When you’re looking into a rhinoplasty procedure and considering your options, it’s a good idea to get a wide variety of credible perspectives. Rhinoplasty recovery blogs can help.

As we always say here on the Cohen/Winters blog, your rhinoplasty procedure should be planned just for you. And your recovery, as well, will be quite individualized. No two people will recover from rhinoplasty in exactly the same way or on the same schedule.

Still, it’s good to learn about the experiences of other patients and about the perspectives of different rhinoplasty surgeons.

To help you find the best sources to enlighten you about rhinoplasty recovery, we’ve found a few excellent websites to share with you.

The following rhinoplasty recovery blogs, in addition to ours, will help you get a deeper understanding of the rhinoplasty healing process.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Blogs and Resources

  • The 8 West plastic surgery practice in Vancouver publishes a blog covering many plastic surgery issues. This blog has a rich library of rhinoplasty recovery tips and details about what you might experience as a rhinoplasty patient. On this excellent rhinoplasty blog and website you will find titles covering: how to sleep soundly during your recovery from rhinoplasty, which includes keeping your torso elevated and other tips. This blog also discusses how to beat the post-rhinoplasty slump, which is that time when you’re feeling better and can’t wait to see the final result of your rhinoplasty. They also cover practical topics like when you can safely travel after nasal surgery and amount of time to take off from work.
  • The Plastic Diaries is a blog that covers various facets of “cosmetic enhancement” like tattoo removal and rhinoplasty, along with acupuncture, beauty, fashion and travel topics. Take a look at the interesting rhinoplasty blog post on this website. It covers the site editor’s rhinoplasty recovery in detail. This rhinoplasty dairy is a long, detailed post with a lot of photos.
  • The insightful blog Made of Lovely contains a very engaging first-person account of blogger Kendra’s rhinoplasty procedure. The detailed rhinoplasty recovery blog entries vividly document her journey, from pre-surgery to more than a year after the rhinoplasty surgery. In addition, there is a post about the “mental side” of the rhinoplasty experience. It talks about letting yourself off the hook during the bruised and swollen (immediate post-op) period and thinking of the soon-to-be-revealed new look. This “down” phase happens to many patients temporarily–but the nose begins to look better and better as the days pass—so the moral is: persevere. Your mood will improve as things begin looking up rapidly.
  • The clever and honest HumpBeGone blog is an excellent first-person perspective on revision rhinoplasty and recovery. Read this to learn the blogger’s story, which ends happily after revision, and see how her new look emerges over time.
  • Real Self is a well-established website where patients ask questions and share experiences on all types of plastic surgery procedures, including, of course, rhinoplasty. There are many interesting perspectives on rhinoplasty recovery on the website, but we recommend this one written by a twenty-something young woman from the Raleigh area. Her rhinoplasty recovery story is long and detailed and covers milestones like the day the rhinoplasty splint comes off and more. Real Self gives you the advantage of browsing to find someone who might have a similar point of view or similar rhinoplasty case to yours, so you can read about their experience. For instance, there are a few entries from men about the male rhinoplasty experience and also information from patients of various ages.
  • Rhinoplasty-USA is chock full of useful information about the rhinoplasty procedure provided by Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. C. Spencer Cochran.
  • You should also visit the aptly named YourFaceInOurHands website of Dr. David C. Mabrie in San Francisco for detailed rhinoplasty recovery information.
  • Another great source of rhinoplasty information is the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s PlasticSurgery.org.

By visiting these rhinoplasty recovery blogs written by patients and plastic surgeons, you can get an idea of the whole spectrum of rhinoplasty experiences. You can learn about what rhinoplasty patients have experienced and also learn about the unique perspectives and practices of rhinoplasty surgeons.

We hope that this information will help you learn more about the rhinoplasty procedure in general, consider whether it’s right for you and help you find the surgeon who is the best fit for you.

Rhinoplasty Advice — Tailored to Your Needs

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