The most important part of planning your rhinoplasty or nose surgery in NYC and the surrounding area is finding the right plastic surgeon for you. Individual plastic surgeons’ records of success vary greatly in rhinoplasty. This means that some plastic surgeons produce consistently great results for their nasal surgery patients while others have a poor record.

The latter situation is the reason why many patients decide to go, or need to go, for revision rhinoplasty to correct a bad nose surgery in NYC. To make sure your nose surgery in the NYC area is done right the first time, take the time to choose your surgeon carefully.

Since finding an elite rhinoplasty expert in NYC is so crucial to a great outcome, we’ve gathered some tips to help you enjoy the best surgical experience and receive a rhinoplasty result that you will love.

  1. Consider the whole metro area: You’ll get the largest pool of experienced, talented nose surgeons by expanding your search slightly. Prices in Manhattan may be higher, but that does not mean your surgeon is better or more experienced than one in a more moderately priced geographical area, like nearby Northern NJ. Nose surgery in NYC will almost certainly be more expensive because Manhattan surgeons have more overhead expenses to cover. Rent, property insurance, salaries and the general cost of living in NYC are higher than almost anywhere else in the country. It’s no surprise that nose surgery in NYC costs more, without necessarily giving you more for your money. In Bergen County, in Northern NJ, you may save time and money. Most importantly, you’ll also get better, more personalized care.
  2. Remember that NYC can be crowded and stressful for nose surgery: Getting to and from your surgeon’s office or surgery center on surgery day can be a traffic-filled nightmare. Depending on the time of day that your surgery starts and finishes, rush hour traffic to and from NYC is not only stressful, but it can also be dangerous. Even if you live nearby, you will end up spending much more time in the car than you would if you were to go to a surgeon in NJ. Of course, you won’t personally be the one in the driver’s seat on the day of your surgery, but longer rides to and from the city only make for a longer time to stress prior to the procedure and not feel well in a moving vehicle post-procedure. The best surgeons administer anti-nausea medication at the end of your surgery to ensure you don’t feel sick to your stomach after the procedure. However, a long car ride may still be uncomfortable.
  3. NJ surgeons are nearby–and just as experienced as their NYC nose surgery counterparts: Northern NJ, where our Cohen/Winters practice is located, is considered part of the NYC area for good reason. Our patients are drawn from all over the East Coast and across the country as well. You may save money seeing an NJ surgeon for nose surgery rather than one in, say, Manhattan because overhead costs for surgeons in NJ are typically much lower.
  4. You might prefer a more relaxed surgery experience: In fact, less stress often means a quicker healing process and most importantly, a better result. In addition, many of our patients who have first consulted with NYC plastic surgeons tell us that getting to our office and next-door surgical center is much simpler than navigating crowded NYC streets and equally as crowded skyscraper elevators. Most were reluctant to go through the crowds when bandaged after surgery or for the first follow-up visits. On the other hand, following these same post and pre-surgery steps is stress-free here in Northern NJ. At Cohen/Winters, we want to give our patients the best outcome and the best surgical experience possible from beginning to end—that’s one of the reasons we chose to set up our practice here in Bergen County.
  5. Look for surgery center accreditation: Accreditation is a valuable safety net for patients. The fact that Vanguard Surgical Center is accredited means that an outside firm, experienced in the medical requirements for safe and successful surgery, regularly inspects all accredited centers and vets them for patients. Only surgery locations that meet their rigorous standards can receive and maintain accreditation. We perform NYC area nose surgery daily at our Vanguard Surgical Center. You are assured to receive only the finest care here, not only due to the facility itself, but also due to the highly credentialed staff employed. The elite surgeons who operate at this facility attract only the top anesthesiologists (MDs), nurses and other medical personnel. From that group, we select only the best to work with us to complete your nose surgery here in the Northern NJ region of the greater NYC area.
  6. Choose a surgeon who operates in a physician-owned surgery center: There are not too many of these outstanding surgical centers around. Our surgical center, Vanguard Surgical Center is one such center: Vanguard is physician-owned and accredited for safety. Together with a group of highly skilled physicians and surgeons, we created our (conveniently adjacent) surgery center to the highest standards. Located here in Maywood NJ, we use the high-tech and well outfitted operating suites at Vanguard almost exclusively. In some cases, we may perform the most complex reconstructive surgeries at nearby Hackensack University Medical Center, where we maintain surgical and admitting privileges. Although a hospital setting is more expensive in these reconstructive cases, a patient’s insurance may cover part of their costs.
  7. Select a reconstructive plastic surgeon for nose surgery in NYC and NJ areas: Even if you think your procedure is a simple one, a reconstructive surgeon has years of experience with the most difficult cases of rhinoplasty— rebuilding the nose. The nasal structure is extremely delicate (not to mention 3-dimensional and in the center of your face), so you need all the in-depth experience on your side that you can get. After all, your nose must not only look great, but also function properly. A reconstructive surgeon will have extensive experience in all types of situations in nasal reconstruction, from simple to complex. He or she will give you the best outcome, allowing you to breathe well and enhance the look of your nose and your entire face.
  8. Listen to your gut feeling and go with your intuition: After you’ve vetted your surgeon’s board certification, licensure (with the state of NJ or NY), years of experience and aesthetic skills (by looking at their previous work), choose the surgeon who has your complete confidence. You need to feel comfortable with and believe that your surgeon will do his or her best work for you. Choose the skilled, experienced surgeon who you feel has your best interests at heart. Choose the surgeon who has clearly explained the surgical strategy to get the result you want. Select the surgeon who has spent time with you and taken an interest in you as a person. Choose the surgeon who you feel best understands your needs and desires for your nasal surgery. Your intuition and personal choice are so important because not every elite, well-trained surgeon is right for you. Don’t go against your gut feelings. The surgeon that you feel comfortable with is likely to be the right surgeon for you.
  9. Go where your preferred surgeon is: Even if your favorite, most trusted and experienced rhinoplasty expert surgeon is located in busy Manhattan NYC — you should go there for your surgery. This may sound contradictory to our other advice, but bottom line, you will get the best outcome from your nose reshaping procedure if you choose the surgeon you trust and communicate best with. This is, of course, provided that your surgeon has the requisite years of experience and board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgeons.
  10. Get a consultation with an expert NYC nose surgeon: You’ll find that most plastic surgeons charge an expensive consultation fee for their time in analyzing your surgical options and planning your procedure. At Cohen/Winters, however, we find it a very enjoyable part of our jobs as plastic surgeons to meet with patients. We find it gratifying to help you decide if surgery is right for you and to plan your surgery around your specific needs. Doing this, for us, is rewarding in itself.

About your Cohen/Winters consultation: You will get a lot of useful information from your consultation. When it comes to deciding where to have your rhinoplasty, finding the right fit and the right doctor is imperative. Not every patient and surgeon make a great time, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to suffer to consequences of a bad surgery experience. Whether or not you think you are a fit for rhinoplasty at Cohen Winters, we pride ourselves on providing the best options and recommendations.

If you would like to take us up on our offer, we’RE happy to meet with you at our offices. We are located just a few minutes south and east of NYC. Arrange your personalized consultation by simply calling our Bergen County, NJ offices.

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Dr. Winters specializes in primary, revision, reconstructive, functional and teenage rhinoplasty surgeries. Dr. Winters is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and maintains active memberships in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery and others.