Breast reduction surgery offers hope to women who struggle with breasts that are larger and heavier than are comfortable for them. It’s absolutely natural to wonder what the overall cost could be, in health and financial terms, to get smaller breasts. This is why we’ve decided to break down the factors that affect a breast reduction cost in NJ (reduction mammoplasty) and what you should be aware of prior to surgery.

Why are Breast Reductions so Popular?

Women that have a breast size out of proportion to their body frame may find that they avoid certain activities in order to prevent pain or discomfort. Many find that their posture is less than ideal and they may suffer pain in the shoulders, neck, and back—no matter what precautions they take. Some women may also experience skin rashes when breast tissue causes excessive rubbing and irritation.

A significant number of men can also develop enlarged breast tissue that is caused by hormonal imbalances and will seek to correct the sometimes self-esteem-damaging condition, called gynecomastia. Enlarged breasts can inhibit, as well as bring physical and emotional pain to individuals with this problem.

Breast Reduction Advantages

Here are just some of the advantages of breast reduction, as expressed by women after breast reduction surgery. Women have commented that, after breast reduction, you can:

  • Feel lighter, with more freedom to move
  • Stand taller and feel taller, with better natural posture
  • Feel and look more physically fit or thinner
  • Wear what you want — less struggling to find something that fits, looks good and feels comfortable
  • Find bras that fit properly and are more comfortable
  • Eliminate or reduce back and shoulder pain
  • Rid yourself of skin rash in the breast crease
  • Lose the bra strap marks indented into your shoulders
  • Feel more energetic and youthful
  • Have more fun exercising at the gym or playing sports
  • Get noticed for other qualities, besides my breasts
  • Feel sexy
  • Get more compliments on my smile and my eyes
  • Enjoy social events more
  • Feel and appear more in proportion
  • Look better in clothing, even a bikini
  • Feel great at the beach

Is Breast Reduction Worth the Cost?

For those women who choose it, breast reduction can provide freedom from pain and freedom to be your true self. Many women note that breast reduction has allowed them to stand straighter and taller and enjoy activities and social events more than ever.

For some women, large breasts are an inconvenience, for others, large breasts are a physical impediment and for others, large breasts impact their self-esteem. If you would like to have smaller breasts, for any of these reasons, breast reduction can help you change and improve a physical feature that is interfering with your life on a daily basis. When you consider the breast reduction cost in NJ, balanced against the advantages that the result brings to you every day, you can determine if it’s worth the price.

When you select an expert plastic surgeon, a true breast specialist, you’re well on your way to achieving a natural, proportional silhouette with well-shaped, smaller breasts. Most women who have undergone breast reduction rate the experience as worth it since it eliminates issues that have troubled them daily. Breast reduction allows women to concentrate on what’s truly important in their lives while being happy with the way their body looks and feels.

To Ensure Breast Reduction is Worth It, Choose the Right Surgeon

When you consider breast reduction cost, you’re talking about more than just price. Price is only one of the costs of any surgery – time, for instance, is another cost. The highest cost of breast reduction, I think we can agree, however, is the disappointment you would feel after an unsatisfactory result. Another high cost might be the regret you might feel at passing up the surgery altogether and living with breasts that make you unhappy. With proper planning and a bit of research, you can avoid these high breast reduction costs (namely; regret or disappointment).

What Factors Impact Breast Reduction Cost?

Breast reduction procedures can offer a vast improvement in your quality of life if you’re troubled by overly large breasts. Despite the potential benefits, breast reduction cost can be a concern for most patients. The cost of breast reduction surgery here in Bergen County and across the country is determined by a combination of the following factors:

  • Insurance coverage
  • Your surgeon’s experience, education, and skill.
  • The complexity of your breast reduction surgery.
  • The amount of time the surgical procedure takes to complete.
  • The type of anesthesia needed.
  • The operating room’s location and accreditation (this may be in a hospital, clinic or surgery center).
  • The experience and credentials of your anesthesiologist.
  • The cost of the pre-surgery physical exam, blood testing, and mammography. (A post-surgery mammogram may also be needed).

Will Insurance Cover My Breast Reduction?

