There are definitely some “must haves” that anyone considering hand surgery should look for in their NJ hand specialist to ensure the best care possible. But that doesn’t mean that there’s only one answer to the question of who’s the best.

That’s because, once the basics of hand surgeon excellence are located, the final choice comes down to choosing the best hand specialist for you personally. This last part of the selection process is so individualized because you need a surgeon with whom you trust and feel a connection with.

Choosing a premier hand specialist in NJ that you can place your confidence in will make all the difference in your overall hand surgery experience.

This connection will take place after meeting several hand surgeons and discussing possible surgical solutions for your hand problem. Only then can you make a final decision about which surgeon is really best for you. So let’s talk here about how to narrow down the most qualified hand surgeons in NJ, to select one or two that you might want to meet with.

How to Choose the Premier Hand Surgeon Who is Best for You

Since hand anatomy, and therefore hand surgery, are quite complex–you must seek out the most qualified, highly skilled and experienced hand surgeon possible for a great result.

Hand surgery is typically quite safe and complications are rare, but when you choose a well-trained and experienced hand specialist, he or she will know how to handle any complications, should they occur. Excellent surgical technique creates the best surgical outcomes from hand surgery and helps to lower any related risks. This is why the best hand surgeons have such a stellar success rate in hand surgery.

In order to compile an initial list of New Jersey hand surgeons to consider, ask friends, relatives, colleagues and/or your family doctor for recommendations of excellent hand surgeons. You can also look at local hand surgeon websites to get a sense of their background experience and philosophy on patient care.

When you find a couple of hand surgeons who impress you, you should verify some important information.

  • First, we advise you to look into your surgeon’s licensure and history with the State of New Jersey’s Department of Consumer Affairs.
  • Check your surgeon’s CV or bio to determine where they got their training. Elite medical schools, residency programs and fellowships offer the best preparation for a hand surgery specialist.
  • You should ask if your hand surgeon has surgical privileges at a well-known hospital, preferably a university hospital. (This info will also typically be mentioned on the hand surgeon’s website.) Your surgery will typically take place in an accredited surgery center, rather than in a hospital operating room, but privileges offer you additional assurance of your surgeon’s expertise. Hospital management monitors the performance of surgeons and only grants privileges to those with a history of outstanding patient care.
  • You should also take a look at how many years the surgeon has been in the field of hand surgery and how often they perform the surgery. (You can get some information through Internet research and ask the surgeon when you meet.) Your ideal NJ hand surgeon should have years of experience and have performed hundreds of hand surgery procedures. Experience helps ensure excellent surgical technique and superior surgical judgment for a successful result.
  • Talk with your surgeon to learn about their skill in microsurgery, which is necessary in hand surgery to preserve the blood supply and restore sensation or improve nerve function
  • You can also ask your hand specialist whether you can speak with a recent past patient to learn about the typical patient experience with your particular surgeon.
  • After meeting with a hand surgery specialist, think about whether you were given the attention and time necessary to answer your questions about hand surgery and plan your treatment. Did your surgeon clearly explain the risks and benefits?
  • When you find a well-qualified hand specialist that you trust, you’re ready to go ahead with your hand surgery.

If You Don’t Live in NJ–No Problem!

Many patients who live within driving distance (for instance in NY) as well as patients from across the country, come to Bergen County for hand surgery. At Cohen/Winters, our office will provide suggestions to ensure you can easily travel to our area and even stay overnight if you live far away. (We generally suggest the Hilton nearby our offices.)

An overnight stay is not typically necessary, but be sure to get details from your surgeon at your consultation to be certain. However, you will generally need someone to drive you to and from your hand surgery, even if you live close by.

Cohen/Winters Specializes in Hand Surgery

No matter if your hand condition or injury is minor or major, it probably limits your life in significant ways. Many individuals who seek a hand surgery specialist, do so because non-invasive treatments have failed or only provided a short period of relief.

Hands are invaluable to every human being and in constant use every day, so whether your hand problem is minuscule or severe, be sure to seek the very best care from a true hand specialist.

As the hand specialist at Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, I love helping patients regain hand strength, sensation and dexterity so they can accomplish their life goals with less difficulty, less pain and more joy.

In this practice, our overall goal is to help patients improve their lives through all types of plastic and reconstructive surgery. I’m happy to help you learn more about hand surgery and determine how it might benefit you. If hand pain, disease or trauma has affected your life, I urge you to contact our practice for a consultation.

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Dr. Yueh

About Dr. Yueh

Dr. Janet H. Yueh specializes in hand surgery including Trigger Finger, Basal Joint Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis. Dr. Yueh did her undergraduate work at Harvard University in Cambridge where she graduated magna cum laude. She continued her education at Harvard Medical School where she earned her M.D.