Liposuction for men is very common these days and it is not just for models or actors.

There are many men in the Northern NJ area who undergo liposuction procedures for a wide variety of reasons.

One thing all of these men have in common is that they are interested in getting rid of stubborn areas of fat that don’t respond to healthy eating and working out.

In this case, men often seek out the only spot-reducing method in existence: liposuction. But what about liposuction costs for men here in the Bergen County area?

One of the first things a man needs to think about when considering liposuction is, of course: will it be worth it? Let’s look at the subject of liposuction for men, what it can and cannot do for you and what liposuction costs in terms of time and dollars.

Why Do Men Seek Liposuction?

Liposuction for men is often done in the flank or love handle area, the abdomen, chest, chin and other body areas. Many men find it difficult to wear clothing that they like or feel uncomfortable in swimwear or workout gear when at the pool, in the gym or visiting the Northern NJ shore.

Some men feel that extra bulk (around the middle in particular) makes them look older than they actually are. Some men feel that the extra pockets of fat may be holding them back in their career or in social situations.

The motivation to get liposuction for men is as individual as they are. As men tend to be goal-oriented, and just like women, they would like to look their best–considering liposuction makes sense. If you have something in your life that is distracting you or making you uncomfortable—and it’s fairly simple to fix–why not?

With that being said, liposuction surgery should not be taken lightly, but for a good candidate, the outcome is typically excellent. The satisfaction rate for liposuction among men is very high.

Liposuction for Fat Around the Middle

Liposuction can be an excellent solution for a man with excess fat in the abdominal area, around the waist and love handles. This part of the body, if out of proportion with the rest of you, can make it difficult to find clothes that fit properly. Many guys often feel stressed out when they have a meeting at work or are joining a pick-up game of basketball here in Northern NJ.

Some guys can get a beer belly even if they don’t drink beer. Where you store fat on your body can be genetic or hormonal and have nothing to do with drinking a six pack—but it can prevent you from having a six pack no matter how much time you spend at the gym. It’s not healthy to allow fat to accumulate, especially if you are heading toward an apple-shaped body.

Chest Liposuction for Men

Another common liposuction target area for men is the chest. Some guys accumulate fat over their pectoral area that they find bothersome. If the area is more prominent, it may be a condition called gynecomastia, or male breasts. In other cases, men just want to have a more defined chest area.

Getting a Stronger Jawline or Chin with Liposuction for Men

It is also very common for guys to store a bit of extra fat in the neck or chin area. As with other areas of the body with isolated fat pockets, chins and necks respond well to liposuction when skin is elastic. The chin is one of the most satisfying spots for men to have liposuction, as it can define the face and ease any self-consciousness that a man might feel due to a weak chin. A chin implant may also be needed.

Is Liposuction Enough to Tackle My Problem Area?

In an older man or a smoker, the skin may not spring back into shape quite so readily when fat is suctioned out. Most men feel it looks better to have the fat gone, and they may hide looser skin with a beard or facial hair. Men’s skin is a bit thicker than women’s so excess skin in the neck or chin typically won’t get that “crepe paper” look.

Some with loose skin will choose to have the area tightened with a face lifting procedure along with liposuction. Both procedures would be done at the same time. Your Bergen County plastic surgeon can tell you what the effect is likely to be and can recommend whether going with lipo alone is a good idea.

Sorry Guys, Liposuction is Not for Weight Loss

Some men look into liposuction, thinking of liposuction costs as a bargain weight loss solution. Depending upon the body area and your physical characteristics, quite a bit of fat may be removed in your liposuction procedure. Still, you will only lose a few pounds at best.

Liposuction cannot be done in large areas of the body, so it is not a treatment for obesity or weight loss. (It’s not safe and the result would not look good.) However, you don’t need to be thin in order to get liposuction, but you should have an isolated bulge in a specific body area that you would like to target. If you are not sure if liposuction will be helpful for you, schedule a consultation and get an expert opinion from your Bergen County plastic surgeon.

How are Liposuction Costs Determined?

The total cost of any liposuction procedure is variable because it is personalized, or it should be. Your liposuction procedure may be much simpler or more complex than the next guy, so beware of any Northern NJ surgeon who advertises or quotes a price upfront.

Lowball pricing can indicate a cookie-cutter approach where every patient’s procedure is the same. Super-low liposuction costs could mean the surgeon is inexperienced. (Since liposuction success is very technique-dependent, experience, skill, and communication mean everything.)

