As you have likely noticed by now, there is quite a bewildering number of breast implant doctors in the NJ area. You may be wondering how to navigate your way through all of these local plastic surgeons to find the perfect breast surgeon for you. Today, we will help you to chart a clear path to the best breast implant doctors by advising you on the most important qualities to look for.

Who is the Right NJ Breast Implant Doctor for You?

Your ideal breast implant surgeon should have:

ABPS board certification:

  • This certification will ensure that you see a career plastic surgeon. If your surgeon does not have the proper certification, he or she may be, for example, a dermatologist or ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor who has taken a short workshop in cosmetic surgery.
  • Be sure to look for certification from the ABPS specifically, in plastic surgery. You can verify proper board certification on the American Board of Plastic Surgery website or the CertificationMatters website.

State licensure:

  • Check that your surgeon has a current  medical license with the state of NJ.

Focus on breast surgery:

  • The best breast surgeons focus the majority of their time on breast surgery, rather than doing all types of facial and body plastic surgeries. It’s fine if the practice does a variety of plastic surgeries when it includes other surgeons, but a single surgeon must focus on one type of surgery in order to become an expert.
  • Expert surgical judgment and technique are just what you need for a favorable result from your breast augmentation surgery.
  • Read your surgeon’s bio or CV and look at their website to be sure they concentrate on breast augmentation and other breast surgery primarily. That’s the hallmark of superior breast implant doctors.


  • It takes at least 5 years experience, preferably more, in plastic surgery of the breast (meaning in actual independent surgical practice, after all your training and residency are completed) to achieve precise surgical technique and become familiar with a variety of situations in breast augmentation.
  • You should always ask your plastic surgeon how many similar procedures he or she has done within the past year or two.

Reconstructive experience:

  • This is an advanced qualification that elite breast surgeons possess.
  • It tells you that the breast implant doctor has incredibly detailed knowledge about the form and function of the breasts, which is essential for the very best surgical outcome–even if you, yourself don’t require reconstruction.

The latest knowledge:

  • A breast implant surgeon affiliated with a university hospital is ideal, provided they have the years of experience outlined above.
  • Surgical privileges are an extra level of quality assurance that tells you your breast implant doctor has an excellent record of surgical success.
  • Excellent performance is required to be granted privileges at a prestigious NJ hospital, such as Hackensack University Medical Center.

Excellent reputation:

  • Ask friends, relatives or your family physician for recommendations. Ask your surgeon if you can speak with a recent former breast implant patient.
  • Looking for reviews online is only somewhat useful. Beware of fake reviews, both positive and negative.
  • You can also check for medical sanctions while verifying state licensure with the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs.

Artistic sensibility:

  • You can get a sense of whether your surgeon understands the concept of beauty (and whether it matches yours) by talking with him or her and looking at photos of past work.
  • Do all of the photos have “Hollywood” breast implants, larger, rounder and higher? Or are there more natural-looking breast implants? Don’t choose a surgeon who seems only able to do one thing – especially if it’s not the look you happen to prefer.
  • Some breast implant doctors in NJ are more aesthetically aware and attentive to your needs than others. Hold out for a surgeon you can trust to understand your vision of attractiveness.

Dedication and patient focus:

  • When meeting with a breast implant surgeon in NJ, you should get the feeling that s/he is invested in your success.
  • Choose the surgeon who won’t be happy unless you are. A good breast implant doctor should be decisive and should not say only what you want to hear. Your surgeon must not be dismissive of your questions and should be interested in your unique goals for your outcome from breast implant surgery.
  • Choose an expert surgeon, and also one who seems to want the best for you.

If you look for breast implant doctors in NJ with all of these high-level medical qualifications, as well as the interpersonal qualities that make communication between you easy, you’ll find the surgeon who will give you the best results from your breast augmentation.

Not every top breast implant specialist is the right choice for every patient–there must also be a personal connection, so that you have complete confidence in your surgeon. When you find the surgeon with top credentials, experience and dedication to your needs, you know you’ve found the best breast implant surgeon for you.

Request a Consultation with one of New Jersey’s Elite Breast Implant Doctors

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We are happy to answer your questions about breast augmentation and provide expert advice. If we mutually decide to go forward with your breast implant surgery, your surgeon will partner with you for success. We invite you to contact us today at Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery.

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