On the whole, breast augmentation in NYC is quite pricey. This fact will probably come as no surprise to most people reading this. After all, everything costs more in NYC! Despite the reality of high costs, NYC can still be a great place for breast augmentation, if you find a well-qualified, experienced breast surgeon there that really understands your needs.

Why Choose NYC for Breast Augmentation?

It is always best to seek out a top breast surgeon with whom you have excellent communication—no matter where they may practice–and no matter the price tag. That’s because there are other costs to breast augmentation that have nothing to do with money.

Your satisfaction is most important, along with your safety and health. So, if you find your ideal surgeon for breast augmentation in Manhattan, I advise you to go forward.

Deciding if You can Afford Breast Augmentation

The costs of breast augmentation in NYC and NJ vary widely, depending upon your needs and goals. I urge you: be sure to consider all costs, not just the price tag, when making decisions about breast augmentation.

Don’t pay a premium price just to get surgery in NYC, and on the other hand, don’t go for a bargain price. Put price aside initially–and concentrate on choosing the best surgeon for you. Then, work with him or her to find an affordable solution.

A “bargain price” is no bargain if it leaves you with  less than stellar breast augmentation results. Your happiness and health are most important. You can’t afford to choose based only on price. Choose a surgeon based upon trust and go from there.

Why Choose Nearby Northern NJ for Breast Augmentation?

If you haven’t yet found the right surgeon, or are just beginning to consider breast augmentation, I’d advise you to look outside of the city because getting breast augmentation in NYC can be stressful and expensive (And this isn’t necessarily because surgeons are greedy). The high cost of breast augmentation in NYC is mostly due to the reality of running a plastic surgery practice there.

Surgeons in NYC must move at the fast pace of their city and charge premium rates in order to afford the overhead of offices, staff and surgery facilities there. Unless you have your heart set on a specific NYC breast surgeon, consider nearby northern NJ for breast augmentation.

Top Breast Surgeons in NJ

There are plenty of excellent breast surgeons in NJ, and many of us attended the same medical schools as surgeons who you find practicing in NYC. There are many well-regarded medical schools on the East Coast.

So, even though some top graduates choose NYC for practice, others choose NJ or other areas instead. Regardless, NJ and NYC breast augmentation surgeons get comparable amounts of experience, depending upon the number of years they’ve been in practice.

When judging surgical experience, which is the key predictor of a successful breast augmentation outcome, it’s the amount of experience (and not the location) that is crucial. (The amount of experience is a combination of years in practice and number of patients over that time.)

Bottom line: choose the most experienced breast surgeon with the best qualifications, no matter if they’re in NY or NJ. Do not choose an inexperienced breast surgeon for any reason, no matter where they practice.

The Importance of Individualized Care in Breast Augmentation

Once you find top breast surgeons with excellent credentials and many years experience, choose the one with whom you relate best. Ideally, you want a breast surgeon who takes time to understand your needs.

The success of your breast augmentation depends on this. You’ll find that most NYC breast augmentation surgeons are pressed for time, so you’ll have less opportunity to convey what is most important to you about your breast enhancement outcome.

You never want to undergo breast surgery where you’re “just another patient” because you will get a generic breast enlargement–not the uniquely personal breast augmentation you really desire. (And quite frankly,the one you deserve.)

So, make sure you don’t pay more for NYC breast augmentation, unless you’re completely confident in your surgeon, and you’re certain he or she plans to help you achieve your goals, not theirs.

Breast Augmentation: What Can Go Wrong?

With all the media hype and plastic surgery TV shows, you might think that breast augmentation is a simple surgery, without a lot of variables from woman to woman. That is, of course, a false impression.

You don’t just want bigger breasts, you want breasts that look and feel the way you want. This means your surgeon has to get the details right. You may want much larger breasts than another woman might desire. Or you may want breasts that are very high profile, sitting high on the chest.

You may value cleavage more than size. You may be concerned about looking top heavy, or looking like you have gained weight, with larger breasts. You may want a Hollywood look or a natural look. A top breast surgeon, one who is dedicated to learning what you want and need, will ensure you get the very best result—and that all your unique concerns are addressed.

Without a proper understanding between you and your breast augmentation surgeon, any of the above-mentioned variables can go wrong. That is why you need a surgeon who takes time with you and who has the dedication to actually prioritize your wants and needs. Your surgeon’s personal taste is secondary. Honesty, however, is paramount.

Be Honest about your Goals, Expect Honesty in Return

Your surgeon must be trusted to tell you if your desired breast augmentation outcome is unrealistic. In fact, the best surgeons use their experience to advise you about what works and what does not, but they never insist on anything.

If what you want is not possible, not healthy or not advisable for whatever reason, your surgeon will tell you. If you don’t feel your surgeon understands what you want or won’t explain how he or she will achieve your result, choose another surgeon.

How to Choose the Best NJ or NYC Breast Surgeon for You

In order to decide on a surgeon for breast augmentation in NYC or NJ, you must meet with them as a final step in your decision-making process. This is the only way to choose the most dedicated surgeon, and one that you trust. Before doing so, however, make sure that you only meet with those with the highest level qualifications:

  • Check the surgeon’s license with the State of NY or NJ.
  • Check for certification in both general surgery and plastic surgery to ensure the most years of preparation and experience.
  • Choose someone who attended a well-known East Coast medical school.
  • Do the math and also check the surgeon’s website to see how long he or she has been in practice.
  • Choose a surgeon whose practice is devoted, in great part, to breast surgery. You can get an idea from their website content, bio and CV, and also ask when you meet with your surgeon.
  • Your ideal surgeon has reconstructive experience, showing superior knowledge and experience with breast anatomy. This experience allows your breast surgeon to maintain the sensation in your nipples, limit scars, predict the result you will gain from silicone vs. saline implants and properly guide you through all the various size and shape options. Look for reconstructive experience, even if you are not undergoing breast reconstruction.
  • Choose a surgeon with hospital privileges, which is an indicator of expertise and quality outcomes because privileges are granted by hospital review boards. (Especially impressive are university hospital privileges.)
  • Choose a female surgeon if you feel most comfortable. I’m not just saying this because I happen to be a woman and a surgeon. Don’t let it bother you if you feel most comfortable with a female surgeon or a male.
  • Look at before and after photos on the surgeon’s website and/or at your consultation. Do the outcomes appeal to you, on a variety of women pictured and on women similar to your body structure?

Making the Choice about Breast Augmentation

  • Make a consultation appointment with your top surgeon(s). You’ll be surprised to find that the very top surgeons in the field often don’t charge for consultations.
  • Write down any and all questions you may have.
  • By then end of your meeting, be sure you understand your options and the pros and cons of various choices you might make about breast augmentation, including size, profile, saline, silicone, textured, smooth, etc. If your surgeon doesn’t take the time to go over these issues with you, this may not be the right surgeon for you.
  • Your surgeon should ask you plenty of questions about your goals and should explain all surgical risks.

Consult with Cohen/Winters about Your Breast Augmentation

At Cohen/Winters, we’re not happy unless our patients are happy. So we take the time necessary to understand what’s unique about you and what you want from your breast surgery. In fact, we chose to practice right here in Bergen County NJ precisely because it gives us the environment and time to work closely with you, as we know that you deserve.

From a purely business standpoint, we realized we would make higher fees in NYC, but what’s important to us is patient success. We’d rather have happy patients, because that is what we find most rewarding about being surgeons. To that end, we offer a personalized consultation to answer your questions and determine if you’re a good candidate to benefit from breast augmentation. Please contact us at Cohen/Winters here in Bergen County, NJ.

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