If your rhinoplasty surgery failed to meet your goals and achieve the look you wanted initially, you are likely considering revision rhinoplasty. Some of the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons can be found across northern NJ in Bergen County.

When great expectations for improvement are met with disappointment, it is common for patients to experience feelings of anger, sadness and despair that may take longer to heal than your incisions.

Perhaps the best way to overcome the results of a poorly performed rhinoplasty is to undergo successful revision rhinoplasty that erases the stigmata of disappointment and satisfies initial expectations.

After already paying for the initial rhinoplasty, the cost of a revision rhinoplasty may be a sore subject. Many patients have lost confidence in the aesthetic judgement or technical ability of their original rhinoplasty surgeon. Although many surgeons will offer various discounts on revision or repair surgeries for their own work, the patient must decide if they are willing to risk additional disappointing results or further complications. Although the revision rhinoplasty cost with a more qualified surgeon in Passaic County may add to the cost, continuing down an errant path may prove even more costly.

Revision Rhinoplasty Costs: Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad

First and foremost, all surgery should be taken seriously and carefully considered. As with any surgery, there are limited risks that patient’s will need to consider with revision rhinoplasty surgery. Although uncommon, bruising, bleeding, noticeable scarring and infections are possible. In addition, there are risks potentially associated with anesthesia that include breathing difficulties and/or certain reactions to the medications.

Each of these risks are substantially minimized with expert care, which includes attention from a well-trained and experienced support staff, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and access to superb facilities. All of this must be factored into the overall revision rhinoplasty cost. Perhaps the most costly of all complications of revision rhinoplasty is repeated disappointment. Revision rhinoplasty does not occur in a vacuum and each additional procedure adds a layer of distress, difficulty, scarring, changes to nasal structure and support. This sets the stage for additional expense not to mention the ‘soft’ costs of an additional recovery.

The cost of cosmetic procedures are likely to be greater when the physicians have extensive training and expertise in rhinoplasty, are board-certified in plastic surgery, conduct their procedures in specialized surgical facilities and performed under the care of well qualified anesthesiologists.

Patients must exercise extreme caution when they consider seeking plastic surgery and other medical treatments overseas. Although the initial price tag may seem more affordable in certain countries, the various criteria for physician qualifications, patient care and overall safety are often far different than in the U.S. Unfortunately some patients who undergo cosmetic procedures outside the U.S. have returned with significant complications resulting from substandard techniques, unclean practices and unsafe materials. The results can be devastating and irreversible.

When it comes to your revision rhinoplasty cost: if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is little to no margin for error and certainly no room for a surgeon who’s willing to cut important corners to undercut the competition. Under these circumstances it is important that you carefully review the surgeon’s education, credentials, professional skills and the legitimacy of their facilities.

Like other elective procedures, revision rhinoplasty costs will include a surgeon’s, anesthesiologist’s and facility fees. The total cost will vary according to the expertise of the surgeon, the degree of complexity of the surgery, the time it will take and where it is done. You can expect to spend anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 for revision rhinoplasty depending on your circumstances. Unless there is a clear issue with your breathing not associated with prior cosmetic surgery, your medical insurance is unlikely to cover the costs of revision rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty Costs in Bergen County: Why Your Surgeon’s Expertise and Training Matters

The best way to ensure your surgeon is qualified to perform your revision rhinoplasty is to begin by confirming that they are a board-certified surgeon. Anyone with a medical license, or MD, can attach the moniker of “cosmetic surgeon” after their name and begin performing cosmetic procedures.

One of the biggest differentiators between plastic surgeons and ‘cosmetic surgeons’ can be found in the vastly different requirements in training, credentials, and certification. After taking a weekend course, an MD can become attach the label of ‘cosmetic surgeon’, however the training of a plastic surgeon calls for years of general surgery and plastic surgery after finishing medical school. In the most complete and effective model, plastic surgeons may be board certified in both general surgery and plastic surgery.

In addition, in order to maintain membership in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, plastic surgeons are required to operate in medical facilities that have been accredited to deliver a certain standard of care. Not all ‘cosmetic surgeons’ subscribe to the highest level of facility safety. What this means is that a doctor who is board-certified in gynecology can still legally perform a facelift. Even in the U.S., there are no laws that require physicians to limit their practice to the areas in which they were trained.

Once you have settled on a board certified plastic surgeon in northern NJ, you must go even further to vet their skills in revision rhinoplasty. There is a fairly wide spectrum of expertise amongst plastic surgeons in specialized areas like rhinoplasty/revision rhinoplasty. It is extremely important to carefully consider the experience and training of an individual plastic surgeon when considering revision rhinoplasty.

Don’t Rush Your Revision Rhinoplasty Search

If you’re researching doctors and their revision rhinoplasty cost it is important that you take your time in evaluating the different plastic surgeons. It certainly may be difficult for you to deal with the unsatisfactory results of your rhinoplasty; but you should resist the urge to find a “quick fix”. Although it may seem like a daunting task, there are several techniques you can employ to find a qualified revision rhinoplasty plastic surgeon in Bergen County.

When reviewing plastic surgeons, you should use the following questions as a guide:

  • What area is the plastic surgeon board-certified in?
  • Is the surgeon licensed? Have they had any state disciplinary actions?
  • How often does the surgeon perform revision rhinoplasty surgeries?
  • What types of results have they achieved on surgeries and in circumstances similar to mine?
  • Is the medical facility where the surgery will be taking place accredited?

How to Find the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Prices in Northern NJ

Because of the issues involved with a revision rhinoplasty surgery, it is often far more difficult than a primary rhinoplasty. For this reason, it is important that patient’s have a realistic expectations about what can and cannot be achieved. A revision of your nose job may not provide you with a “perfect” nose, however it can make you feel significantly better about your presence and improve your existing self-esteem.

In addition, it is important for you to discuss and plan for any additional procedures that you may need. You may require more than one revision surgery to correct your issues and other procedures may be required to achieve the outcome you desire, especially if you have experienced major complications or disfigurement.

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