Hand surgery is very safe for patients with a variety of hand ailments and injuries, and patients of experienced hand surgeons typically rate the surgery as “extremely worthwhile” when looking back on it. Most patients find that, after recovering from hand surgery, they enjoy relief from longstanding symptoms, such as pain.

In addition, functional problems with the hands and fingers are typically improved or even eliminated. Patients may have greater hand strength, improved dexterity and greater range of motion. Still, it’s natural to wonder about the expense involved and the overall hand surgery cost.

The End Result Matters Most: Select the Very Best Hand Surgeon

Since types of hand surgery vary, from very simple surgery done with a needle (like trigger finger release), to complex procedures, (like nerve and tendon repair, which can include grafting to re-attach torn tendons), costs vary as well. No matter the procedure, your goal is to minimize your costs and recovery time–while also achieving the very best result possible.

It’s not worth it to save money on your hand surgery cost, but end up with a poor result. The number one thing you can do (to accomplish all your goals and save money, too) is to choose an experienced hand specialist to perform your surgery.

This advice may seem counter-intuitive on the surface. After all, top hand surgeons may command higher fees for performing surgery, leading to increased hand surgery cost. That may be true, although not in all cases. Even if a top surgeon receives a higher fee, you may end up saving time in the surgery center and paying a smaller fee for the operating room time.

An experienced surgeon will typically work more efficiently and the lower surgery center costs may balance out a higher surgeon’s fee. Beyond this example, there are many other ways that choosing the best hand surgeon in NJ can save you on the costs of hand surgery.

Costs You Pay for Experience are Worthwhile

In order to make the best choice of hand surgeon, it’s a good idea to set price aside when you’re searching. That’s because there are many more “costs” involved in any type of surgery than price or fees.

Some of those costs are too high for you to pay: such as the need to repeat your surgery to try for a better result (that would be a huge hand surgery cost for you to bear) and the need to go through another recovery period and yes, pay more money for a second surgery. You can best avoid these high costs by choosing a top hand surgeon and one with whom you communicate well.

What Goes into the Overall Hand Surgery Cost?

The cost of hand surgery is individualized, but in general it depends on these factors:

  • The type and complexity of surgery needed.
  • How long the surgery takes to perform. (Surgery center fees are generally determined by the hour.)
  • The type of anesthesia used. In most hand surgeries, general anesthesia will not be needed. This saves you money over other types of surgery elsewhere on the body.
  • Different regions of the country will cost more, since the cost of living is higher in some more populated areas. If you live here on the East Coast, or nearby, there’s one area you might want to avoid if hand surgery cost is a concern: NYC. Fees of all types are bound to be higher there (they may be premium charges) and, in that particular case, you may not get more for your money.
  • Having your surgery in a big city vs. a rural area also affects the cost. You need the most experienced surgeon, however, and there’s no better place to find him or her than in (or near) a metro area, like Bergen County, NJ.

Balancing all of the above components of your hand surgery cost may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. We suggest you put these considerations aside and concentrate on what’s most important: finding your hand surgeon first. Once you choose a hand surgeon with experience and advanced training and one who’s won your confidence–then worry about all the other stuff.

Your chosen surgeon will be very upfront with you about all the costs involved, once you’ve been examined and your surgical plan is decided. Many of the best hand surgery practices, like Cohen/Winters, offer a very personalized consultation. That’s a great deal, because you’ll learn a lot about your condition and your surgery–and get the hand surgery cost question answered, too.

Insurance May Help with Your Hand Surgery Cost

Choose a hand surgeon who understands your cost concerns. He or she will be happy to send information to your insurer as needed. If your chosen hand surgeon is not “in network,” it may still be worthwhile to go forward.

A great surgeon will do his or her best to make sure your entire surgery experience, including your recovery and results are the best possible. Depending upon your health plan, some insurers will provide (at least some level of) coverage, even for out of network surgeons.

What Makes a Hand Surgeon Worthwhile?

A hand surgeon with these qualities will provide the best hand surgery experience. Look for a hand surgeon who:

  • Devotes most of his or her time to hand surgery.
  • Has education and experience in general surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery.
  • Has surgical privileges at a noted hospital; especially impressive is a university medical center.
  • Has advanced the practice of hand surgery by mentoring others, providing education or authoring educational materials or publishing groundbreaking papers on hand surgery.
  • Has a clear manner of communication, explaining medical concepts, surgical risks, options and possible outcomes in an understandable way.
  • Shows interest in you as a person, your medical history, your symptoms and your hand ailment.
  • Seems trustworthy, honest/straightforward and dedicated to helping improve your life through hand surgery.
  • A bargain price rarely makes a hand surgeon worthwhile. In fact, elite hand surgeons are not focused on price or salesmanship. They (should) want what is best for you. Price should only be discussed after your treatment is outlined and decided, by you, with expert advice from your hand surgeon.

Contact Dr. Yueh at Cohen/Winters in Bergen County

Your hands are so important to who you are, helping you to communicate, meet, greet, learn, teach, comfort and care for others–and so much more–so make sure you see a well-qualified, dedicated NJ hand surgeon. At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery, we are dedicated to restoring the full, pain-free function and appearance of the hands.

We’re happy to help you determine if surgery would be the best option for you! We can also inform you about the hand surgery cost in your specific case. We urge you to contact us in our Bergen County practice to set up a consultation, today.

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