If you’re a woman in the Westchester area seeking to improve the look and comfort of your breast implants, or seeking to correct the result of your prior breast surgery, the breast revision procedure was designed for you.

Your key to a successful breast revision surgery is finding the right breast surgeon — one who consistently produces terrific results for a variety of patients. Plastic surgeons with a history of producing stellar results in breast revision typically have a number of qualities in common. Your surgeon needs board certification, experience, aesthetic awareness, an advanced skillset and dedication.

Dedication is evidenced by great listening and communication skills, a healthy respect for the patient and her wants and needs, and an attitude focused on no less than improving lives through plastic surgery. Here we’ll detail where (and how) to find the right breast revision surgeon. We’ll start by discussing the need to identify your goals, so you can get what you really want from your breast revision surgery.

Identify Your Goals for Breast Revision

Perhaps you’ve developed some sagging over time after your first breast surgery, or maybe your original breast surgery result was never ideal from the beginning. If your prior surgeon wasn’t experienced enough or just wasn’t listening to your surgical goals, you may have ended up with a disappointing result. Breast revision gives you the opportunity to correct these issues and get the attractive, natural-looking, symmetrical breasts you desire — sized to suit your body frame and personal needs.

The clarity with which you express your goals for your breast revision, along with your surgeon’s receptivity and expert advice, determine success in breast revision. First, get clear in your mind about what you’d like to change about your current breast look and comfort. Think about exactly what you would like to correct with breast revision. Be very detailed and, when you find the top Bergen County or Westchester breast surgeon with whom you feel most comfortable, you’re ready for a beautiful breast revision outcome.

Was Your Prior Breast Surgery Result Not Quite Right?

An expert breast surgeon can help with a number of specific issues with your current breast implants or prior surgical result. If you always wished you’d chosen larger (or smaller) implants, your Westchester, NY, breast revision surgeon can help you get the perfect size to suit your lifestyle and preferences. If your prior breast surgery outcome once suited you perfectly, but now your life calls for a new solution, turn to a trusted, dedicated plastic surgeon specializing in breast revision in the Westchester and northern NJ areas.

Have Implant Changes Prompted Your Action?

Are your old implants uncomfortable, visibly rippled or damaged? If you’ve had discomfort with your existing breast implants, your breast surgeon can provide alternatives. Excess scar tissue that has made one or both breasts appear (and feel) hard to the touch (or even painful) is a relatively common issue with older implants called capsular contracture.

The cause may be related to your tendency to develop scar tissue, combined with prior surgical decisions and technique. In some cases, researchers have speculated that contracture may be the result of contamination to the prior implant or the surgical field (causing infection) during your previous breast implant surgery.

Interested in Replacing Your Breast Implants?

During your breast revision surgery in the Westchester area, your plastic surgeon can remove the scar tissue, create new pockets for implants to rest and replace your old breast implants. You can likely opt to go up or down in implant size at this point, and your surgeon may recommend changing from under to over-the-muscle placement, saline to silicone implants or recommend making other changes to improve your outcome.

If you’ve been informed of a leak after a breast MRI, or suspect one, in your silicone implants—or if one of your saline implants has deflated—your breast revision surgeon can remove and replace your implants with new ones of more recent and robust design.

Breast Revision Goes Natural: Breast Implant Removal

If you’d rather go back to completely natural breasts, removing old implants without replacing them, a top Westchester, NY area breast surgeon can help. A skilled surgeon can often provide a result that looks great, even if your breast skin has stretched to accommodate old implants. You may need a breast lift or reshaping of the remaining tissue, or it may be sufficient to simply remove the implants.

This depends on your goals for your outcome, the size of your prior implants, your skin elasticity and other details. Discuss how you’d like to look once your implants are removed and a skilled breast surgeon can plan a solution tailored to your needs and desires. Most importantly, your surgeon can give you a realistic assessment of the outcome you can expect after breast implant removal.

Breast Revision to Fit Your Lifestyle: Want a New Look?

Many breast revisions are done in order to meet changing needs or tastes of women years after their primary breast augmentation surgery. In other cases, breast revision is done fairly soon after the initial breast implant surgery to correct the size or other details of the first surgery. In the latter case, either miscommunication or hindsight results in an outcome with too small or too large of implants, or perhaps a too-low breast position.

No matter when you had your prior surgery (provided that you’ve allowed adequate healing time to see your final results), you can opt to change the look with breast revision. Whether you want an adjustment to a prior breast implant result or you now have different goals for breast surgery than you did in the past, your Westchester area breast revision surgeon can bring your look into line with your current wishes.

Recapturing that Youthful Silhouette with Breast Revision Surgery

As time passes after a primary breast augmentation, skin and body tissues still continue to age. (Although the effects of passing time can be less noticeable with well-performed breast implant surgery.) Your augmented breasts/implants also react to pregnancy, other hormonal changes and weight gain that occur throughout life. Whatever the reason that you want to reinvigorate your look with a breast revision, the procedure could include a lift and new implants.

Women typically emerge from this type of breast revision with a firmer, younger and physically “fitter” look. Breasts can be lifted and nipples repositioned to a higher point on the chest and made smaller or larger, etc. Discuss the results you would like and can expect from your breast revision with your NJ plastic surgeon in detail for an amazing outcome.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon for Breast Revision

Once you have your goals in mind, focus on selecting the surgeon with whom you’d like to work. This plastic surgeon will be your expert partner in achieving your goals for breast implant revision. Your NJ breast revision surgeon will help refine your goals for your new implants (or your breast implant removal) and let you know the type of results that you can expect. This is the formula for a stellar breast revision result. Look for these attributes in your local Westchester, NY and Bergen County, NJ breast surgeon:

The Right Certification: Your breast implant revision surgeon must be certified by the ABPS (the American Board of Plastic Surgery). To qualify, your breast revision surgeon must have documented:

  • Medical degree.
  • Thorough 5-year surgical residency.
  • Extra years of and focus on plastic surgery training.
  • High ethical standards for medical practice and patient care.

The ABPS is a specialty board recognized by the ABMS (the American Board for Medical Specialties) — the long-time standard-setting board for surgeons and specialists.

Focus: Your ideal plastic surgeon for breast revision in Westchester, NY, should be very active in the field of breast surgery. Th surgeon should spend most of their time on breast surgery. This indicates a deep interest in the specialty and provides vital experience.

Outstanding Reputation: Referrals from your family physician, friends or relatives can help you get started on your search for the perfect breast surgeon. You can also research the surgeon’s record with the state while checking their state licensure.

Large and Impressive Portfolio: Looking at the NJ breast revision surgeon’s past work gives you an idea of their aesthetic sense. You can ask your surgeon questions about particular cases and talk about results that might be appropriate for you, and about those that would not suit your goals.

Advanced Skill Level: Reconstructive experience is an indicator of a deep level of experience with breast form and function.

Hospital Admitting and Surgical Privileges: This gives you an additional vetting of your surgeon’s technical skill and patient safety record.

Accredited Surgery Center: This provides assurance that the center is inspected for safety on a regular basis. You can research the parameters that the accrediting body uses (there are a few different accreditors) to assess the facility’s quality care record.

Anesthesiologist: Your surgeon should team with a specialist (MD), who will administer your anesthesia and monitor you throughout surgery.

Rapport: Your choice of surgeon is, and should be a very personal one. Choose the surgeon you trust, so that you can go confidently into your breast revision surgery.

When you’re ready to discuss your specific goals and options for breast revision, contact Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, NJ. We are convenient to Westchester and ready to answer all your questions.

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