When you’re considering having a breast reduction, for aesthetic reasons, medical reasons or a combination of both, choosing the right surgeon is crucial. We generally recommend that patients look for surgeons nearby northern NJ, rather than NYC, for breast reduction, due to the higher costs and stress associated with traveling in the city.

However, if you find that your preferred surgeon, (meaning a well qualified, experienced breast specialist with whom you communicate well), is located in NYC, then that is the best place for you to have surgery. If you haven’t found your ideal breast reduction surgeon quite yet, however, we recommend NJ for breast reduction surgery.

The Best Place for Breast Surgery: Where Your Trusted, Experienced Surgeon Is

Don’t get us wrong; there are many well qualified and experienced breast surgeons in both NYC and NJ. We chose NJ because the fast pace of NYC often leads to rushed surgical consultations and even rushed breast reduction procedures.

We know this from conversations with our fellow surgeons who happen to practice in NYC. Surgeons (and patients) have told us about the need to rush in NYC, to see enough patients per day to meet the high costs of maintaining an NYC practice. Everything moves faster and costs more in NYC, and that, unfortunately, includes breast reduction.

We think that’s a shame and it is the reason that patients often later seek breast revisions to correct breast reduction outcomes that you’re unsatisfied with. We do a lot of revisions to prior breast surgeries for patients who had surgery in NYC and emerged disappointed.

You see, if a surgeon rushes through your consultation, it is likely that he or she hasn’t answered all your questions or explained your options very clearly. It is not likely that an NYC surgeon will have the time to get to know you as an individual–and he or she may never understand your unique needs and desires for breast reduction.

If your surgeon does not understand what you need and want, no matter how talented the surgeon may be, there’s a big chance you’ll end up unhappy. Dissatisfaction with your surgical result is an awful price to pay (in time, money and emotional upset) as a result you’re not happy with.

The Dangers of Generic Breast Reduction

Our practice is located very convenient to NYC and we treat many breast reduction patients from NY. One of the main reasons patients tell us they ruled out NYC is the stress and rushed nature of the city.

If your breast surgeon cannot take time with you, as many in NYC cannot, you may get a generic breast reduction, or a breast reduction that your surgeon thinks will work just fine. In that case, you may not get the breast size and shape you had in mind—simply because you haven’t had time to convey what you want to your surgeon and get his or her buy-in and understanding. Your breast reduction should not be just like everyone else’s.

NYC: Not a Relaxing Place for Breast Reduction Surgery

Besides hearing from patients who found NYC unsatisfactory for breast reduction, we hear it from surgeons as well. When we talk shop with many of our colleagues who practice in NYC, many say they wish they didn’t have to deal with the overhead costs associated with NYC breast surgery.

Many NY surgeons feel they must rush through each patient consult and procedure–just to meet their high real estate and personnel costs in the big city. As for patients, ideally, they should be relaxed and confident going into surgery.

Too much stress can delay healing and affect your breast reduction result. As we’ve stated, if you find your trusted and skilled breast reduction surgeon in NYC, then it could still be the best place for your surgery. Your research about and confidence in your surgeon is crucial. All else being equal, however, we suggest you consider nearby NJ over NYC for breast reduction.

Surgeons with a Personalized Touch

Your surgeon’s goal, and what we find most rewarding, is spending time with patients. We love getting to know each person and understanding what she wants to come from her breast reduction surgery. What you want is likely to be quite different from what other women might want. It’s important to find a surgeon that is only happy when their patients are happy with their surgery experience, and their results.

We’ve enjoyed our 15 years in plastic surgery and breast surgery, including reconstructive procedures. We’re so glad that we chose NJ for our practice because it allows us to practice aesthetic and reconstructive surgery the way we know is best – with a personal touch.

Your surgeon should be dedicated to helping you improve your life and help determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery. A trusting breast reduction surgeon will partner with you to achieve the breast reduction result that you want and need.

We will put all our experience, surgical knowledge and skill to work for you. You should never expect any less, no matter where you may have breast reduction surgery.

Preferred Credentials for Your NJ or NYC Breast Reduction Surgeon

  • Board certification from ABPS – Check online to verify that your breast surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • State license – Verify the surgeon’s current medical license with the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Dept. or the state of NY.
  • Hospital privileges – Top surgeons maintain privileges at well-recognized hospitals, such as Hackensack University Medical Center, where Cohen/Winters surgeons have privileges. Even when you’re having surgery at another location (such as an outpatient surgery center, this affiliation provides extra quality assurance of your surgeon’s skill.
  • Breast reconstruction experience – It’s ideal if your breast reduction surgeon has this experience. Breast reconstruction experience shows in-depth knowledge of breast function, breast health and appearance.

Your Surgeon Will Want to Know

Your ideal breast surgeon will have a lot of questions for you. They should be interested in your reasons for seeking breast reduction. For instance:

  • Do you have shoulder or back pain?
  • Are you restricted from exercise or social activities you would like to participate in due to your breast size?
  • Do you have trouble finding clothing that fits the way you like?
  • What would you like your breasts to look like when your surgery is completed: size, position on the chest, etc.?

Questions to Ask Your Breast Reduction Surgeon in NYC or Northern NJ

Prior to your breast reduction consultation, make a list of questions you’d like to ask your surgeon, including:

  • How many breast reductions do you perform annually?
  • What will take place in my breast reduction procedure? (Will liposuction be done? Will the nipples be repositioned?)
  • Where and how long will the incisions (and resulting scars) be?
  • Can you make my breasts even? (If this applies to you.)
  • Will breast reduction surgery cure my shoulder pain? (If applicable.)
  • Where will my breast reduction surgery take place? Is your surgery center accredited?
  • What type of anesthesia will I need?
  • What risks are associated with a breast reduction?
  • How long is the recovery period after breast reduction surgery?
  • When can I go back to work or school?
  • What are the fees for my breast reduction procedure? Are follow-up visits included?

Visit Cohen/Winters in Bergen County NJ

Now that you have learned something about our philosophy for achieving the best breast reduction outcomes for our patients, we would be happy to meet with you for a no-charge consultation. We can ensure that you’re a good candidate to benefit from breast reduction surgery and answer your questions about the procedure. We invite you to come in for a breast reduction consultation. Just call our offices for an appointment!

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