Breast reduction in NJ has a strong history as a safe, effective and popular procedure. The surgery can help create an attractive, proportional look, improve patient self-confidence and, perhaps most importantly, ease back pain and other physical symptoms caused by large breasts. These facts, combined with your interest in the procedure are good indications that it might be right for you. Chances are, you would not be researching and considering breast reduction in NJ unless your breast size is interfering with your life in some way. It is also a fact, however, that breast reduction is not right for every woman with larger breasts.

Deciding if Breast Reduction is Worthwhile

So how can you decide on the wisest course for you personally, regarding breast reduction in NJ? To do this, you will need some good information about what’s involved in breast reduction surgery and what the procedure can accomplish for you, as well as details about the risks involved. For the most relevant information, applicable to you personally, it is best to meet with one or more plastic surgeons, who can provide you with an expert perspective on the specifics in your unique case.

Today, we are here to provide you with general information that applies to the typical NJ breast reduction patient as a basis for you to make an informed decision about changing the shape and size of your natural breasts.

Decision Points: Questions to Ask Yourself about Breast Reduction

  • How much does my breast size bother me? Do your breasts feel like they are “in the way” often? Do you deal with this feeling every day? Or just now and then?
  • Does my breast size limit my participation in activities I would enjoy?
  • Is my breast size out of proportion with the rest of my body? If so, does this concern you?
  • Does my breast size negatively affect my self-confidence?
  • What physical symptoms, if any, have my large breasts caused? If you are considering breast reduction to achieve a look you prefer, and you don’t have physical symptoms, that’s perfectly okay. You’re entitled to seek elective plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons. However, any physical symptoms should be noted so that your surgeon can let you know if you can expect improvement after surgery, and so you can seek health insurance coverage if your carrier offers it.
  • Why do I want this procedure? Examine your motivation for seeking breast reduction. Ask:
    • Am I considering breast reduction to fit someone else’s idea of a good figure? If you feel you’re being pressured by someone else to have a reduction, think twice. Make sure you’re going through the breast reduction surgery for your own personal reasons.
    • Am I expecting others to treat me differently if/when I have smaller breasts? This is unrealistic and can lead to disappointment.
    • Do I expect to have a perfect figure after breast reduction in NJ? Am I expecting to look just like my sister, or like a certain celebrity? These goals will also lead to a disappointing breast reduction experience.
  • Can I commit to taking a week or two off from work and limiting exercise for up to a couple of months?
  • Do I understand the detail of what will take place during my breast reduction in NJ? Has my surgeon clearly explained the method he or she will use to reach my surgical goals for breast reduction?
  • Am I comfortable with the risks of surgery and breast reduction surgery in particular? Do I understand the surgical risks explained by my surgeon?
  • Am I more excited than anxious about undergoing breast reduction?
  • Do I trust my surgeon to do his or her best to assure an excellent breast reduction outcome for me?

Risks of Breast Reduction

Being able to accept risks associated with your procedure is an important prerequisite for successful breast reduction surgery. Discussing your specific risks with your surgeon will help you get a clearer picture of possible complications–and you will learn how your surgeon would handle these issues.

If your surgeon feels that the risks of breast reduction in your case are too high, he or she will not go forward with your surgery. If your surgeon agrees to proceed, you can be certain that he or she expects a good result. However, even the best plastic surgeon cannot prevent all breast reduction complications. Knowing what to do in the face of a complication is the important part.

Your NJ plastic surgeon should be able to give you information on how often (or how rarely) certain complications may occur. Your surgeon should have a plan to deal with any complication with the goal of protecting your safety and providing the best possible result.

Can You Afford a Breast Reduction? Insurance May Help.

Don’t allow worries about payment for breast reduction in NJ to hold you back from seeking it, if you strongly feel that you will benefit from the procedure. When you find a top breast surgeon and one who is devoted to improving lives, the surgeon will likely cooperate with your insurance company to help them verify medical necessity–if the procedure is being done for health reasons and is deemed “medically necessary.”