Insurance will usually cover the cost of breast reduction surgery as long as certain criteria are met. There needs to be documented health issues that will be improved by reducing the size of the breasts. These may be related to spine or muscular pain, infections or rashes, bra strap indentations or a limitation in physical activity.

A consult with a breast reduction surgeon is often the first step in determining if you fit these criteria and the office staff can then help you with the pre-approval process with your insurance company.

The Keys to a Successful Breast Reduction

We have seen surgical ads that will quote prices without meeting you and speaking with you about your individualized needs – we think that’s terrifying. Looking at the list of pricing factors above, how could an advertised price possibly be accurate when the procedure is so individualized?

Unfortunately, there is a frightening trend today towards a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to surgical procedures. These “business first” practices are more concerned with making money rather than looking at your individual needs, and you deserve to be more than a number.

When considering a breast reduction procedure, you don’t want a surgeon that treats all patients the same. The trend toward prioritizing profit (saving the physician time by limiting patient contact and standardizing surgical procedures for all) is dangerous for patients. Be sure to trust your gut–and use your research skills to learn more about your surgeon. If you get the feeling you’re being rushed or your questions are not thoroughly being answered, cross that surgeon off your list.

Similarly, you should see it as a bad sign if your surgeon seems overly focused on price—whether it is relatively high or low. You need to feel confident in your surgeon’s skills, motivations, and integrity for the best possible outcome.

Traveling Abroad for Breast Reduction Surgery

We believe that you should always look for a surgeon and practice that aligns with your needs and goals. However, we recommend avoiding traveling to a destination or to other countries for surgery.

The very idea of traveling to a distant destination for surgery violates our belief in the total care of the patient which includes being responsible for the outcome and requires being available for the follow-up. A surgeon that is interested in patient safety and satisfaction would not consider treating a patient that is just dropping in. Traveling abroad to save money on a surgery may end up costing a lot more in the long run.

Your Breast Reduction Procedure Should be Unique to You

Breast reduction surgery can improve your health and free you from the pain and limitations of large breasts. After a breast reduction surgery, many women comment that they feel almost immediate relief from excessively heavy breast tissue. They typically will enjoy a new, more proportionate silhouette and find it easier to find bras and clothing that fit properly.

Many patients report that they can now stand a little straighter and taller—and most importantly—they’re free from back, neck and shoulder pain. Women, as well as men who’ve undergone a breast reduction, feel more self-confident and can lead a more active lifestyle.

The breast reduction procedure involves removing extra or enlarged breast tissue and skin. In most cases, the nipple and surrounding tissue are repositioned higher on the chest and areola may be made smaller. In addition, skin is tightened for a reducing and firming effect and liposuction may be used. A breast reduction can provide a more youthful look, reduce breast drooping and decrease the size, fullness, and weight of the breasts.

Patients who have undergone successful breast reduction procedures identify their surgeon’s attention to their goals and needs–along with his or her technical skill and experience—as the #1 factors that led to their positive outcomes. Breast reduction patients also emphasized aesthetic skill and careful follow-up as important aspects of their successful breast reductions.

Qualities of an Expert Breast Reduction Surgeon

Here in northern NJ, you’ll find some of the most skilled breast reduction surgeons in the world. Top local plastic surgeons should have:

  • Excellent educational and training credentials, as well as extensive experience with breast reduction procedures.
  • Current licensure and board certification in general surgery and plastic surgery.
  • ASPS membership: All American Society of Plastic Surgeons members must operate in accredited surgery facilities and meet the highest standards of patient care.
  • Time to clearly answer your questions about pricing (and all your questions): without unexplained and obscure medical terms. The explanation should include why you are (or aren’t) a good candidate for a breast reduction procedure. If you are a good candidate, you should be given details about the breast reduction surgery and its cost.
  • Your highest level of confidence: Don’t sell yourself (or your gut feelings) short. The highest “price” you could pay would be a disappointing, dangerous breast reduction surgery. Don’t proceed with surgery until you believe you’ve found the perfect match.

NYC vs NJ for Breast Reduction: Comparing Costs

Geographical costs add to the price tag of every part of your breast reduction bill. All of the following will be somewhat lower-priced (and, we believe, higher quality) in NJ:

Consultation Fee: Anything having to do with time (such as an office visit) is much more expensive in NY. In NJ, your breast reduction consultation visit will typically be longer, more informational and more in-depth. You’ll get more quality face-time with your expert breast reduction surgeon in NJ, which lowers your breast reduction price.

