Everyone deserves to feel and look terrific, and life moves too fast to put up with a daily distraction, such as a minor problem with your nose. Even little issues can bother you when they are front and center on your face, so if you’ve decided it’s time to consider rhinoplasty, find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in NJ to do the job.

Choosing your surgeon is so important because, although most people are happy when they look back on their nose job, the track records for individual rhinoplasty surgeons vary widely.

In Rhinoplasty, The Right Surgeon Makes the Difference

The nose is a rather delicate structure, this goes for men as well as women. It may not look so on the outside, but the nose is an anatomically complex body part with a crucial function. Proper breathing is a big deal, after all. In addition, quite a bit of our self-esteem is wrapped up in our noses.

Your nose can either compliment your other facial features, such as your lips and eyes or it can create an imbalance that bothers you. The right rhinoplasty surgeon in NJ can help you achieve your goal for your new look—and if you need guidance, he or she can help you pinpoint what may be bothering you about your nose structure.

Your surgeon can also help you breathe better by correcting internal problems that may cause you to breathe through your mouth needlessly. Your “new nose” should bring out the attractiveness of your other features and create a harmonious facial structure.

Because the nasal anatomy is complicated, you need an expert surgeon for dependable results. Surgical errors of just a millimeter are noticeable. Cartilage and blood supply must be preserved to keep your nose structurally sound and the tissues healthy.

Unfortunately, this complexity means that some people end up seeking a revision to their primary rhinoplasty. Don’t let yourself fall into that category. When you choose your surgeon carefully, you should never need to repeat your rhinoplasty.

The best way to ensure that your nose job goes smoothly and achieves what you want: take some time up front to research the top local plastic surgeons for your rhinoplasty. Experience, advanced training and dedication to patient welfare are the key characteristics that can help ensure your rhinoplasty journey is stress-free.

A top NJ rhinoplasty surgeon with these qualifications will help ensure that your result matches your desires and expectations. One thing that sets the best plastic surgeons apart is that they’re not happy with rhinoplasty results unless you are.

Motivation and Expectations for Rhinoplasty

An expert surgeon will always discuss motivation with you and will also be honest about what can and cannot be achieved with your nose job. Proper motivation and expectations are the foundation for a successful rhinoplasty—so avoid any surgeon who rushes you or doesn’t seem concerned with your wants and needs.

Very often, other people don’t really notice any issue with your nose, so it’s important that you are are undergoing rhinoplasty for you.

Make certain your motivation is internal before going forward. Peer pressure, or even well-meaning suggestions from a loved one, are not good reasons to get rhinoplasty. If you go forward in a pressurized situation, you will be disappointed.

Only make changes to your nose or body if you want to. It’s important to remember that changing the way your nose appears won’t make your life suddenly perfect. If you find yourself feeling this way, don’t go forward until you sort out your goals realistically and become sure of your motivations.

Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

A reminder of qualifications to look for in your rhinoplasty specialist. Your NJ plastic surgeon should:

  • Be board certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery. Two certifications indicate more years of education and more surgical experience.
  • Have a current state medical license.
  • Be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which has stringent standards for patient care, including requiring the use of accredited surgery facilities.
  • Have excellent medical and surgical credentials on his or her CV, including education and 10-plus years of rhinoplasty experience. If your surgeon has mentored others or holds a hospital position in plastic or reconstructive surgery, this is another indicator of in-depth expertise.
  • Maintain hospital operating privileges at a renowned medical center. (Your surgery will generally take place in an accredited surgery center, however hospital privileges indicate that the surgeon’s skill has been reviewed and accepted by the hospital.)
  • Have a history of success in nose reshaping, which can be seen in before and after photos—and you can even ask to talk with a previous patient.
  • Have advanced surgical training and experience in reconstructive and microsurgery.
  • Have expertise with rhinoplasty revisions. A surgeon capable of correcting others’ mistakes is highly skilled and should inspire confidence.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in you—and your needs and desires for rhinoplasty. The surgeon should answer your questions but also ask a lot of questions about you, and your wishes for the outcome of your rhinoplasty. Your NJ rhinoplasty surgeon will also examine your nose, evaluate your health and learn about your medical history.
  • Provide an explanation of how your rhinoplasty goals will be achieved.
  • Inspire trust and confidence. After your consultation, ask yourself how you feel about partnering with the surgeon for your procedure. To increase your chance of a stellar outcome—chose the right surgeon for you.

Get Personalized Advice from the NJ Rhinoplasty Experts

We hope that these tips will be helpful to you as you make choices about your rhinoplasty procedure. At Cohen/Winters, we’re experts in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, including rhinoplasty, septoplasty (correction of a deviated septum to allow proper breathing) and revision rhinoplasty.

If you’d like to know more about your specific rhinoplasty options, we’re happy to offer a no-charge consultation to answer your questions. Just contact our offices in Bergen County.

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