When you’re seeking treatment for a hand ailment such as arthritis or for a hand injury, finding the right hand surgeon for you may seem daunting. With a little research, however, you’re likely to find a NJ hand doctor with high-level skills and years of experience, who also earns your trust. Finding an excellent hand surgeon and one with whom you communicate well is the key to a successful surgery.

Knowledge, Experience and Dedication: Hallmarks of a Top Hand Doctor

First, you want to locate one or more hand specialists with superb qualifications. (See the list below.) From this group, you must choose the hand surgeon that you feel will do his or her best for you. Choose a surgeon who is a good communicator, who takes time with you and answers all your questions.

Choose a NJ hand surgeon who explains the surgical procedure that will best fit your condition. (In some cases, there may be non-surgical alternatives, in which case your surgeon should let you know.) Choose the surgeon who shows an interest in you and will partner with you for the best results. Your ideal hand doctor is the one in whom you’re completely confident.

Check Off these Qualifications for Your Hand Doctor

For the best results from your hand surgery, you should find a hand doctor with all of the following education, skills and experience:

  • NJ State Licensure: Check the hand doctor’s current licensure with the state of NJ.
  • Medical education: Consider the medical school and residency that the hand surgeon has completed. Top hand surgeons always have a top-tier medical education in their background.
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery training: Choose a hand surgeon from a plastic surgery practice. Then you can count on your surgeon’s ability to restore your hand functionally, while also hiding scars from view. Reconstructive experience gives your surgeon the most advanced, detailed understanding of complex and intricate hand anatomy.
  • Orthopedic training: This experience indicates that your hand surgeon has a deep familiarity with the way that the parts of the hand should work together, and how to repair and restore them. This training, along with the other qualifications, ensures that your hand doctor will help you to achieve the fullest range of motion, move more easily without pain, regain dexterity for delicate tasks and rebuild your hand strength to the highest level possible.

The Search for a Top Hand Doctor in NJ

A great way to start your search for an elite hand doctor is to ask your personal physician for recommendations. You can also turn to friends, co-workers or family for a referral. The Internet is also a perfectly acceptable way to conduct your search for a highly qualified NJ hand surgeon.

There are several excellent hand surgeons in the NJ area, also convenient for New York residents and patients living throughout the East Coast. Some of the very best hand doctors draw patients from all across the country to the NJ area.

Not Near NJ for Hand Surgery? No Problem!

If you don’t live in or near NJ, keep in mind that hand surgery is one that is compatible with traveling. At Cohen/Winters, many of our patients fly in for treatment. You will need to have someone drive you or fly with you, however, if you travel to NJ for hand surgery. Our office is happy to provide tips and recommend accommodations, if it’s necessary for you to stay the night in the area.

If you find your ideal hand surgeon in NJ, it’s worthwhile to travel, because your surgery experience and recovery will likely be shorter and more successful when you go with a hand doctor you trust (provided their qualifications and experience are also excellent).

After Finding a Well Qualified Hand Surgeon, What’s Next?

Once you’ve checked off all the expert qualifications listed above and verified any that you need to, it’s time to meet with the hand doctor and discuss your diagnosis (or to get a diagnosis, if you are in doubt about the exact cause of your hand pain or restricted movement).

During your consultation, you can evaluate your interaction with the hand surgeon. You should evaluate whether you feel your questions have been answered completely and whether the surgeon seems invested in your outcome.

At Cohen/Winters, we believe in partnering with each patient for the best possible hand surgery outcome. We won’t be happy unless you are happy, so we always do our best for you. If you don’t sense this dedication in a surgeon you’re meeting with, you should continue your search. You deserve the very best care, so don’t compromise. Choose only the very best NJ hand doctor for your surgery.

Get Started with Cohen/Winters

One simple way to begin your search for the perfect hand surgeon is to make an appointment with Dr. Yueh, our hand specialist here at Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery in Bergen County NJ.

Dr. Yueh is that rare hand doctor, an experienced hand surgeon with excellent qualifications, who also excels at explaining the details of complex hand surgery procedures. To learn how hand surgery might benefit your specific case, schedule a no-charge consultation by contacting our practice today.

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Dr. Yueh

About Dr. Yueh

Dr. Janet H. Yueh specializes in hand surgery including Trigger Finger, Basal Joint Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis. Dr. Yueh did her undergraduate work at Harvard University in Cambridge where she graduated magna cum laude. She continued her education at Harvard Medical School where she earned her M.D.