When you’re interested in a tummy tuck, you naturally wonder about costs. This blog post will help to explain the key factors that go into the total price of a tummy tuck here in Bergen County and across the country.

We will also emphasize ways to avoid the hidden costs of your tummy tuck. The simplest ways to avoid hidden costs (like surgical complications) include making sure the tummy tuck procedure is right for you and that you find the right surgeon.

Tummy Tuck Surgery: Price vs. Cost

It’s important to be an informed consumer, even (or especially) when health care is concerned. At the end of the day, however, remember that you are not buying a product that can be returned. We are talking about your body and your future. It’s unwise to choose your plastic surgeon with price as the main consideration. Nor should you rule it out completely. It is definitely worth taking your time and choosing your surgeon (and the procedure) based on the big picture rather than on price. Liposuction is cheaper, for example, but won’t tighten skin or deal with muscular issues in the abdomen. A dedicated plastic surgeon will, of course, steer you in the right direction for the best procedure in your particular case. You may, unfortunately, find some who just want to make a “sale.” By speaking of costs and price as different things, it is important to point out the need to make a quality decision about procedure and surgeon.

In other words, bargain hunting can be disastrous when it involves plastic surgery. While pre-advertised and bargain prices are bad signs, it’s equally ill-advised to go to the most expensive plastic surgeon you can find.

Don’t become convinced that he or she must be good to justify the luxury pricing.

To find the right Northern NJ surgeon for your tummy tuck, you must consider all the costs, not just the price. If your procedure does not give you the results you are looking for or puts your safety at risk – it’s way too expensive–no matter how much or how little you paid in money. The highest cost of all would be a botched procedure, no matter the price paid. Make a cost-effective investment.

How Tummy Tuck Costs Are Determined

Major factors impact the overall cost of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure, which includes the following:

The Complexity of Your Tummy Tuck

Much of the cost of a tummy tuck has to do with the amount of time that the surgery will actually take. Complex tummy tucks take longer to complete, which makes surgery center and professional fees higher. Although these costs may seem higher, a skilled and experienced surgeon works more quickly and uses the best technique. This way, any higher cost will be balanced by your safety–and a successful tummy tuck outcome that matches your goals.

Your Plastic Surgeon’s Credentials

Preferred credentials include an excellent educational background, a well-known residency hospital, hospital privileges, professional affiliations, and certifications. (These are outlined below and include board certification in general surgery and plastic surgery, as well as American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) membership.) Drs. Cohen and Winters have surgical privileges at Hackensack University Medical Center, which is one of the best hospitals in NJ, and are properly board certified.

Your Bergen County plastic surgeon’s team should also be at the top of their game. General anesthesia, which will likely be needed for your tummy tuck, requires more skill than local anesthesia. An experienced anesthetist must monitor your vital signs and comfort throughout your tummy tuck procedure. Do not choose a surgeon who compromises on quality in this area or operates in an unaccredited location. The risk to your health outweighs any cost savings.

The Region Where Your Tummy Tuck is Performed

Some of the best and most highly skilled tummy tuck surgeons in the entire country are based here in Bergen County. There are costs associated with bigger cities, but in return, you get more experienced surgeons. At Cohen/Winters, we are proud of our decade-plus of work here in Northern NJ, which places us among the best in the area–and our passion for our work cannot be found elsewhere.

The Experience of Your Tummy Tuck Surgeon

Although experience has an upfront cost, you come out ahead because you’re free of worry about technical skill. You can be sure that your tummy tuck incision will be placed in the best position to hide the scar and sutured so that it heals properly. You can also be certain that the tension placed on the tightened skin and muscles is just right to achieve a taut result without distorting your new, trimmer waistline. Attention to detail and surgical ability like this comes with experience gained from hundreds of abdominoplasty procedures in a busy area like Bergen County, NJ.

Your Surgeon’s Aesthetic Sense, Attentiveness, and Honesty

In the end, after checking your surgeon’s background, you must choose the individual that has earned your confidence. Choose a surgeon that understands your goals for your tummy tuck procedure and takes time to explain the expected outcome of your procedure clearly.

Choose a surgeon who has proven results on different body types, including some similar to yours. Over the years, our Northern NJ tummy tuck patients have consistently remarked on our uniquely personal approach to plastic and reconstructive surgery–and we find satisfaction in partnering with each patient for a stellar outcome.

Be Skeptical: Advertised Prices for a Tummy Tuck in Northern NJ

The idea of advertised pricing for plastic surgery must be addressed. You’ll find that dedicated and highly skilled Northern NJ plastic surgeons don’t do it. An advertised price can be a big red flag and a sign of low quality. That’s simply because no surgeon can set a realistic price (nor can you determine costs/risks vs benefits) without discussing your specific case with you.

