If you’re considering breast revision, there’s a good chance you’re already knowledgeable about all things breast augmentation. Since breast revision is a corrective procedure to improve the outcome of previous surgeries, the experience will be different from what you have come to know. With this being said, the breast revision recovery time will be different from your prior procedure. This amount of time will vary greatly from patient to patient. Your surgeon will begin preparing you for surgery by notifying you of your current state and explaining how much work will need to be done to achieve your desired outcome.

What to Expect for Your Breast Revision

Much of your breast revision will depend on the specifics of your procedure. For some patients, the breast revision process is less complicated than it is for others. Naturally, minimal procedures offer fewer risks, less pain and discomfort afterward. If implants are removed without replacement or other modifications, then the breast revision recovery time may be fairly minimal. These patients may be able to return to their usual schedule with slight adjustments and little to no pain. For other procedures, like replacing implants with a different size, the recovery time may be similar to that of your initial breast enhancement surgery.

The surgeons at Cohen Winters carefully advise patients of what their procedure will entail and how long a full recovery will take. In a consultation, you’ll learn what to expect before and after your breast revision surgery. Your doctor will tell you how attainable your desired outcome is and what steps will need to be taken to achieve it. The experts at Cohen Winters see the consultation process as a crucial part of the breast revision procedure. They are dedicated to helping patients understand what to expect and how to heal so that they can benefit from better overall outcomes.

The reasons you are considering breast revision will help your doctor determine how long the process will take and what steps will need to be taken for added care. This may include extra time off before returning to work, working out or other activities you partake in during your daily routine.

Breast Revision Recovery Time and Other Concerns

The breast revision recovery process depends on the patient’s procedure and condition afterward. Here’s a look at what to expect after the most common types of breast revision:

  1. Removal of Breast Implants

A breast revision that requires the removal of implants tends to be the easiest procedure with the shortest recovery time. After a breast implant removal, you might experience swelling, bruising or itching. For a breast implant removal, your surgeon will place tape over the stitches. Pain or discomfort can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medication.

      2. Removal of Breast Implants & Breast Lift

If you undergo a breast lift in addition to the removal of an implant, you may experience numbness or tingling around your incisions. These instances of discomfort will eventually dissipate. In the event that your breast implant replacement requires with a larger-sized implant, you will experience a recovery similar to your initial augmentation. As with your first procedure, the size and placement of the implants will determine your recovery. This type of breast revision may cause symptoms including pain, stiffness, swelling, bruising or itching.

As your body adjusts to your new implants, the skin around your breasts may feel tight. You may also experience uncomfortable sensations, like numbness and tingling around the incision sites. This can take a few weeks to fully go away. You’ll likely wear a compression bra for a couple of weeks post-op to lessen swelling. This will aid the process and provide you with an added level of comfort. In certain cases, you may also need a temporary tube to help drain fluids in the area. For pain and discomfort, your doctor will likely provide you with a prescription to fill ahead of time. You may also need antibiotics to prevent an infection from occurring at the surgical site.

To understand how to have the most effective breast revision recovery, it’s important to follow the instructions provided by your doctor. You should prepare a list of questions and concerns to ensure you know what to expect both before and after the procedure. The surgeons at Cohen Winters carefully guide each patient through the breast revision process with detailed instructions and follow up information so they feel comfortable and prepared.   

What to Ask About Your Breast Revision Recovery Time

For many patients, the outcome of breast revision surgery is largely determined by their prior condition and desired outcome, in addition to their understanding of the procedure and focus on the healing process afterward. Before you decide to move forward with a breast revision procedure, be sure to ask your doctor the following questions.

  • Where will the surgery take place? Where will you be taken post-op for recovery?
  • Which medications will you need to prevent infection and to reduce pain?
  • How will the procedure affect your general health?
  • How will it coincide with any health issues or conditions you may have?
  • When will you follow up with your doctor after the procedure, during the recovery process?

If you are considering breast revision, the doctors at Cohen Winters are here to help. They are devoted to ensuring that every patient is happy before, during and after surgery. They place utmost importance on the consultation process to make sure all of your concerns and questions are addressed. Whether your personal solution is simple or complex, the doctors at Cohen Winters are focused on helping you achieve both your body goal and a speedy recovery.

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