Surgical Complexity: While your surgery will not be more complex in NYC, your cost will be higher. At the office of a top NJ breast plastic surgeon, your surgery is likely to be more carefully planned, because your surgeon will not be rushed. In this way, your result will be tailored to your exact needs and wishes. Generic breast reduction surgery typically generates a poor (or underwhelming) result for the patient, but it happens often under rushed NYC-like conditions.

Surgery Center Time: (Per hour fee multiplied by the number of hours in the operating room): Every hour in NYC will add extra cost, including a premium for the NYC location. In NJ, each hour will typically cost less. And, since your surgery will have been very carefully planned in advance in NJ, breast reduction surgery may also take less total time, because your breast specialist goes into surgery with a detailed plan designed just for you. No matter which city you choose for your breast reduction, make sure the surgery center used by your surgeon is accredited for safety.

Breast Surgeon’s Fee: Experienced and highly trained plastic surgeons will typically command a higher fee for your breast reduction surgery, and the fee may become astronomical in NYC. You should, however, never sacrifice experience and advanced surgical skill, just to save on your breast reduction cost in NJ or NYC. An experienced, top-level breast reduction surgeon will provide you with great value by likely saving you a huge cost–the high cost of having repeat a less-than-satisfactory surgery.

Anesthesiologist Fee: Top breast surgeons typically attract and select the most skilled MD anesthesiologists, which is a win for patient safety and comfort. However, equally skilled and experienced anesthesia specialists can be found in NJ and NYC, so your anesthesiologist need not add to your breast reduction cost in NJ overall.

Pre-surgery Testing and Physical Examination: Your family doctor may do this for you, and your insurance may cover it–especially if you have not recently had a physical and similar blood testing. Pricing of this will be determined by your primary physician and the lab he or she uses.

Medication and Supplies: Your insurance may cover prescriptions from your breast reduction surgeon and you can use your normal pharmacy. Your plastic surgeon may prescribe an antibiotic, pain medication and/or anti-nausea meds. You may need to purchase compression bras (ask your surgeon if you will be sent home in one) and, later on in your recovery period, you will need supportive sports bras. Purchasing outside NYC is a good idea, to save money.

Follow-up Visits: A generous number of these appointments are often included, for up to a year after your surgery in NJ. This will lower your breast reduction cost in NJ.

Why New Yorkers Come to NJ for Breast Reduction

Even though many of our plastic and reconstructive surgery patients come to us from NYC, we find NJ to be a better place to practice medicine and surgery, due to the above-mentioned hectic, crowded and expensive NY-surgery effect. Our patients from NYC typically find it easy to visit our offices and to have their surgery here in NJ.

As NJ aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgeons, we are able to practice at our own patient-centric speed, which means:

  • Spending time with patients to decide if surgery is right for them and will benefit them
  • Deciding (and helping the patient decide) if we’re the right surgeons for each unique individual who seeks a breast reduction in NJ or NYC
  • Planning the breast reduction procedure carefully, around each specific patient’s needs and goals, to produce a happy and satisfying outcome.

In accordance with our philosophy of practice and our NJ location, we have no need to rush a patient and no time limit to get to the next patient, whether in the consultation phase or when performing the actual surgery. Our goal is to do our very best work for each patient and we don’t believe in time-quotas.

When is NYC Breast Reduction Worth the Price?

We would never advocate avoiding NYC for breast reduction in every situation. For instance, if you find a top breast surgeon that you trust implicitly in NYC — it can be well worth the extra costs to have your breast reduction surgery there. The right plastic surgeon is integral to the best possible surgical outcome. If your breast surgery is deemed medically necessary by your health insurance company, this may help you with breast reduction costs in both NJ or NY.

Breast Reduction Cost in NJ

It is essential to have a successful breast reduction surgery plan designed to fit your particular goals and concerns—in conjunction with your unique characteristics—such as body type, age, overall health and more. These details will provide your surgeon with crucial information that is necessary to plan your breast reduction for the best possible outcome. A consultation with any surgeon is required to determine if you are a good candidate for breast reduction surgery.

