Here’s what our patients are saying about us.

Here’s what our patients are saying about us.

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Featured Testimonial – Dr. Winters


I had been having trouble breathing for years. I suffered from constant sinus infections, severe snoring and shortness of breath, and I had tried everything to help with these problems. I finally decided to see a plastic surgeon and find out his thoughts on my problem. Well, sure enough after a consultation and a CT scan, it was shown my nose had to be corrected.

I went in for my surgery with absolutely no concerns or questions. Dr. Winters made me feel so comfortable and extremely relaxed. After my surgery I was definitely swollen and black and blue, but Dr. Winters assured me after a few days it would all go away. My pain wasn’t horrible at all, and after two days I felt great.

A week after my surgery I went in for my post-op and was so pleased with my results! Not only had Dr Winters reconstructed my nose to help me breathe better, but my nose was absolutely straight and perfect. I’m in love with my results. Dr Winters truly is the best!

– Stephanie T.

January 8 –

Breast Revision

We got to Dr. Winters through an O.R. nurse whose mother he did breast reconstruction after breast cancer. I, myself had poorly done cosmetic breast surgery and was told it couldn’t be corrected. Dr. Winters was able to restore my breasts and I now feel like I have my soul back. His confidence was reassuring and his compassion was comforting. If only I had gone to him in the first place. Don’t make the same mistake!

March 23 –

Teenage Rhinoplasty

He made the experience of my daughter’s rhinoplasty as comfortable, pain free and as easy as possible. His bedside manner and genuine concern was very much appreciated. I would only consider plastic surgery for myself or any other member of my family as long as Dr. Winters is our surgeon.

March 30 –

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Winters on the news. One of his patient’s (a young woman with face cancer) was so thrilled with his work she did an interview on Channel 5. When I saw what Dr. Winters was able to do for this girl, I knew I had to go see him.

After 11 surgeries as a child (from a supposed Board Certified Plastic Surgeon) left me severely facially disfigured, and multiple other plastic surgeons told me the hope for correction was minimal, I went to see Dr. Winters. From the first appointment, it was as though we knew each other forever and he understood exactly what I was asking for. Never wanted to look like a supermodel, just didn’t want the second glances or worse yet the stares.

Rick zipped around his exam room on his wheeled stool and seemed more excited at the prospect of improvement than I think I did. I knew he was the one to do the surgery. Six surgeries later, I have my life back and Dr. Winters delivered on his promise to stop the second glances (except the good ones). No need to go anywhere else, if you need or want a plastic and/or reconstructive surgeon with compassion, humor and a brilliant talent LOOK NO FURTHER. Dr. Winters is the BEST!!

February 10 –

Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Winters is also an amazing physician. I had a rhinoplasty with a different physician about three years ago and was not 100% pleased with the result. Without me saying a word, Dr. Winters pointed out exactly what always bothered me about my nose and confirmed he was confident he could fix it – and he totally did!

He completely reshaped my nose so it looked exactly like how I always wanted. I even breath better now too! He really is an expert and I love how he is so straightforward yet kind. I always felt comfortable with him and his work really speaks for itself. Only a week after surgery I already love how it looks and I feel great. I breathe totally through my nose already (last time I was a mouth breather for weeks!) and had minimal bruising despite several broken bones during surgery. I could not say enough good things about Dr. Winters and will be recommending him to anyone looking for a rhinoplasty.

– Jen Z.

March 13 –

Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Winters was uniquely qualified to take care of my problems created by previous surgery.

April 8 –


I was fortunate to find Dr. Winters. He is the most caring, compassionate doctor I have come across since I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 41 yrs old. He is true to his word. He explained in detail the entire process of the surgery and told me exactly what to expect afterwards. He was there when I needed him and he has been very wonderful to my family and has been a great help making it easier on all of us while going through this illness. God bless him.

