Many people that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) get no long-term relief through steroid injections, splinting, bracing or over-the-counter medications—but they don’t know where to turn when those treatments fail. If you have been wrestling with this problem, take heart. There may be a relatively simple, and potentially permanent, solution for you in hand surgery.

Although the procedure can be life-changing, carpal tunnel surgery cost is a big concern for many people. An expert hand surgeon is required since microsurgery experience is required to correct the nerve-related aspects of carpal tunnel syndrome. The good news is that the price for carpal tunnel surgery is generally not as high as you might think, especially considering the long-term reward (pain relief and more) that you can enjoy in the long run.

Most patients of Cohen/Winters, in our years as plastic and reconstructive surgeons here in northern NJ, have rated carpal tunnel surgery cost as “worth it” when they look back on it. (Yes, we always ask!) When you compare carpal tunnel surgery cost with the daily benefits that you will enjoy into the future, the surgery typically seems like a pretty good deal overall. That’s especially true when you have not found relief through months and years of non-invasive, temporary treatments. When carpal tunnel is not corrected early with these treatments, carpal tunnel surgery is often the only answer.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Offers Good ROI for Patients in NJ

Based on our years of experience, patients generally tell us that CTS surgery provides an excellent “return on investment” for them. Most patients factor in the value of their pain-free movement and regained hand strength when evaluating the cost of hand surgery. We feel that’s part of the reason why most past patients see CTS surgery pricing as very cost-effective. Carpal tunnel hand surgery, when performed by an NJ hand surgeon skilled in complex microsurgery, offers patients relief from the daily hours of suffering. We see the evidence in our practice daily.

Is Carpal Tunnel Serious Enough for Hand Surgery?

It is hard to understand just how debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome can be unless you suffer with it yourself. It would be different, perhaps, if the nerve and muscle pain occurred very seldom, but carpal tunnel affects common everyday movements. (In fact, it is often caused by those very same movements, repeated over time.)

CTS no doubt has a huge effect upon your work, no matter the type of job you have. With this painful, forearm, wrist and hand problem, you’re also likely to have trouble completing everyday personal tasks. Due to hand pain and weakness, you may also have given up on the health benefits and stress relief that comes from participating in your favorite sports or exercise activities.

Individuals who have suffered for a long time with carpal tunnel will truly understand why most past patients have labeled carpal tunnel surgery as very cost-effective. That’s the exact comment we hear from many Bergen County hand surgery patients once they experience how smoothly their days can go after a short recovery period. Getting relief from the carpal tunnel pain and weakness you experience daily is really worthwhile for most sufferers.

What Makes a Good Candidate for Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Typically, patients come to us when repetitive stress and strain makes performing essential daily tasks painful–and temporary treatments have not worked for them. We help patients who spend much of their workday in pain and avoid doing leisure activities they once enjoyed because of carpal tunnel wrist, forearm and hand weakness. These are the best candidates for hand surgery for carpal tunnel. CTS surgery offers an excellent success rate for properly selected patients, giving them a welcome relief from the frustration that comes from carpal tunnel syndrome.

How Carpal Tunnel Surgery Patients can Save Time and Money

It’s important to note that, besides saving yourself a lot of suffering in the future, hand surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome also saves you time and money directly. You will no longer need daily pain medications, which also have side effects (even over the counter pain relievers) if taken long term.

Corticosteroid injections are only safe for a short period of time. After your hand surgery in NJ, you won’t have to deal with these harmful side effects, nor will you have to continually buy medications, wrist braces and multiple doctor visits for physical therapy treatments, etc. You can put that money and time to better use after successful carpal tunnel surgery.

Dedicated NJ Hand Surgeons Help Make Surgery Affordable

Of course, none of the benefits of CTS surgery will completely erase your worry over overspending your budget with hand surgery. However, carpal tunnel surgery cost in NJ is likely to be less than you envision before looking into it. Hand surgery is very individualized, so a blanket price estimate isn’t realistic. Once you meet with your chosen hand surgery specialist, he or she can let you know the cost, based on your case details.

In addition, most dedicated hand surgeons and their staff will work with your insurance company to provide all the background information the insurer needs to evaluate your case. (Some surgeons don’t take the time to provide the records needed by your insurance company—but those are not surgeons you really want to deal with. It shows they aren’t willing to spend a bit more time to help you get the care you need.) So, if your condition meets their criteria, you may receive coverage for some of the carpal tunnel surgery cost in NJ from your health insurer or workers compensation insurance policy.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Cost Factors

  • The surgical method used: An open release CTS surgery may cost less than the endoscopic method, and it may be more effective depending on the patient’s details, but can require more recovery time.
  • The type of surgical facility used to perform the procedure: Cohen/Winters uses our modern surgery center, Vanguard, located right next door.
  • An individual’s insurance company and plan: Your surgeon should be willing to help you get coverage if your condition warrants. Carpal tunnel, especially after years of symptoms, can be debilitating.
  • Geographic location: Metro area doctors may have slightly higher fees, but they also typically have more experience.
  • Expertise: Skill and years of experience help ensure your procedure is successful.
  • Dedication: This doesn’t cost more, but it is essential. Make sure the expert NJ carpal tunnel surgeon you choose has earned your complete trust.

The Secret of Carpal Tunnel Surgery Success: The Right Hand Surgeon

Patients’ number one worry with most types of surgery is: what if it doesn’t work? Carpal tunnel surgery cost certainly won’t be worthwhile if it doesn’t work. You can minimize that worry by taking time to choose your surgeon carefully. We always encourage patients to seek out a top surgeon with stellar qualifications and one you trust to do their very best for you.

You need an expert NJ-area carpal tunnel surgeon for your surgery since it involves the flexor tendon and nearby nerves, including the crucial median nerve that supplies sensation to the hand. These structures, along with the carpal ligament that connects the wrist bones, must be repaired and handled carefully to ensure that the whole hand, palm fingers and thumb work properly.

For an excellent outcome, concentrate on finding the right microsurgeon for CTS surgery. Put thoughts of carpal tunnel surgery cost aside until you have met with your plastic and reconstructive surgeon to discuss the specific carpal tunnel symptoms that you’re experiencing. Find out about his or her proposed solution–and find out if you are a candidate who will benefit from surgery. Then deal with cost and price. (Remember that the pain and disability you’re experiencing now is a significant cost you are already paying daily.) Choose the best NJ hand surgeon first—that is your best insurance that the procedure will be worthwhile and successful.

Talk to an Expert Carpal Tunnel Surgeon in Bergen County

As dedicated hand surgery specialists, price and fees are never our main concern at Cohen/Winters. In our patient-focused NJ practice, we’re dedicated to helping improve lives and relieve emotional and physical pain through surgery. We see this as our calling, not just a job or a business. We are happy to meet with you, examine you and let you know if we recommend surgery for carpal tunnel in your case.

If we feel you’ll benefit from carpal tunnel surgery, we’ll explain your options for surgical CTS treatment of your hand. Only at that point would we think of a monetary carpal tunnel surgery cost. Even if CTS surgery is not right for you, you will receive lots of medical information and insight that should prove helpful for you. If you would like to know how hand surgery might help in your specific case, and the carpal tunnel surgery cost, we urge you to contact us at the Bergen County offices of Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery.

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