the pros and cons of silicone and saline breast implants?
  • Which type of breast implant would you recommend, considering my surgical goals?
  • Where will my incisions (and scars) be? Are there viable options about where to place incisions? What are the options?
  • What percentage of your practice is devoted to breast augmentation?
  • How many breast augmentations do you perform annually?
  • What percentage of your practice is dedicated to breast reconstruction? (This is an indication or expertise and precise surgical technique.)
  • Where do you have surgical privileges? (This is another indicator of the quality of your surgeon’s work.)
  • Where will my breast implant surgery take place?
  • What type of anesthesia is recommended and why?
  • What is your surgical complication rate? What complication is the most common?
  • What are long-term complications possible with the recommended type of implants?
  • How long do the recommended breast implants typically last? Does the manufacturer guarantee them?
  • How long will I need to take off from work or school for recovery after surgery?
  • What type of testing (blood tests, mammogram?) will I need before surgery?
  • And more

Based on your discussion with your surgeon, you should be able to determine if you feel comfortable going forward.

You don’t have to make your decision immediately. Be sure to take your time so that you can go forward confidently.

Avoiding High-Cost Breast Augmentation Surgery

As medical science and technology have progressed, breast augmentation costs have risen, yet breast implant surgery is still one of the most worthwhile procedures. Most women (including our many patients here in NJ), when looking back on the procedure after the fact, have found the experience “worth it” and are happy with the results. For women who emerge disappointed from breast augmentation, it is typically not the price (in dollars) that has left them dissatisfied but rather an underwhelming or unsatisfactory outcome.

At Cohen/Winters, here in NJ, we have re-done breast augmentation surgeries for countless women who came to us after losing trust in their original surgeon, due to a bad breast implant surgery result. We typically consider such unsatisfactory outcomes the fault of the breast surgeon, since he or she is your expert partner, tasked with seeing you successfully through your breast augmentation procedure.

Focus on the Breast Augmentation Outcome First, with Price as a Secondary Concern

When the result of a breast augmentation is unsatisfactory, it’s typically because the results did not meet expectations. Thankfully, this is unlikely to happen if you choose a board-certified and experienced NJ breast specialist. What is slightly more common is dissatisfaction with a result that doesn’t match the patient’s goals or wishes. You can avoid this by choosing a breast surgeon who partners with you for success, listens to you and communicates clearly and honestly. Choose a surgeon you really trust.

Breast Augmentation: Making Sure It’s Worth It

Focusing on your outcome (by choosing your surgeon with great care) will make your breast augmentation experience well worthwhile, no matter the price tag. Cost is an important consideration for any patient, but it should never be the primary focus. When choosing your breast implant surgeon, don’t prioritize getting a bargain–look for a surgeon with the proper experience.

Avoid the greatest cost (an unhappy result) by avoiding “bargain” surgery–and also avoid “premium priced” surgery. Paying a high “premium” price is no guarantee of a quality outcome. Put your safety and future happiness first by choosing your plastic surgeon first and then considering the breast augmentation price. Remember to look for experience and dedication, above all.

How Breast Augmentation Surgery Prices are Determined

Pricing factors for breast augmentation surgery include:

  • Surgery center time: The more complicated your breast augmentation, the higher costs will be because additional time is needed in the surgery center operating room. A skilled plastic surgeon works efficiently, however, so surgery will likely take less time than it might with another surgeon. You will also have expert suturing, lower risk of complications and less noticeable scarring.
  • Anesthesiologist: General anesthesia is usually needed in breast augmentation surgery. An experienced anesthesiologist (a medical doctor) will provide you with the safest, most comfortable surgery. The extra cost is definitely worth it, so don’t choose a surgeon who offers you anything less.
  • Location: Geographical concerns figure into your price for breast augmentation. Cities (especially NYC) add to the cost of any service, including breast augmentation. On the other hand, breast surgeons in highly populated areas typically have greater experience. In NJ, experienced surgeons come with less overhead (costs for running a practice), so you may save money over Manhattan and other East Coast cities.
  • Surgical expertise: A highly skilled breast augmentation specialist with more years of experience may have a higher fee. You’ll get great, invaluable benefit from this, however. An experienced breast surgeon uses precise, efficient and careful surgical techniques that improve your entire surgical experience, lower risk and optimize your outcome. You may heal faster thanks to an expert technique, scars will be invisible in low-cut clothing and you’ll get the shape and size you expect. Choose a surgeon with 10+ years experience, board certified in plastic surgery, with breast reconstructive knowledge and admitting privileges at a prestigious medical center.
  • Breast implant cost: Silicone breast implants are priced higher than saline and larger sizes cost more than small ones, but this is a minor part of the total cost for breast augmentation in NJ.
  • Insurance: Your health insurance may cover costs associated with reconstruction after mastectomy.
  • Your consulting visit: Not all experienced and dedicated breast augmentation surgeons in NJ charge for a consultation appointment. At Cohen/Winters, for example, we want to help you improve your life through aesthetic or reconstructive surgery—that’s our main focus. We feel it’s much more important than collecting a consultation fee.

Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery: Sharing Our Experience with You 

Our guiding philosophy is that you deserve the best for you. We are here to ensure you get it! We are happy to meet with you at no charge about breast augmentation.

We will ask about your medical history and goals for breast augmentation–and determine if you’re a good candidate. We will take your goals and desires seriously.

We will let you know our plan to achieve your breast enhancement goal. We can provide guidance if you need it, but we won’t tell you what to do. We like to offer our patients valuable insights from our experience to help them make decisions about breast augmentation.

At Cohen/Winters, we feel that every procedure we perform is a journey undertaken by surgeon and patient, together. When you’re ready to learn more about breast augmentation surgery and how it would work for you, contact our Bergen County office to make an appointment for your no-charge consultation.

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