If you’re interested in rhinoplasty in Westchester County, you’re well placed to get the very best care. Some of the best plastic surgeons, true rhinoplasty specialists, can be found here in the northeastern US.

You’ll find that some of the most experienced and skilled surgeons practice in NY and NJ, and many are within a convenient car ride of Westchester County. Surgeons in this part of the country have access to the best medical education and residency experiences. Rhinoplasty specialists in this region also get a great deal of experience, due to proximity to major metro areas.

Patients also travel in from across the country to ensure that their rhinoplasty is performed by a top surgeon in the Bergen County, New Jersey area.

In this blog post, we will provide some expert tips on finding not only the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the area but the right surgeon for you.

Finding the Right Surgeon: Narrowing Your Search for Rhinoplasty in Westchester County

Although NY and NJ are popular destinations for rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty outcomes vary widely. As you research plastic surgeons to conduct your rhinoplasty or septoplasty surgery, you will find that New Jersey, especially Bergen County has a lot to offer.

Why should you consider rhinoplasty in New Jersey?

Personal attention: Some plastic surgery practices, including many in New York City, are overbooked, cramped and hard to get to. Personal attention can be hard to come by there—but it is absolutely essential to get the optimal rhinoplasty result.

Here at Cohen/Winters in Northern NJ, we take pride in attention to detail and attention to the unique needs and desires of each rhinoplasty patient. You will never be just a “case” here.

I have dedicated a large percentage of my surgical practice, for over 15 years now, to the most challenging rhinoplasty surgeries. I carefully craft each surgical plan to fit each patient’s facial structure and their individual goals.

Make sure to choose a surgeon who takes a genuine interest in you and what you’re looking for from your rhinoplasty procedure.

Time and focus: Seek out a rhinoplasty surgeon near Westchester County who takes time to discuss your specific situation and address all your questions and concerns.  You may get the nose that your surgeon thinks best for you, which may or not match your expectations. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that way.

One reason that I love practicing in Bergen County is that, at my office, we have plenty of space/parking and are easy to get to convenient to I-95, Garden State Parkway and Routes 4, 17 and 80, unlike the Manhattan addresses I’ve considered.

I prefer to work in a relaxed atmosphere where I can focus on my patients. I will take time to learn about your needs and explain what rhinoplasty can accomplish for you specifically.

Expertise: Your nose is the most prominent facial feature, defining the character of your face.  It’s crucial that errors be avoided/minimized and that there be no misunderstandings about what you want and need. Seek out a surgeon with meticulous surgical technique and excellent judgment, honed by years of experience.

Look at examples of your surgeon’s work and make sure they’re prepared to discuss your case and similar cases in detail.

My surgical history includes challenging revision rhinoplasty and reconstructive plastic surgery, which has provided me with the experience, coupled with years of intense training and education, to restructure your nose to achieve an appealing, natural looking result without sacrificing function.

Aesthetics: When talking with a prospective surgeon, try to get a sense of their aesthetic understanding as to facial proportions and balanced facial features. A well-developed aesthetic sense combined with a technical skill will provide the best outcome.

This can be revealed from before and after photos and in the discussion about the strategy for your particular case.

Top-notch credentials: Make sure the surgeon you choose for your rhinoplasty is board-certified in general surgery and plastic surgery, as the surgeons of Cohen/Winters are.

Without these certifications, you could undergo surgery with a physician who has only limited training in plastic surgery. Check that your chosen surgeon maintains surgical privileges at a first-class local hospital like Hackensack University Medical Center.

Drs. Winters and Cohen take pride in their affiliation with the hospital, which is one of the best and most prestigious on the East Coast, including Westchester County. Hospital privileges show that your surgeon meets the hospital’s high standards for surgical skill.

We perform most of our outpatient procedures in our state-of-the-art surgery center: Vanguard Surgery Center. At Vanguard, we have the most modern equipment and highly trained/board certified personnel and anesthesiologists.

Experience: Be sure to ask your surgeon, even if they are properly certified, how often they perform rhinoplasty. Specialists like Dr. Winters have done hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures, enabling him to produce consistently excellent outcomes on even the most challenging rhinoplasty cases.

Choose a surgeon who has reconstructive experience, which is a hallmark of in-depth knowledge of the complex structures of the face.

Rhinoplasty in Bergen County: Travel from Westchester is Easy

Our office has welcomed many rhinoplasty patients from Westchester County. We’re less than an hour away from several different ways. Cohen/Winters can arrange for a peaceful recovery in order to heal quickly and get the best results from your rhinoplasty.

Some patients stay overnight for professional post-surgical care at the Vanguard Surgery Center where your surgery is performed. You can relax and receive professional care in one of our overnight recovery rooms, a local hotel or just go home like the vast majority of our patients. There is usually no need to see us until 5-7 days post-op.

About Vanguard Surgery Center

An additional advantage to rhinoplasty in Maywood, New Jersey is our adjacent surgical center, located downstairs from the Cohen/Winters office.

The surgery center provides high-tech surgery suites and recovery areas with expertly trained medical professionals and top anesthesiologists seeing to your care. Procedures are performed at the Vanguard Surgery Center daily and it is fully accredited for safety and quality patient care.

Staying Overnight in NJ After Your Rhinoplasty

Some Westchester County rhinoplasty patients choose to stay at a local Bergen County hotel overnight after surgery, with a relative to attend to their care. The Cohen/Winters office can make reservations for you at the Hilton and connect you with a private-duty nurse if you prefer.

For insurance-covered septoplasty or reconstructive procedures, which require hospital admission, we can arrange this for our patients at Hackensack University Medical Center.

No matter where you stay after surgery, Dr. Winters or Dr. Cohen will conduct your post-surgery exam and provide instructions for your recovery before you leave the area.

Your surgeon is always available by phone to address any concerns during your recovery period. You should return for a follow-up in about one week for splint removal and get your stitches removed.

The Cohen/Winters Difference

Once your initial rhinoplasty research is done, finding the right plastic surgeon is key to the success of your procedure. If you’re a resident of Westchester County considering rhinoplasty, find the right fit in a surgeon who sees you as an individual, takes your goals seriously and lets you know they’re achievable.

At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeons in nearby Bergen County, we feel that your life enhancement through rhinoplasty is a journey that we are undertaking together, both surgeon and patient.

Dr. Winters specializes in creating a naturally attractive nose, in balance with and complimenting your other facial features. If you’re a good candidate for primary rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty–or if you need to correct a breathing problem, we are happy to help.

When you are ready to learn more about rhinoplasty—and how it might work for you—contact our office for your no-risk consultation.

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Dr. Winters

About Dr. Winters

Dr. Winters specializes in primary, revision, reconstructive, functional and teenage rhinoplasty surgeries. Dr. Winters is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and maintains active memberships in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery and others.