Although our practice is located in northern NJ, we will always advise someone who is seeking breast implants to get them where her preferred surgeon practices. Even though there are distinct advantages to getting breast implants in NJ (which is why we chose to establish our practice here), NYC will work out fine for those who find their trusted surgeon there.

That’s because the greatest predictor of success from breast implant surgery is choosing the right surgeon for you. So rather than selecting NYC vs. NJ, simply concentrate on choosing the right surgeon for you.

If you don’t already have your heart set on a stellar surgeon who happens to practice in NYC, however, we suggest you expand your search area. This is wise for good reason. NYC is not the most calming and relaxing environment you could wish for when undergoing surgery.

The right surgeon, however, should create a calming and therapeutic environment for you. This helps to ensure that your surgery goes well and that you recover promptly, with as little stress as possible. This is what we strive to provide for our patients here in northern NJ.

Including local areas surrounding NYC, like Bergen County, NJ, will give you a larger pool of outstanding breast augmentation surgeons to choose from when seeking the best breast surgeon. There are many breast implant surgeons in NY, but the truly superior plastic surgeons with top qualifications are relatively few. So don’t limit your search geographically. Include both NYC and NJ surgeons in your search, to ensure you have a pool of top surgeons to consider.

Top Qualifications are Crucial

Make sure your NYC area breast implant surgeon has all of the following attributes:

  • ABPS board certification: This certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only one accepted by the American Board of Medical Specialties for plastic surgery. There is a board with similar initials: the ABCS (American Board of Cosmetic Surgery), which is not recognized by the ABMS. That’s because it permits dermatologists, gynecologists and other physicians without significant plastic surgery training, to complete a short “cosmetic” fellowship, and receive a certificate in “cosmetic surgery.” Be sure that the NYC breast implant surgeon you choose has the correct board certification.
  • NY or NJ state medical licensure: Verify your breast surgeon’s license with NY state or the NJ state Consumer Affairs Department, depending upon where he or she practices.
  • More than 10 years in practice: Surgeons with many years of experience gain the knowledge to successfully handle any complications that can occur in breast surgery. In addition, these surgeons are more likely to understand the minute differences in body types and properly customize your NYC breast implant surgery for your unique situation.
  • Focus on breast surgery: Top breast implant surgeons spend most of their career performing breast surgery. Expertise and meticulous technique is gained only in this way. Ask your surgeon how many breast surgeries he does per week or per month.
  • Reconstructive experience: For the deepest knowledge of the form and function of the breast, seek out a breast surgeon from a plastic and reconstructive practice, like Cohen/Winters in northern NJ. This detailed knowledge and experience will help ensure the very best result from your breast augmentation.
  • Artistic skill: Certain plastic surgeons have more of an aesthetic sense than others. Select a breast surgeon that you know you can rely upon for the best, most natural breast appearance by looking at the evidence. Look at your surgeon’s before and after photos (online and/or when you visit the office) and you can even ask to meet or talk to a past patient about their experience with the surgeon you are considering.
  • Hospital affiliation: Make sure that your chosen NYC breast implants specialist has surgical privileges at a nearby well-known hospital or medical center. Although your breast implant surgery will probably take place in an outpatient surgical center, surgical privileges indicate that the hospital has confidence in your surgeon’s work. Surgeons here at Cohen/Winters in Bergen County, NJ, maintain privileges at Hackensack University Medical Center.
  • Performs surgery at an accredited surgical center: This provides an additional measure of safety for the patient, because accredited centers are inspected on a regular basis and must conform to the safety standards set by the accreditor. Our Vanguard Surgical Center, located adjacent to our NJ offices, attracts top talent in a variety of surgical fields. We choose our staff from among the most experienced and dedicated nurses and operating room staff. Our anesthesiologists are all experienced MDs. With our surgery center located so nearby, it offers the utmost comfort and convenience to our patients. This is in contrast with the stressful commutes from office to surgery center that you often find in crowded NY.

Communicating with Your NYC Breast Implant Surgeon

Once you have found a breast surgeon who possesses all of the medical qualifications listed above, it’s time to meet your surgeon at your consultation. During this meeting, you should evaluate how you and the surgeon communicate.

Communication is key — because if the surgeon doesn’t understand exactly what you want from your breast implant surgery, you are not likely to get a good result. Your surgeon is there to learn about you and help you understand your options for breast implants.

Your surgeon should be able to (and should take the time to) explain the surgical strategy to achieve the breast implant results you want. If the look you want or the type/size of implant is not ideal for your needs, your surgeon should be honest with you and recommend another option.

If your surgeon appears uninterested in your needs, doesn’t ask you question, gives vague explanations or appears in a big rush — look for another surgeon. (Many patients have had what they described as a “rushed” experience in NY surgical consultations, which may be a side effect of the hustle and bustle style of the city.) At Cohen/Winters in Bergen County, NJ, we take a keen interest in each individual patient and will give you all the time you need to ask questions and discuss your breast implant procedure.

Expand Your Breast Implant Surgeon Search Outside NYC

Having a number of board-certified, experienced breast specialists to consider gives you the best opportunity to find — not only a surgeon who is extremely well-qualified to perform your breast implant surgery—but also to find the perfect surgeon for you.

That last part involves your subjective judgment of which surgeon you like best and trust most. Provided that you first narrow the field by weeding out any surgeons who have less than 10 years of experience in breast surgery, and those who lack advanced training, trusting your own judgment is the best way to find your ideal surgeon. Being that all else is equal among plastic surgeons, your gut (or intuition) is a fine method of choosing your breast specialist, whether in NYC or NJ.

Finding the Right Surgeon is Easier with a No-Risk Consultation

At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, NJ, we believe in putting the patient’s needs first. We want to help you find the right surgeon, almost as much as you want to find the perfect surgeon. We enjoy meeting with patients and helping them learn about their breast implant options.

Not every patient is a good surgical candidate, nor is every surgeon right for every patient. One thing is for certain, however, we guarantee you will learn more about the procedure at your personalized consultation. We urge you to set up your appointment and visit us here in northern NJ, just 40 minutes outside NYC. Contact Cohen/Winters today.

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Dr. Cohen specializes in breast lifts, augmentations, revisions and reductions as well as breast cancer reconstructions. A long time dream of Dr. Cohen’s was to travel to developing countries and provide expert surgical care to those who have no other possible access to medical care. This became a reality in 2007 when she became a founding member and Vice President of ISMS Operation Kids.