Although breast implants are relatively common these days and breast augmentation is a very popular surgery–that doesn’t mean that any and every NJ plastic surgeon can perform the procedure successfully. To ensure that you get the best result, and an outcome that matches your goals and expectations for your breast implants in NJ, no less than an elite breast surgeon will do.

Search for a plastic surgeon who specializes in NJ breast implant surgery and one who also has years of experience, along with top credentials. Beyond this, choose a talented NJ breast implant surgeon who produces results you consider attractive–and a surgeon who you feel is dedicated to doing his or her best work for you. When you take time to find the right surgeon for breast implants here in the NJ area, you can expect an excellent outcome.

Non-Negotiable Qualifications for Your NJ Breast Implant Surgeon

The minimum qualifications you set for your plastic surgeon for breast implants must be very high to ensure that:

  • You have an expert at your side during the detailed planning process required for breast implant surgery.
  • You have an expert performing your breast implant surgery with meticulous technique.
  • You have an expert to see you through your full recovery to the final, attractive, natural-looking breast implant result that you deserve.

Before meeting with a plastic surgeon for breast implants in NJ, be sure that he or she has the following credentials to recommend them:

ABPS Board Certified

The American Board of Plastic Surgery holds its surgeons to high standards for skill, experience, education and medical ethics. Verify board certification by visiting the American Board of Plastic Surgery website or

Currently Licensed by the State of NJ

Check your plastic surgeon’s medical license with the NJ Department of Consumer Affairs website.

7+ Years’ Experience

You can get an idea about this by checking the license dates, or the background info on the surgeon’s website. Find out more about the length (and breadth) of your plastic surgeon’s experience in breast implant surgery, by discussing this during your consultation.

Breast Surgery Concentration

To become a true expert in breast implant surgery in NJ, your plastic surgeon must devote most of their time to breast surgery. To find out if this is the case, you can start by looking at the surgeon’s website on the “About Us” page or reading the bio or CV (resume) included on the site. Also be sure to confirm this information when you meet with your breast surgeon for your breast implant consultation. Ask how many breast implant procedures (or other breast surgeries) they have performed in the past year.

Breast Reconstructive Experience

Breast reconstruction experience indicates advanced surgical ability and in-depth understanding of breast contour and function. This level of expertise enables your NJ breast implant surgeon to preserve your ability to breastfeed if possible, handle any complications that rarely occur during surgery or recovery, ensure proper blood supply to the nipple, position your breast implants in properly sized and located pockets for a long-lasting result, and more.

Surgical Privileges

Affiliation with a well regarded nearby university hospital or medical center provides extra assurance of the NJ breast surgeon’s abilities and record of patient safety.

Choosing the Right NJ Breast Implant Surgeon for You

Any breast surgeon that has all of the above qualifications is likely to be technically excellent–now you need to evaluate his or her fit with your particular needs and goals. When meeting with your NJ breast augmentation surgeon, think about whether he or she:

Aesthetic Acumen

After looking at your surgeon’s photos of past breast implant patients online and/or in photo albums in the office, do you feel that most are an improvement on the “before” photos? Are the results attractive in your opinion? Can you and the plastic surgeon discuss the cases in a way that gives you confidence in the surgeon’s abilities?

Personal Rapport with Your NJ Breast Implant Surgeon

Do you and the NJ breast implant expert communicate well? Does the surgeon listen to your wishes and goals? Does the surgeon provide advice based on experience, without dictating to you? Does the surgeon offer you options and explain tradeoffs as you decide on implant shape, size, projection and other details?

Listening Skills

Does the NJ breast surgeon take the time to listen to your unique desires for your breast implant outcome? Does he or she clearly describe how your goals will be accomplished during your surgery? Or do you feel you’re getting vague information? Are you concerned your surgeon hasn’t understood (or won’t remember) the details of your surgical goals?


Does the NJ breast implant surgeon appear passionate about breast surgery and devoted to providing the best possible result to each patient? Do you get the feeling that you and your surgeon are working toward the same goal?

Confidence in Your Plastic Surgeon for Breast Implants

Not only should your surgeon express confidence that you will enjoy a successful result, and that she or he can provide the outcome that you both are planning for — you should in turn feel confident in his or her abilities. When you have complete confidence in the surgeon, you have found the best surgeon for breast implants in NJ.

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