Below are the major factors that go into calculating the cost of your liposuction surgery:

  • Consultation fee: (We offer a no-charge consultation at our Bergen County office.) Some surgeons charge consultation fees on top of their surgical fee. Others charge a consultation fee, and then credit it back to you–if agree to have surgery with them. And in our case, there is no charge for your consultation.
  • Complexity: Surgery could be more complex if, for example, you’re a bigger guy or are having a large amount of fatty tissue removed. So your liposuction costs may be higher. Surgery might take less time and be simpler if you are having a small amount of fat removed and liposuction costs might be lower. (Unless the lipo is being done around the face—where the procedure is necessarily more detailed.) Whether you have ever had surgery in the affected area of the body before affects the complexity of the liposuction plan, too. Your age, weight and overall health all play a part in the liposuction technique your surgeon will use and the time allocated. No two surgeries (and no two people) are alike.
  • Surgery center: Longer and more complex liposuction procedures require more time, making fees higher. Accredited surgery centers (the only type you should consider) must meet high standards for safety, which can affect costs here in Northern NJ.
  • Surgeon’s fee: Experienced surgeons who do liposuction often and have the highest level of education generally have higher fees. These surgeons have often trained at the best universities and medical schools and completed advanced specialty training. However, with experience and education come skill and the ability to use time efficiently. Liposuction skill and efficiency can even out the costs (in comparison with less-experienced surgeons) and help you get the best liposuction outcome.
  • Geographical costs: Cosmetic surgeons here in Northern NJ are some of the most skilled in the country. In this high-population area, surgeons get more experience with a wider variety of liposuction techniques. They tend to have the highest level of technology and instrumentation at their disposal. Surgical costs here can be higher for those reasons.
  • Anesthesiologist fee: You may not have a fee since general anesthesia is not typically used in liposuction surgery.
  • Physical examination and pre-surgery testing: This could include blood testing and x-ray, which may be done by your primary care doctor.
  • Medication and supplies: This includes pain medication and/or antibiotics and compression garments.
  • Follow-up appointments: These should be included in the surgeon’s fee. The day (or occasionally the second day) after your liposuction, you will have a follow-up to remove drains (if any) and check the tiny incision area(s) which are typically not large enough to have sutures. For the last few follow-up visits, you may feel no need, but please do come as scheduled.

The Hidden Costs of Liposuction

When making the decision about whether to have liposuction and which surgeon is best for you, it is vital to be sure that you are not paying a hidden price for your liposuction procedure. And here, we are not referring to bills you receive by mail. We’re talking about regret. Regret is too high a cost to pay for a botched liposuction.

Avoid hidden costs by:

  • Choosing a surgeon with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Choosing someone who listens to what your goal is for your liposuction outcome.
  • Choosing a Bergen County surgeon with an expert technique that comes from experience and education.
  • Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon. (Not just a board-certified surgeon. Dermatologists with a short training course can legally start performing liposuction—and many do. Inexperience in performing liposuction can lead to bigger risks such as excess bleeding and extensive scarring.)

Taking risks with your health is an excessive cost. These are hidden costs no one should end up paying. When choosing your surgeon, and deciding to go forward with the procedure, don’t let monetary price be the deciding factor.

Don’t skip the surgery due to costs if your love handles are taking a toll on your quality of life. Don’t choose the surgeon with the lowest fee–or the highest. Get information and don’t rush your decision–that’s your insurance against paying the hidden price for liposuction.

Ready to Look into Your Specific Liposuction Costs?

If you feel that you have inherited a weak chin or double chin, liposuction may be just the fix you are looking for. If you are a man with love handles or a spare tire in the making, don’t let it get the best of you. Not when there’s an effective solution to help you look better and feel more confident.

Liposuction can help you to look more fit, younger and even taller, according to satisfied patients of our practice here in Bergen County, NJ. You may find you look better or feel more comfortable in a variety of clothing, from casual jeans to a power suit–after having a liposuction procedure. You can look into it by meeting with a plastic surgeon and finding out about specific liposuction costs.

The Cost of a Liposuction Consultation at Cohen/Winters: No-Charge

To find out for certain what liposuction can do for you and learn about specific liposuction costs, contact Cohen/Winters Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County. Your consultation is free. We offer a consultation at no charge because not all men (or women) are good candidates for liposuction. We don’t want patients to feel obligated to continue with surgery plans if they truly aren’t ready or the right fit.

At Cohen/Winters, we are dedicated surgeons, but we don’t like being in the OR all the time. We enjoy meeting with patients and helping them make an informed decision about liposuction–even if it means you don’t end up having surgery.

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