If you have ever had the feeling that your larger breasts were getting in the way of your life or causing you physical or emotional pain – breast reduction offers you a solution. This safe and potentially life-changing surgery can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin by artfully reducing your breasts to a new, smaller shape.

The condition known as mammary hypertrophy or symptomatic macromastia, (the condition of overly developed breasts causing pain or other physical symptoms) can be successfully treated by skillful reduction mammoplasty, (sometimes spelled mammaplasty).

When you choose an experienced NJ breast surgeon, this procedure can remove the obstacle of full, heavy breasts from your life. Your surgeon can transform your breasts that you may feel are “too large” or “too heavy” and out of proportion with your body size, into the smaller, lighter and more proportional breast look and feel that you desire. Breast reduction surgery can improve your overall quality of life.

Before Breast Reduction

Physical and Emotional Issues Related to Breast Reduction

When your breasts feel heavy, cause back pain and ruin your posture, then looking into breast reduction surgery with your NJ plastic surgeon makes sense. Even if you’ve worn clothing that you don’t love in order to hide your breasts, it’s worthwhile looking into eliminating this nagging issue from your life through breast reduction.

The physical symptoms may mean you could get some assistance paying for your surgery, depending on your health insurance coverage and carrier. If you only want a slight reduction to deal with a purely aesthetic issue, the surgery would be considered cosmetic.

Breast reduction surgery can free you of the concern that others are overly focused on your breasts, rather than looking you in the eye and hearing what you say. No matter your reason for seeking breast reduction, remember it is surgery, which is always a serious undertaking. Only go forward if you stand to gain benefits that are truly meaningful for you personally.

What NOT to Expect from Breast Reduction: Check your Motivation to Ensure Success

Fitting into a perceived societal ideal of the female figure and/or hoping to change the behavior of others toward you: these are not good reasons to get breast reduction surgery. A few people in your life may not even notice that you’ve had a breast reduction, so you absolutely have to do it for you.

Other people may think you’ve lost weight or that your wardrobe changes have made you appear different. Don’t expect to change others’ actions toward you through breast reduction and don’t let others (even a significant other) talk you into getting a breast reduction just to please them.

On the other hand, don’t let others dissuade you when you’ve chosen breast reduction for your own personal or health reasons. If a girlfriend says she would love to have large breasts like yours (and thinks you should stay the way you are) or if a significant other discourages you from making the change to smaller, lighter breasts – remember it is your decision.

Choose an NJ plastic surgeon (one who focuses on breast reduction surgery) to help you determine if breast reduction is right for you.

What Could Breast Reduction Do for You?

A number of plastic surgeries have high satisfaction rates, but breast reduction surpasses most–with satisfaction rates in the very high 90th percentile, over a number of studies. Former patients with an experienced breast surgeon, almost universally, say they are happy they had their breast reduction. Breast reduction can correct:

  • Large breasts that are out of proportion to body size or breasts that get in the way of your daily life.
  • Limitations on working out, playing sports or engaging in other activities due to breast size or weight.
  • Self-conscious avoidance of social events, or feeling emotionally uncomfortable and/or having trouble finding clothing that fits well.
  • Heavy breasts that are a physical burden, often causing neck, shoulder and back pain.
  • Breasts that have flattened and elongated, deflated due to weight loss, affected by gravity or aging.
  • Low or down-pointed nipples and/or stretched or misshapen areolae.
  • Asymmetry, with one breast significantly larger.
  • Rashy, red or irritated skin under your breasts and on shoulders, along with possible indented bra strap marks.

If any of the above problems sound familiar, contact your NJ plastic surgeon for a breast reduction to learn how the procedure might benefit you. Choose a breast specialist board-certified in plastic surgery by the ASPS.

If you can locate a reconstructive surgeon, he or she offers the most advanced surgical skill, as well as knowledge of the proper form and function of the breasts. Then, concentrate on communicating your breast reduction goals clearly to your plastic surgeon.

Learn About the Risks of Breast Lift Surgery

Although this is a safe procedure with rare complications, there are risks involved with any surgery. These include infection, excess bleeding, loss of sensation and more.

Your surgeon should explain all of the risks that apply to your type of surgery and anesthesia so that you can make an informed decision about undergoing a breast reduction. A dedicated and trustworthy plastic surgeon will not recommend surgery if the risks outweigh the benefits for you.

Feel free to discuss how your NJ breast surgeon would handle specific complications and ask how frequently they may occur. The most experienced breast surgeons are also experts at dealing with rare complications. Learning about risks, and discussing them with your surgeon, will help provide you peace of mind going into your surgery.

Planning Your Breast Reduction Surgery

Together, you and your surgeon should determine the proper size, shape, and position of your breasts to achieve a natural-looking, attractive outcome that is proportionate to your body’s frame. Once the objective is clearly understood and agreed upon between you, you will know what to expect and you can go into surgery confidently.

Your surgeon will create a plan to reduce, reshape and possibly lift your “new”, smaller breasts to match your vision. Your surgeon may ask you to have a mammogram prior to your surgery and will give you a list of preparation instructions to get you ready for surgery day.

After Your Breast Reduction

You’ll be impatient to see your breast reduction results, but you will have to wait a few days. You’ll emerge from surgery with your chest bandaged and securely held in place with a compression bra. You’ll return in the next day or two for bandaging and, in some cases, drain removal.

Surgical tape will cover your incisions and you will be given permission to shower within a few days after your breast lift, most likely, provided that you don a special supportive bra once again, immediately after you’re dry.

  • Those first few days after breast reduction: You should have a friend by your side for the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery. You will need lots of rest, but may walk around the house every few hours to encourage proper circulation. No reaching, bending over or lifting will be allowed. Don’t reach over your head, either, until given the go-ahead by your surgeon at one of your follow-ups. You will sleep propped up to help minimize swelling and may use ice packs on your chest if instructed by your surgeon. You’ll have prescription pain medication on hand for the first few days after your breast lift.
  • Bruising, swelling and soreness: These discomforts will decrease over the first few weeks, although you won’t reach your final breast size for up to a year. Some swelling and areas of numbness may persist throughout the year.
  • Care for incisions and be alert for complications: Your surgeon will provide a list of symptoms to watch for and report. Your NJ plastic surgeon will also check for any infection, excess bleeding, or other issues on each of your follow-up visits. Please call your surgeon immediately between visits if you have any concerns. Deep sutures are absorbable and some surface stitches may need to be removed at your surgeon’s office about two weeks after surgery.
  • Return to work and activity as scheduled: You may be able to work in about a week or two, but strenuous exercise and lifting more than 5 pounds must wait for up to six weeks.
  • Enjoy your light, bright future: Your breasts will begin to look and feel better daily. Ask your surgeon if you’re close to your final size (after about 6 months) before investing in any major new wardrobe (or bra) sizes. Don’t wear underwire bras for a year – stick to sports bras. Many women note a light, airy feeling and some notice a “fitter”, more youthful look as the new silhouette gradually becomes apparent.

If you feel smaller breasts will improve your daily life and free you from pain, learn more by consulting an expert breast reduction surgeon in NJ. At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, we are dedicated to improving lives through plastic and reconstructive surgery. Contact us for a consultation about breast reduction today.

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