For patients seeking a breast lift in NJ, it is important to find a surgeon that understands your vision. The right surgeon not only possesses the best skills and uses the latest technology, but also takes the time to create a special relationship with each and every patient. If you are considering a breast lift for any reason, your surgeon can walk you through the details of the procedure and help you decide whether or not a breast lift is the right choice for you. The doctors may also discuss alternate options or whether your breast lift would benefit most paired with another procedure, such as breast augmentation.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast, formally known as a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that lifts the breasts into a more comfortable position. Breast lift commonly involves removing excess skin from around the breasts and tightening the tissue to create a new shape and support system for the breast tissue contour.

Depending on your unique size and breast shape, along with other factors, your surgeon will determine the best technique for tightening and lifting your breast. There are three different techniques that can be used to create a new breast contour. The knowledgeable surgeons will discuss them with you to determine which works best and why, for your particular needs.

One incision is made around the areola. Depending on the extent of the excess skin and other factors, other incisions may be made, vertically or sometimes into the breast crease. At the time of your consultation, the surgeon will go over the possibilities with you to determine which best suits your needs and what you can expect from the results.

Why Would Someone Need a Breast Lift?

Most patients seeking a breast lift want to create a higher, perkier appearance for their breasts. Many different factors can cause sagging in breasts including age, gravity, pregnancy, weight gain or loss, hormones, genes and other factors.

Many women experience some degree of sagging at some point in their lives. For those with especially large breasts, drooping may become especially uncomfortable. Others may find other reasons that they could benefit from a breast lift. Whatever the reason for your breast lift in NJ, ensure the best possible outcome by choosing a knowledgeable and experienced surgeon.

The outcome of your breast lift may vary depending on various factors. The patients that enjoy the best results are those that are a healthy weight. It is also important to understand the limitations of breast lift. By expecting a realistic outcome, you can ensure that you will be happy with the results. It is also important that you undergo breast lift at an appropriate time in your life. Gaining or losing weight, pregnancy, etc. can make the results less favorable.

Many patients may also want to consider breast augmentation or breast reduction procedure at the same time as breast lift if you are unhappy with your breasts because you feel they are too small or too large. Discussing your desired outcome with your doctor can help you understand and look forward to the results that you want.

Steps for Preparing for a Breast Lift in NJ

As part of your preparation before breast lift procedure, your doctor will go over the steps you need to take to assure the best possible outcome. Your breast lift will take place in an accredited office-based surgical center, outpatient or ambulatory surgical facility or a hospital. In addition, you will need someone to drive you to and from the procedure and to stay with you for at least the night following your breast lift. In addition to understanding these protocols, your preparation for surgery will also include the following.

  • Lab work will be done to ensure you are in good health.
  • Take prescribed medications and make sure any current medications are safe to take prior to surgery. Be sure to let your doctor know of any medications you are taking to avoid interactions and negative outcomes.
  • Before surgery, you must stop taking aspirins, anti-inflammatory drugs and certain natural supplements and other medications that may increase your risk of bleeding.
  • Get a mammogram prior to surgery. You will also get a mammogram one year following the surgery. This will serve as a baseline to detect any changes in your breast tissue.

Understanding how to prepare for a breast lift, as well as the procedure, can help you feel more comfortable and secure in determining whether or not you want to undergo a breast lift. Like other surgical procedures, a breast lift is not without risks but it can also provide great mental and physical benefits.

Cohen Winters is devoted to helping patients achieve their dreams. By talking with patients and carefully outlining pre-op and post-op instructions, our doctors have helped many women get their desired results after breast lift in NJ. If you are considering a breast lift, make an appointment for a consultation with the surgeons at Cohen Winters.

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