As you search for a talented and dedicated plastic surgeon for your breast implants in the NYC area, there are a few qualifications that are non-negotiable and some that are up to your personal preference.

By non-negotiable, we mean that certain minimum qualifications must be present before you should consider a surgeon to perform your breast augmentation procedure. This minimum bar is set quite high because, although breast implants are relatively common these days,  it doesn’t mean the breast implant surgical procedure is easy.

It would be a mistake to assume that any and every plastic surgeon has the skill to perform breast implant surgery properly and to produce a satisfying and long-lasting result for most patients. Plastic surgeons who are inexperienced and not board certified by the correct board (the American Board of Plastic Surgery), should not make your list of possible breast implant surgeons.

To make sure you have the cream of the crop in breast implant surgeons from which you can choose, don’t limit your search strictly to Manhattan or NYC. Cohen/Winters in nearby northern NJ sees several patients from NYC every week in our offices and adjacent surgery center.

Best Qualified Breast Implant Surgeons in NYC

Make sure that any surgeon you are considering for breast implants in the NYC area has the following qualifications before you even make time to meet with him or her:

  • Board certification from ABPSThe American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties for plastic surgery. The relatively new ABCS (American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, a board not recognized by the ABMS) allows gynecologists, oral surgeons, dermatologists or family practice doctors, to complete a short “cosmetic” fellowship, and get their certificate in cosmetic surgery. You can verify this proper board certification at
  • State medical license: Verify your breast surgeon’s license with the NJ state Consumer Affairs Department.
  • Concentration on plastic surgery of the breast: The best breast implant surgeons spend most of their time doing breast surgery. A group practice with other surgeons may specialize in several types of plastic surgery, including face and/or body — but your chosen NJ breast surgeon should be one who focuses on plastic surgery of the breast. Expert technique is crucial for a consistently favorable outcome from breast implant surgery.
  • More than five years in practice: It takes that long to become expert in this field.
  • Reconstructive surgery expertise: A breast implant surgeon who is experienced at reconstruction is at the top of his or her field. A breast reconstructive surgeon has gained in-depth knowledge of breast function and anatomy that can improve your outcome.
  • Word of mouth: Ask your prospective breast plastic surgeon to let you contact a former patient. You can also ask your friends or relatives if they have had a good experience. You can also check for sanctions online with New Jersey Consumer Affairs.
  • Aesthetic understanding: Does your surgeon seem to have a “type” of implant outcome that appears over and over in their photo book? Does it match with what you would like for your results? Some breast surgeons have more of an artistic sense and awareness of body balance than others. Choose the plastic surgeon you trust to achieve your desired appearance by looking at the evidence.
  • Surgical privileges: Choose a NJ plastic surgeon who is authorized to work in well-known hospital’s operating rooms. (However, your breast implant surgery will probably take place in a surgery center on an outpatient basis.) Hospital affiliation gives you another vote of confidence for your breast augmentation surgeon’s abilities.
  • Works at an accredited surgery center with a top staff: Most of the top plastic surgeons will only use an accredited surgical center, but checking and asking questions is a good idea. Expert breast surgeons in NJ also typically attract the best nursing staff, surgical assistants and anesthesiologists, but it can be good for your overall confidence level to ask about the qualifications of these colleagues.
  • Honesty and open communication lines: If your breast implant goal is not realistic, your plastic surgeon should tell you. Honesty is very important to make sure aren’t met with an unwelcome surprise after breast surgery. Your surgeon should discuss with you how he or she will achieve your goal surgically. This will help you gauge your surgeon’s commitment to careful planning, come to a mutual understanding of the goal you’re looking for and give you an idea of whether he or she has the skill (and motivation) to achieve it.

Your Breast Implant Research: It’s a Wise Investment

In plastic surgery, as in other aspects of the medical field, you must be a good advocate for your medical and surgical care. By taking an active role, you ensure that you get appropriate care — the best possible care.

Your active role begins when you spend time researching the breast implant procedure and investigating the surgeon you will trust to perform your surgery. Your time spent doing this information-gathering will be well worthwhile in the end and you will likely be rewarded for your trouble with the breast implant result that you wanted.

Ideally, when you choose an experienced surgeon whom you can trust, you can expect breast implants that suit your body type and lifestyle. You can expect a relatively short, uneventful and comfortable healing and recovery process.

You can expect implants that last and look great for decades to come. You can expect breast implants that feel as natural as possible and match the goals you expressed when you initially met with your plastic surgeon.

Getting Breast Implants is Exciting, But Don’t Rush Into the Procedure

Any surgery is serious and carries risk. Choosing your surgeon carefully can help you undergo a safe and successful procedure. Complications can occur in any surgical procedure, but selecting an experienced surgeon means he or she knows how to help prevent and handle complications properly.

If you make your surgeon choice hastily, or base your decision strictly upon irrelevant data, like price or zip code, you can end up with a poor outcome from your breast implant procedure. In some cases, a hasty decision about your plastic surgeon can leave you with emotional scars from the disappointment, wasted time and negative experience.

You may even need to have your surgery re-done or revised. You, of course, need to avoid such a calamity at all costs, so any research time you spend now will help you to achieve a superior result from your breast augmentation – the first time.

Why Are Breast Implant Procedures Repeated?(And how to avoid it, if possible)

Personal choice: Some breast implant procedures are repeated or revised due to personal preferences that may change during your lifetime. In future years, you may decide that you prefer a different size implant or you may even decide to have your implants removed altogether. Choosing an experienced breast implant surgeon can even help you avoid these issues, by helping you to make the right decision about your implant size and timing of surgery before you initially get your implants.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and/or major weight changes: In some cases, you might want to put off your implant procedure until after you’ve finished having children. That’s because, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breast skin will stretch, and you may need larger implants or a breast lift to get the look you want. This does not mean, however, that waiting for breast implants until after pregnancy is right for every woman. Expert breast implant surgeons will use advanced techniques to preserve your ability to breast feed, so this is just another reason to seek out the very best breast implant surgeon that you can find. If you choose to have implants in your late teens or your twenties, it’s especially important to keep your options open for future pregnancy and breastfeeding. Discuss your future plans with your breast specialist to get expert advice.

Ruptured implant: A serious car accident, for example, or sports injury that results in a major impact to the chest area can cause an implant to leak (or deflate in the case of saline implants). Your surgeon will take your body type and lifestyle (activity level, specific sports or hobbies, etc.) into account when advising you about implants in general and the type, size and placement that may be best for you. No, this advice won’t prevent accidents, but it can help you choose implants that fit your life well.

Old implants: Implants available 10 or more years ago were not as reliable as those on the market today, so some women may need to get new implants due to a leak or suspected leak. Depending on your age when you have the procedure, you may need to have your implants replaced at some point in your life. Ask your surgeon about the longevity of your particular implants before your surgery.

Saggy breasts: Breasts will continue to age, even after breast implants are placed. Depending upon your skin elasticity, hereditary factors, lifestyle factors, implant size and more, you will have more or less sagging over the years. For the best look over the longest period of time, be sure to choose a surgeon who takes the time to advise you in detail about your procedure. In some cases, a breast lift may be needed to get the look you want when you get your breast implants in NYC. Choose a surgeon who takes the time to examine you and make a clear plan for your breast implants to ensure your long-term satisfaction.

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