Finding the best Bergen County plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation involves working with some crucial basic facts, and also requires a measure of trusting your gut feeling.

Having partnered with thousands of satisfied patients through the breast augmentation process, and in many cases through breast reconstruction, we have received more than our share of “best surgeon” votes.

But that doesn’t mean we’re best for everybody. So what’s the secret of finding the best breast augmentation surgeons for you?

First get the facts (the concrete information mentioned above) – then evaluate the breast specialists for dedication, honesty and trustworthiness. Those last qualities are the gut feeling part of the equation, which you can only evaluate upon meeting with some of the best.

Finding the Top NJ Breast Augmentation Surgeons: Verify the Basic Facts 

Basic facts (credentials and qualifications), of course, include education, licensure, experience and surgical skill. You certainly need to make sure that your chosen surgeon scores well on all those fronts.
Check state medical licenses at the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs Office of the Attorney General.

Choose “Physicians” from the drop-down menu, then type the “Last name” and “First name” of your surgeon in the fields below. When the results come up, double click on your specific plastic surgeon’s name. There may be doctors in other specialties with the same name.

On each doctor’s online page, you will see the license number and board certifications. Look for board certifications in both general surgery AND plastic surgery from the ABMS, which is the American Board of Medical Specialties.

You can also see medical schools attended and years of graduation, malpractice/legal problems, if any, and more, by clicking the tabs running horizontally under the physician’s name.

Once you’ve verified the important facts and gotten basic background info online, you can also get a sense of your surgeon’s point of view by reading blogs like this. This tells you which breast augmentation surgeon you should consider meeting with—in order to make your final decision.

Choosing the Best Breast Surgeon: Evaluating Soft Skills for the Perfect Fit

Once you’ve checked out the hard facts mentioned above, next comes the step where you choose from among the experienced surgeons in Bergen County to select the one that’s truly best for you. (You should have eliminated anyone who isn’t well qualified with hard skills, experience, board certifications, etc., in the earlier step in your surgeon search. That way, you won’t waste your time meeting with a surgeon unqualified to be considered the “best surgeon.”)

We’ll call the next set of skills you’ll look for the “soft skills”, simply because they’re not facts you can look up with a state agency online.

This is the part of your decision-making process where your gut feeling or intuition helps you find the most dedicated surgeon, and the one with whom you can easily communicate.

What to Watch for in Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

When you meet with breast augmentation surgeons who look good online, evaluate the feeling you get when meeting him or her. Choose the surgeon who takes an interest in (asks about) you and then demonstrates their understanding of your goals.

If the surgeon is not paying attention to you, doesn’t ask anything and doesn’t seem to understand the description of your goals, it should trigger a bad gut feeling. You will probably begin to think “this surgeon is not for me.” And you’d be correct, because the decision is yours completely.

The right Bergen County surgeon for you will also be the one who answers your questions in an unhurried manner, taking their time with you. The right breast augmentation surgeons will explain the options for your surgery so that you clearly understand.

Your gut feeling, hopefully, won’t allow you to choose the surgeon who rushes through your meeting or ignores your questions. Look for signs of attention, caring, dedication, communication skills and honesty. This leads you to a surgeon you can trust.

You’re looking for a surgeon who has your confidence, because going into surgery confidently bodes well for an excellent outcome from your breast augmentation. Taking the time to find the best surgeon for you is the best gift you can give yourself, paving the way for success.

Make Sure Your Surgeon Chooses You, Too

The breast augmentation surgeons that you meet with should evaluate, based upon your health history and your motivation or goals for the outcome, whether you’re a good candidate.

No NJ surgeon should rush to sell you on a procedure without first talking with you and showing an interest in you by asking questions.

Health concerns

The reason the best breast augmentation surgeons work this way, by evaluating the specific details about you and your needs, is a practical one. No surgeon should go forward with a surgery that is not likely to succeed.

By not succeeding, we mean a surgery that has an unacceptable amount of risk due to your health condition. That would be dangerous, so you want your surgeon to tell you if he or she feels you are a good candidate or you’re not a good candidate, and why.

Realistic expectations

Another reason you may not be considered a good candidate: if you want something that’s not possible. This means that you will be unhappy with the outcome of your surgery, so of course your surgeon will explain that you should not go forward and that you’re not a good candidate.

For example, if you say “I want to look exactly like (famous actress or model) after surgery.” Most breast augmentation surgeons, including us at Cohen/Winters, will say you’re not a good candidate. No one is going to overreact if you mention an actress or well-known name, but your surgeon will look for unrealistic goals, because they don’t want you to be disappointed after going through your surgery.

The Cohen/Winters Difference: Why We’re Outstanding Breast Surgeons

At Cohen/Winters in Bergen County NJ, we feel it’s unethical to go forward unless we can partner with you for success of your breast augmentation. You’ll find that, at our practice, Dr. Winters and I consider surgery more of a calling than a business.

When you meet with one of us we will get to know you, and decide along with you, whether to move forward in partnership. If we can help you achieve the body you want, we will be with you all the way.

The Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons: Yes, We’re Confident

Surgeons with years of successful breast surgeries behind them will definitely be confident, and we are no exceptions. (You wouldn’t want a surgeon to operate on you if they don’t seem confident.)

  • After 15+ years of experience and thousands of successful procedures, we have developed excellent surgical technique, both with aesthetic surgery as well as reconstructive procedures. Excellent technique means there are no shortcuts. Your implants will be placed and secured properly, incisions will be carefully closed to minimize scarring. Your surgery will be performed with great attention to every detail.
  • After performing hundreds of reconstructive procedures, we’ve developed superior knowledge of breast anatomy and how best to conduct surgery for the most attractive look and proper function after breast augmentation. (Hint: Choose a surgeon with reconstructive experience to perform your breast augmentation.)
  • We combine technical experience with an artistic eye, to perform breast surgery with the least scarring and fastest healing possible for each patient. Precise surgical technique accomplishes that. We also have an artistic sense and an eye for beauty. We know how the breasts should look and we’ll remember the goals you discussed with us. This enables us to provide the best positioning of the breast and nipples for a firm, high, symmetrical and perky look.
  • We have the best credentials imaginable. Check out our bios (Dr. Winters) (Dr. Cohen) and you’ll see our comprehensive medical education, years of experience and surgical privileges at the prestigious Hackensack University Hospital here in NJ.
  • We specialize in breast surgery, with a good percentage of our practice dedicated to just what you are considering. There’s no substitute for experience, especially current and continuous experience.
  • We have excellent surgical judgment. We can handle the most complex surgical procedures because of our years of focus on reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the breast. This lowers the risk of complications and allows us to provide a predictable outcome for our patients. (No need to cross your fingers—you’ll go into surgery confidently.)
  • We’re expert breast surgeons, but also “people people” who love getting to know you. We enjoy helping solve a medical problem or achieve a goal that you desire through aesthetic or reconstructive plastic surgery.
  • We will partner with you for a stellar breast augmentation result. We won’t advise you to go forward unless we expect complete success.

Find the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon for Your

We don’t believe in charging for your consultation. We want you to freely choose the best breast implant surgeon for you, without feeling that you’ll lose money if you don’t have surgery or opt to have it elsewhere.

We’re happy to meet with you! Just contact Cohen/Winters in Bergen County.

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Dr. Cohen specializes in breast lifts, augmentations, revisions and reductions as well as breast cancer reconstructions. A long time dream of Dr. Cohen’s was to travel to developing countries and provide expert surgical care to those who have no other possible access to medical care. This became a reality in 2007 when she became a founding member and Vice President of ISMS Operation Kids.