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Breast revision surgery requires a skilled surgeon who can help the patient to identify exactly what the problems are and if the desired outcome is realistic. Whether a single previous procedure has had an undesirable outcome or there have been multiple previous surgeons at work, Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters are determined to work with the patient to improve the outcome. Sometimes that will require a more aggressive overhaul or sometimes a minor, lighter touch.

Common Reasons Patients Seek a Breast Revision Surgery

Even a properly managed breast implant surgery that experiences an initial positive outcome, may later encounter changes which necessitate a breast revision surgery. These changes may be due to scarring, body habits, implants, etc. Sometimes there is no specific reason other than a general displeasure with the cosmetic outcome.

Common reasons for breast revision surgery include:

  • Implant scarring or displacement.
  • Breast changes due to weight loss or gain, childbirth, breast feeding or aging.
  • Incorrect placement of implants.
  • Desire for larger or smaller implants.

Breast revision surgery requires the skills and knowledge of reconstructive surgeons, such as Dr. Stephanie Cohen and Dr. Rick Winters. They will take the time to understand every patient’s goals and help them achieve the best outcome for every unique situation.

Dr. Cohen Discusses Breast Reconstruction Techniques on American Health Front

What Happens During a Breast Revision Surgery?

The techniques, procedures and processes utilized during a breast revision surgery will vary greatly depending on the situation and targeted outcome. Many implant related complications, like capsular contracture, or ruptured implant, require the removal of the existing implant, repair of the implant pocket and placement of new implants.

Other situations may require additional incisions, revising existing scars or often lifting breasts into a more desirable position. Doctors Cohen and Winters are experienced in many types of breast revision surgery in Bergen County, N.J. and will help every patient achieve the results they want.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Revision Surgery?

The best candidates for breast revision surgery are patients with good physical and psychological health and realistic expectations about what can be achieved.

How Do I Select the Best Surgeon for Breast Revision Surgery?

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters realize that the secret to success with breast revision surgery is to treat each patient and their circumstances by providing a solution that is uniquely tailored to their needs and desires. The doctors’ wealth of experience as reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons help them understand and respond to even the most challenging situations.

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