August 16 –

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Dr. Winters is the best! He did some reconstructive surgery on a family member, that was incredible! He tells you exactly what you will feel/experience…he’s upfront. He is truly a caring individual…and we are eternally grateful!

March 24 –

Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Winters is a great doctor. He’s an expert in his field and has great bedside manners. He is very honest and tells you what to expect before the surgery and takes his time explaining everything you need to know. I chose Dr. Winters to have revision rhinoplasty and a breast lift/augmentation because I felt a level of trust I didn’t feel with other surgeons. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon.

April 12 –

Primary Rhinoplasty

Dr. Winters and his staff were the most supportive group of individuals I encountered throughout my experience searching for a rhinoplasty surgeon. Prior to my surgery, I was extremely nervous and apprehensive about what to expect before, during and after surgery. Dr. Winters went out of his way to spend a significant amount of time with me at each appointment to talk me through each stage of the procedure, what I should expect and ensured me that the process would be successful.

Never once did Dr. Winters pressure me into making a decision I was not ready for. His expertise, confidence and ongoing support were instrumental in calming my nerves and making my experience more than what I could have ever expected!

Dr. Winters is an amazing surgeon and a wonderful and supportive person! I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. I am so grateful for having found him!

plastic surgeon nj dr cohen

Dr. Stephanie

Patient’s Choice Award

Compassionate Doctor Recognition

On-Time & Promptness Award

plastic surgeon nj dr cohen

Dr. Stephanie

Patient’s Choice Award

Compassionate Doctor Recognition

On-Time & Promptness Award

February 3 –


Dr. Cohen is a compassionate knowledgeable doctor who takes time to explain your procedure and answer all your concerns. She has the ability to make you feel like you are the only patient she has.

Before my bilateral mastectomy in December, which was performed by Dr. Tobi Greene, Dr. Cohen held and stroked my left arm, while I was receiving a sedative in my right arm. I will never forget looking at Dr. Cohen’s sweet smile and knowing that everything would be okay, and it was.

July 15 –

Breast Surgery

I had surgery with Dr. Cohen twice and she is not only a knowledgeable and competent physician, she has compassion for her patients and takes the time to explain the surgical routine every step of the way without rushing you out of the office.

She listened to what I wanted changed, and on both occasions she performed the surgery to my satisfaction with no problems. Everything she said I should expect was right on. Her office staff as well as the hospital staff was to the utmost of kind, patient and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen as a physician.

March 3rd –

Breast Augmentation

With Dr. Cohen, I felt completely comfortable from the start. At the initial consultation, she showed her expertise in this area by explaining (in terms I could understand) what and why she recommended for me as far as size, shape, etc. She also took the time to answer my long list of questions without ever making me feel rushed.

She had a wonderful positive attitude that put me at ease. I showed her pictures of what I envisioned for myself and she totally got it. I am extremely pleased with the results. It is literally exactly what I had explained to her. The recovery has also been just as she described (more sore than actually painful).

I also called her post-op about a question I had and she called me right back which was very much appreciated. I would highly recommend Dr. Cohen to anyone.

– Jen Z.

July 26 –

Breast Surgery

Dr. Cohen and her office staff are professional and compassionate. Dr. Cohen is honest and trustworthy. When you talk she really listens and answers all your questions no matter how small. She is confident and informative. You will love her, her office staff and all your results, trust me and most of all trust her!

April 28 –

Breast Lift

Dr. Cohen is a top notch plastic surgeon who is also very sweet and kind to her patients. I felt like she really listened to what I wanted and what I was unhappy about. She took the time to answer all of my questions and just makes you feel at ease. I cannot believe how perfect my surgery turned out. I’d recommend her to anyone.

October 8 –

Breast Revision

Dr. Cohen is wonderful. I have had work done by Dr. Cohen which came out beautiful! I don’t live in NJ anymore but plan on coming to NJ in February to have some sloppy work corrected that was done in an ER. She’s the BEST!