To Learn the Most, Schedule a Consultation (with Top Surgeons Only)

There’s no replacing the valuable, specific and relevant information you can receive by consulting with an expert plastic surgeon about your breast reduction. Every breast reduction procedure should be unique and planned just for you because your body is unique and your goals for the procedure are unique to you. Never fear, you can have a consultation with an expert breast surgeon that is unhurried and answers all your questions.

The best breast reduction surgeons in NJ will never pressure you to select them as your surgeon or to go through with breast reduction surgery. Top surgeons will be happy to supply specific information, without pressuring you to go forward until (and if) you’re ready. So, when you meet with a top breast surgeon, your consultation itself will be well worthwhile – for the details and expert advice it provides. Your consultation should include a clear outline of your breast reduction cost in NJ.

You should be prepared to have a consultation with more than one elite breast surgeon if the first surgeon just didn’t feel right for you personally. A surgeon can be extremely talented and still not be the right one for you – however, you should consider only top-level breast plastic surgeons, with years of experience in breast reduction surgery and board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. (Be sure to avoid sound-alike or similarly spelled boards).

Make Sure Your Consultation is Worthwhile: Prepare Your Questions

Although most plastic surgeons will answer phoned-in follow-up questions, it’s best to get all your answers in person. Before your consultation, make a note of your questions about breast reduction, including questions like:

Questions about your surgeon’s background:

  • Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?
  • Do you focus primarily on breast surgery?
  • How many years of surgical training have you had?
  • How many procedures do you perform weekly, yearly?
  • Do you have breast reconstructive experience?
  • Do have surgical privileges at a local hospital? Which one?
  • Is your surgical center safety accredited?
  • What are my anesthesiologist’s qualifications?
  • Do you accept my health insurance, (if they cover the procedure)?
  • May I see your portfolio of breast procedure photos?
  • May I talk with a recent patient?

Questions about your surgery:

  • Am I a good candidate for breast reduction? (Your surgeon will ask questions about your general health, lifestyle habits like smoking, plans for future weight changes or pregnancy, and more. She or he will also assess your skin elasticity, current breast size and more.)
  • Will breast reduction surgery solve the issues I have related to my breasts? (List the problems you see or feel with your natural breasts and make sure they are fixable with breast reduction surgery, in the expert opinion of your plastic surgeon. Go into detail with your list, noting things that bother you from shoulder pain to large or stretched areolae.)
  • What will occur during surgery?
  • What are the risks of breast reduction? Which complications are most common?
  • How can we minimize the risks? How would you treat specific complications that occur, so that I remain safe and get a good result? (Complications are a potential cost of breast reduction, which can be reduced when you choose an experienced surgeon.)
  • Do you offer or recommend special insurance for complications of plastic surgery?
  • How long must I take off from work? (Remember – time is a cost associated with your NJ breast reduction surgery. Two weeks is typical but many women are not typical. The amount of time off from work or exercise varies depending upon the amount of breast tissue removed and other details.)
  • Are my breast reduction goals achievable and realistic? (This refers to your goals for after breast size, position, and shape. (Remember that a disappointing result is a potential cost of your breast reduction surgery, which is beyond the actual price tag of the procedure. Make sure your expectations match the surgeon’s expected outcome.)
  • Will my breasts be lifted, as well as reduced in size? Can you give me an idea of the outcome I can expect? (Understanding what to expect from your breast reduction in NJ helps prevent the high cost of an unsatisfactory or disappointing result.)
  • What is the price tag for the procedure? What is included in that total? (Keep in mind – the monetary price is only part of the cost of the procedure. Provided you work with a highly-skilled surgeon that you trust, you can expect an uneventful and quick recovery and a result you will love.)

At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we consider the practice of medicine to be a calling. We’re happy to meet with you and answer your questions free of charge.breast surgeon NJ

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Dr. Cohen specializes in breast lifts, augmentations, revisions and reductions as well as breast cancer reconstructions. A long time dream of Dr. Cohen’s was to travel to developing countries and provide expert surgical care to those who have no other possible access to medical care. This became a reality in 2007 when she became a founding member and Vice President of ISMS Operation Kids.