Both primary rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty have continued to grow in popularity with teenagers over the past decade. A teenager’s image can have a significant impact on how they feel about their appearance and therefore how they interact with their classmates and friends. They may want to have a rhinoplasty procedure to improve their appearance or more commonly to attract less attention to an attention-grabbing nose.

Sometimes patients are unhappy with the results from their original rhinoplasty and begin inquiring about revision rhinoplasty. This leads many parents to contemplate revision rhinoplasty for their teenagers. In my practice, these circumstances raise issues that are far different than revision rhinoplasty considerations in adults. Speaking with an experienced teenage revision rhinoplasty surgeon in northern NJ will allow you to get a better understanding of the surgery and the unique mitigating factors for teenagers.

Regardless of age, having elective cosmetic surgery can be a life-changing event. While choosing to have a rhinoplasty procedure may be a challenging decision at any age, there are many teenagers who elect to undergo rhinoplasty with healthy motivations and realistic expectations. Revision rhinoplasty may come on the heels of an emotional and psychological strain that can shake even the most solid teenager. As complex as the teenage maturation process is for both teenagers and their parents, contemplation of self-image issues and elective surgery takes it to a different level. This is especially true when revision of a previously disappointing rhinoplasty is considered. Teenagers must possess a level of sophistication and maturity as well a strong relationship with family members helping them in the process.

The teenage years are an important developmental phase when most teens become closely connected to their peer groups. It is in these groups that teens are often able to develop their own unique identity, determine where they belong and how they interact with our society. As a result, it is common for teens to place great if not excessive importance on their physical appearance. Perhaps the most effective role rhinoplasty plays in a teenager’s appearance has to do do with the attention it can divert more than it gets.

At a time when adolescents are trying to fit in with their peers, a nose that is asymmetric or unusually proportioned can frequently result in unwanted attention. Insecurity and bullying of any kind may take this to even more concerning levels. While many adults may recall experiencing teasing or even occasional bullying in school, modern communications and social media take this to a level that most parents cannot appreciate despite being empathetic with their teenager.

Common Reasons for Seeking a Teenage Rhinoplasty Revision

Rhinoplasty, or ‘nose job,’ is the most common cosmetic surgery for teenagers. In my practice, rhinoplasty is essentially the only elective cosmetic procedure I carefully consider for a teenager even as young as 13-14. In general, girls reach skeletal maturity by age 15 and boys by age 16. Although there are exceptions, this is the age most appropriate to consider rhinoplasty surgery. When primary rhinoplasty disappoints, teenage appearance issues may take on a new life and place relationships as well as school and athletic performances under even more duress. Teenage rhinoplasty is a delicate surgical endeavor that presents unique challenges for patients, parents and surgeons. In order to achieve the best possible rhinoplasty results, one must find a uniquely talented and experienced plastic surgeon in Bergen County. Unfortunately, when a surgeon is not knowledgeable and experienced with the challenges a teenage rhinoplasty presents, unsatisfying outcomes are common.

Although appearance is the dominant motivator for teenage rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty, it is also common for teenagers to seek a rhinoplasty revision for problems with the function of their nose. A poorly performed nose job can cause or exacerbate problems with breathing, nasal drip or whistling noises while inhaling, exhaling or while speaking.

The most common complaints from teenagers concerning the aesthetics since their primary rhinoplasty include:

  • Lack of improvement in the dorsal hump.
  • An overly sculpted nose tip.
  • A nose tip with poor definition.
  • Collapsed, flared or upturned nostrils.
  • The bridge of the nose is too wide or too narrow.
  • The bridge of the nose has collapsed creating a saddle or ski slope deformity.
  • The teenage patient is generally dissatisfied with the proportions and look of their nose in relation to other facial characteristics.

It is important that you find a skilled teenage revision rhinoplasty specialist in Bergen County that is able to accurately pinpoint the concerns that have developed as a result of the teenager’s original rhinoplasty and who can formulate a plan that takes into account the unique issues brought about by teenage rhinoplasty.

Best Teenage Revision Rhinoplasty Candidates

The consensus among many plastic surgeons is that it is generally reasonable for teenage girls to have a rhinoplasty performed one year after their first menstrual period and after teenage boys have their 16th birthday. However, these dates are only guidelines and it is imperative that a qualified plastic surgeon in northern NJ evaluates potential patient’s growth potential as well as their emotional/psychological fabric. A good plastic surgeon should determine if teenagers are good candidates for rhinoplasty revision as if they were contemplating the surgery for their own child.

The best candidates for teenage rhinoplasty should have realistic expectations about plastic surgery and what it can do for them. While in most cases a teenage revision rhinoplasty will address the problems and symptoms of a failed primary rhinoplasty, the patient must be emotionally mature and able to understand and accept the limitations of the surgery. Patients must obviously be healthy enough for elective surgery and not be engaged in destructive behaviors or have substance abuse issues.

The Best Surgeon in Bergen County for Teenage Revision Rhinoplasty

There are many important factors to be considered when choosing the best teenage revision rhinoplasty surgeon. Patients and their parents considering revision rhinoplasty are universally skeptical and cautious as they all are coming from the perspective of a failed primary rhinoplasty and an initial surgeon who failed to meet their expectations. As revision rhinoplasty is a complex and exacting surgery that requires considerable talent and expertise, it generally wise to visit with a few different surgeons in northern NJ to find the perfect fit.

It is important to find a rhinoplasty surgeon with a thorough understanding of the anatomy, physiology and aesthetics of the nose at each stage of its development. This knowledge is extremely important as revision rhinoplasty has the potential of making changes to a teenager’s nose that will last for the rest of their life.

Beyond the surgeon’s knowledge, skill and experience, both the teenager and their parents must be completely comfortable and confident with the plastic surgeon. You must seek out a successful teenage revision rhinoplasty surgeon in Bergen County who shares your goals and vision. A unique combination of skill and compassion helps the best teenage revision rhinoplasty surgeons deliver consistently outstanding results. Schedule a consultation with our expert surgeons at Cohen/Winters to discuss viable solutions for a teenage revision rhinoplasty procedure.

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