If your health insurance will partially cover a medically necessary breast reduction for you, get the carrier’s approval in advance and determine your final cost, upfront. If your plastic surgeon does not accept insurance, you would have to pay for your breast reduction up-front and then submit bills to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Have You Found the Right Breast Reduction Surgeon?

When considering getting breast reduction surgery you’ll be looking for the best breast reduction surgeons in NJ. When you have decided that breast reduction in NJ is right for you, you also need to ensure you have the right plastic surgeon. Find a true breast specialist and one who is a good fit for you personally. You may find that the first surgeon you consult is perfect for you, but if not, don’t become discouraged.

You want the best results and experience possible, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be working with New Jersey’s best surgeons.

We’ve broken down what you should be looking for in a breast reduction surgeon and how to determine who is the best fit for you.

Be prepared to persevere and meet with one or two more surgeons, if necessary, until you find the ideal match for your needs. Here are key questions to ask, to help narrow your NJ plastic surgeon search and ensure you have chosen the right one to perform your breast reduction. Begin by asking yourself: Is my plastic surgeon highly qualified to perform my breast surgery? Does my surgeon…?

  • Have a current license to practice medicine in NJ.
  • Have board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Certain look-alike boards have emerged over the past several years, which are in no way equivalent to the level of training required to be ABPS-certified. Your NJ breast specialist will likely also be a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Memberships in professional organizations show that your surgeon takes a keen interest in his/her field and meets high standards to qualify for membership.
  • Have several years devoted to breast surgery.
  • Have experience in breast reconstruction, for the deepest knowledge of anatomical issues and breast function along with meticulous surgical technique.
  • Have a good sense of aesthetics? You can assess this by looking at your surgeon’s books of before-and-after photos–and discussing certain cases with the surgeon.
  • Keep my best interests in mind? Avoid surgeons with a hard-sell attitude. Top NJ breast reduction surgeons (who are the only ones you’ll be visiting) should focus on what is best for you–not on selling you on surgery. Of course, your surgeon will have a professional opinion and recommendations, but she or he is there to provide you information and options. You should not be made to feel obligated to have surgery or to choose a particular surgeon.
  • Agree that my goal for breast size and shape is prudent and achievable? If not, has my surgeon worked with me to set a new, realistic goal?
  • Listen closely to my wishes and address my concerns about breast reduction thoroughly?
  • Explain breast reduction surgery concepts and processes clearly, in detail?
  • Explain risks and complications that can occur in breast reduction?
  • Explain the costs of the surgery?

Questions to Ask Your Breast Reduction Surgeon

  • How many breast reduction procedures have you recently performed?
  • Can you explain the surgery/procedure that best suits my case?
  • Where will the breast reduction incisions be placed?
  • Are my surgical goals realistic? (Part of a successful surgical procedure is making sure you are a good candidate for breast reduction with achievable goals in mind. Your surgeon makes the decision based upon factors that include your overall health, age, realistic goals and more.)
  • Where will surgery be done and is the operating facility accredited?
  • What type of anesthesia do you recommend? What are the qualifications of your anesthesiologist?
  • Discuss with your surgeon about any plans to lose weight or have children. You may still be able to nurse a child after your surgery.

Finally, ask yourself the big question, which encompasses all the others:

Do my surgeon and I make a good team? Do we communicate well? Do I understand what to expect from my breast reduction procedure? Do I trust my plastic surgeon implicitly?

Make an Informed Decision: Consult an NJ Breast Reduction Expert

When you find the right one, you’ll know. Finding a great plastic surgeon should serve you well, even if you happen to decide surgery is not right for you. A top breast surgeon can help you clarify your goals–letting you know what breast reduction can and cannot accomplish in your specific case. In our practice, we are also happy to put you in touch with prior breast reduction patients in NJ who are willing to share their experiences and help you get a clearer picture of the best reduction surgery. With this expert and first-hand information, we are here to help you make a confident decision about breast reduction.New Call-to-action

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