It can be a bit daunting to think about everything you’d like to find out from your plastic surgeon before breast implant surgery.

Here, we’ll suggest a way to organize your fact-finding mission so that you can get all the information you need to prepare for (and make decisions about) breast augmentation surgery in the Bergen County area.

The most important breast augmentation questions to ask your plastic surgeon tend to fall into two or three different categories.

Breast Augmentation Questions: First Make Sure You Really Want Surgery

Your first set of questions may concern helping you determine whether the surgery is really right for you. You may have already decided on this, based on your advance research about breast augmentation.

However, some patients want to get some specific questions answered before deciding. It is perfectly fine to meet with a surgeon for a consultation if you are not quite sure you will go forward. (Try to choose a breast surgeon who offers a fee consultation with no strings attached.) Your surgeon can help you clarify your goals and determine if the outcome you want is realistic.

Next: Ask Questions That Will Help Select Your Breast Surgeon

These questions should cover credentials and experience. While you are asking this set of questions and discussing the topics with your Bergen County surgeon, evaluate whether you are getting clear information.

If the surgeon is glossing over your questions, acting like the questions are unimportant or rushing you, s/he is not the right surgeon for you. (The meeting can still be a learning experience, however, even if you don’t go forward with that surgeon.)

Consider, while asking questions during your consultation, whether the surgeon takes a real interest in you as a person. Would you feel confident going into surgery with this person?

Be sure to add your own breast augmentation questions to the list:

  • How many breast augmentations have you performed over all? How many this year? How many years experience do you have in breast surgery? (You are looking for at least 10 years experience. Breast augmentation surgery is very technique dependent. For an attractive, long lasting, natural looking result with quick healing – choose a true expert.)
  • What is your rate of complications? (No experienced surgeon has a zero rate of complications.)
  • Do you do breast reconstructive surgery as well? (This is a sign of deep knowledge of breast anatomy and function.)
  • Where will my surgery be performed?
  • Is your surgical center accredited? (Plastic surgery can take place safely only at an accredited surgery center or hospital. Accreditation ensures that the surgery center meets rigorous standards for cleanliness, safety, record keeping and more.)
  • Do you have hospital privileges, and where? (Hospitals provide additional vetting of a surgeon’s experience and competency.)
  • Can you show or describe what my final result will look like?
  • May I see before/after photos of recent patients? (This question and the previous one will help you get a sense of the artistic and aesthetic ability of your surgeon. You need an artist as well as a scientist for the best outcome from your breast augmentation in Bergen County.)
  • Why do you specialize in breast surgery and plastic surgery?

Getting Specific: Breast Augmentation Questions About Your Case – Learn What to Expect

After communicating your goals and desired outcome to your surgeon, you’ll want to ask questions to make sure the surgeon has understood what you’re looking for. You should tell him or her how you want your breasts to look after surgery.

Be as specific as possible about shape, position, size and any other details. (Some women are concerned that nipple position will be high enough or would like smaller areolae, for example. Ask about anything you would like to change to find out what is possible.)

Never fear, if you forget to ask key questions, an experienced breast surgeon will likely cover most crucial details.

This set of breast augmentation questions should cover the specific, personalized plan for your surgery. The questions will cover the surgical strategy devised by your surgeon to achieve the goals you have discussed.

The answers to those questions will provide information about what will go on during your surgery, how to prepare and also information about your recovery process after surgery.

  • What details can you tell me about your surgical plan for me specifically?
  • Will I need a breast lift for the best result? (To correct sagging or move the nipple up.)
  • Which type (saline vs. silicone), size and shape of breast implants would best achieve my goals?
  • What are the trade-offs between saline and silicone implants?
  • Will my implants be inserted empty and then filled or inserted already filled? (Silicone implants are generally “factory pre-filled”.)
  • Will my implants be placed under, or on top of, the muscle?
  • Where will my incisions (and scars) be? And how large? Do I have options?
  • Are the breast implants guaranteed not to leak?
  • Do the implants have an expiration date? Will I need to have another surgery in future?
  • What happens if they leak or are punctured in an accident? Is that dangerous?
  • Will I still be able to breastfeed after surgery? (If applicable.)
  • What type of anesthesia will be needed for my breast surgery?
  • What are the anesthesiologist’s qualifications?
  • What are the risks of breast augmentation surgery and anesthesia?
  • Is my follow-up care included in the total cost of surgery? (All of the followup care that you need from your surgeon should be included. You want a dedicated surgeon who will stick with you throughout your healing and recovery.)
  • What is the total cost of my breast augmentation surgery? There may be line items for the surgery center time, surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee and the breast implants themselves. (Don’t sacrifice peace of mind for a bargain breast implant surgery. On the other hand, a high price is no guarantee of quality or surgical skill. Don’t decide on price, but choose the surgeon with excellent qualifications and with whom you feel comfortable.)
  • Does the total include medical testing in advance of surgery? (Often you will do this testing through your primary care physician.)
  • What steps must I take to prepare for surgery?
  • How much time do I need to take off work or school?
  • How long until I can resume normal activity levels and exercise after surgery?

To ask yourself: Am I comfortable with this plastic surgeon? (Trust your intuition. Be sure to choose a surgeon who has earned your confidence.)

Breast Augmentation Questions: What Will Your Surgeon Ask You?

Your surgeon will also be asking you certain breast augmentation questions: about your medical history, activity level, your goals for your surgery’s outcome, your motivation and more. This information will help your surgeon learn whether you are a good candidate for surgery.

It is your surgeon’s duty to evaluate this before going forward with surgery of any type. If your northern NJ surgeon believes the outcome of your surgery would be successful and you will be happy with the results, you’ll be considered a good candidate. At that point, your surgeon will begin to form a plan about how best to achieve the results you desire.

Why Might I Not Be a Good Surgical Candidate?

Your surgeon must ensure that you are a good candidate who will benefit from breast implant surgery. Your surgeon may feel you’re not a good candidate if your goals are not realistically achievable through breast augmentation.

If you have a health problem that might make it unsafe for you to have the procedure, you may not be a good candidate. In that case, your surgeon would explain that the risks outweigh the benefits of surgery.

In some cases, you’re just not a candidate at this particular time. Your Bergen County surgeon may advise you to wait if you are planning to become pregnant next year (for example), if you’re a smoker or if your body has not finished growing if you’re a teen. In these cases, surgery may be appropriate at a later date.

Why You Need an Expert Breast Surgeon

Take your time making the decision about your breast implant surgeon, because you need a real expert. There are many variables involved in breast augmentation surgery and only a breast augmentation specialist can achieve consistently good results for patients.

Your surgeon must use meticulous technique to ensure the longevity of your breast augmentation, ensure that the breasts look good from the side profile and front, minimize incision size and close properly to avoid excessive scarring. Your breast surgeon must have superior surgical judgment, technical skill, and an artistic sensibility to achieve the best results in the areas of breast symmetry, shape, positioning, nipple sensation and preservation of lactation. Find a true expert who inspires confidence for your breast augmentation procedure. Don’t settle for less.

At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, NJ, we believe that surgery is our calling. We are dedicated to seeing you through your breast augmentation journey to achieve a successful outcome. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Winters partner with each patient to ensure optimal results, specifically tailored to the unique needs of each patient. When you’re ready, bring us your breast augmentation questions for a no-risk consultation.

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