When you see a price advertised in advance, it can mean the surgeon is inexperienced, or even worse, it could mean that he or she does the tummy tuck procedure the same way on everybody.

This is how some celebrity men, for example, come out with a feminine look after facelifts and other plastic surgery procedures. Their surgery was not planned to fit them, so they pay both a high monetary price and a high personal cost, where the highest cost may be regret or even risks to their health.

What’s more, a surgeon who does discount assembly line surgery could end up rushing through your tummy tuck, when he or she finds out (in the midst of surgery) that your case doesn’t fit the mold. The truth is, most cases are not average—human beings are too complicated for that. In reality, each patient has his or her own goals, health issues, and a unique personal profile. A specific “tummy tuck price quote” before meeting you and learning about you could lead to an extremely high overall cost.

The Personalized Tummy Tuck

Qualified, experienced Bergen County plastic surgeons realize that you are not “the average patient” and your surgical plan must be individualized—just for you. If you go for quality and experience when selecting your tummy tuck surgeon, you can avoid paying the highest potential costs: regret over a botched procedure or even health-threatening complications. Make sure to consider all the costs of your tummy tuck when you choose your surgeon. Choose the surgeon you trust.

Our combination of good judgment, experience, previous patient results and problem-solving ability should be part of the equation when you are deciding what is a reasonable cost for your abdominoplasty surgery. We have been performing tummy tucks here in the Bergen County area for 10+ years now and we have performed revisions and fixes to abdominoplasty procedures done elsewhere. We want to make sure that you avoid those “high costs” (and unfortunate consequences) with these tummy tuck guidelines, tips, and recommendations.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

A smooth recovery certainly helps to keep your surgery costs low. After all, discomfort and complications are a price you want to avoid paying. You can avoid risks and stress during recovery with a highly trained surgeon. With deft surgical technique, you can expect a recovery that is as short, comfortable, stress-free and complete as humanly possible. This is a truly “low-cost” recovery, saving you anxiety and also saving you from additional, corrective surgery.

Depending upon the extent of your tummy tuck procedure, you will likely need 2 weeks off from work, depending upon the physical demands of your profession. You can expect some numbness and swelling that may persist for up to a year, but your new svelte figure will be evident after about 4 to 6 weeks. Your scar will be out of view even in small undergarments and bikinis. The vast majority of patients are extremely happy with their tummy tuck results, including their new body contour and fit, trim and taut midsection.

Balancing Costs with Quality: Planning Your Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck can rid you of excess fat and sagging skin around your abdomen and repair damaged or stretched core muscles. Diet and exercise are often ineffective and inadequate to solve these problems. A tummy tuck can offer a welcome solution for qualified candidates.

To help you go forward confidently, here is an outline of the basic steps for a successful tummy tuck procedure:

Choosing the Best Surgeon for Your Tummy Tuck in Bergen County

Choose a surgeon with:

  • A current state medical license and board certification in general surgery and plastic surgery.
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) membership, which requires high standards in patient care, including accredited surgery centers and medical facilities.
  • Excellent credentials including education and experience along with a history of success in attractively reshaping and repairing the contours of the midsection.
  • Reconstructive surgical experience, a hallmark of the most highly skilled surgeons.
  • Ability and desire to clearly explain the tummy tuck procedure for your case.
  • Interest in your expectations: Your surgeon should make certain that your goals for your tummy tuck are understood and attainable.
  • A health-first focus. If a plastic surgeon rushes you or is focused on selling, continue your search.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Recommendations

  • Don’t rush into anything. Any surgical procedure must be thoroughly considered.
  • Schedule in-person surgical consultations for your tummy tuck. Don’t make a decision based on phone or online consultations.
  • Remember that tummy tuck pricing may be higher when you choose a Northern NJ surgeon with:
    • Expertise and high-level training.
    • Board certification.
    • Accredited surgical facilities.
    • Up-to-date techniques and advanced surgical technology.
    • A credentialed and experienced anesthesiologist.
  • Don’t risk tummy tuck surgery overseas where safety standards on it cannot be depended upon.

Talk with Cohen/Winters About Tummy Tuck Surgery

At Cohen/Winters, we are specialists in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. If you would like to know more about tummy tuck surgery, we are happy to answer your questions at a no-charge consultation.

We would love to meet with you in our Bergen County office to learn more about your goals for the tummy tuck procedure and to ensure that you’re a good candidate. This comes before any discussion of fees or tummy tuck prices.

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