A nose job is a unique plastic surgery procedure that can both enhance your facial features and correct structural defects. Getting a nose job will reduce your nose size so you can have confidence in one of your most prominent features. By undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure in NJ rather than NYC, you can ensure your nose job is performed close to home with adequate time for rest and recovery.

As you learn more about your nose job, before and after surgery, you will know what to expect and how to best prepare.

Preparing for Nose Job Before and After Surgery in NJ

In order to achieve the outcome you’re hoping for, it’s crucial that you follow your doctor’s instructions. Alterations made during your nose job will be unique to you and your features. Your doctor will inform you of the pros and cons of various techniques, including open or closed procedures. During your consultation, you will also discuss your desired results, whether you want to subtly reshape the tip of your nose or make it more symmetrical.

Most people experience some degree of asymmetry in their facial structure. A nose job can help create more balance and harmony. Although many people have dreams of Hollywood stardom, recreating someone else’s nose on your face won’t help you achieve that. Your nose needs to complement your specific bone structure, while also complementing your other features.

Prior to your surgery, your doctor will explain any special risk factors you might face as based on your health history and existing conditions. Before your surgery, you will undergo lab tests to assess your general health. Your surgeon will notify you of things to look out for during the recovery process and how to limit any medications you are on.

What is Nose Job Surgery?

Nose surgery is a complex, multi-step procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. Your doctor will begin the surgery by making an incision, either open or closed, according to the procedure plan you previously discussed. After the first incision, your doctor will reshape your nose.

Larger noses require bone and cartilage to be removed, while other procedures like reconstructions may require grafts. If you have a deviated septum, your doctor will correct this issue to improve your nasal structure and ability to breathe. Once your nose has been reshaped and restructured, he or she will close the incision. If you are seeking a change in the size or shape of your nostrils, the necessary incisions will be made at this time. Your doctor will then place splints and gauze to protect the area.

Preparing for Nose Job Before and After Surgery

Before your nose job, your doctor will provide you with instructions about the nose job recovery process. You will need someone to drive you to and from the surgical center. This person will also need to stay with you for 24 hours or so after the procedure. These precautions are necessary to ensure you remain safe and in good health. Getting your nose job in NJ is helpful for this stage of the process. If any complications arise, you are a short distance from the surgical center and your surgeon’s care. In addition, your doctor will recommend other helpful tips, like making sure you’ve collected any prescriptions or products to speed up your recovery. He or she may also recommend a diet of liquid and soft foods as it may be painful to chew.

Undergoing a Nose Job in NJ

When undergoing a nose job, it’s important to find a qualified plastic surgeon that is board certified and understands your desired outcome. The surgeon you select should have ample, prior experience and should be able to offer you nose job before and after photos. At Cohen/Winters, our doctors take the time to create partnerships with patients to ensure the best outcome and results. Our NJ offices prevent you from having to travel to NYC, while still offering the highest standard of care to patients. Consider scheduling a consultation with the surgeons at Cohen/Winters if you’re looking to undergo a procedure customized to your needs and desires.

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