As soon as you begin contemplating breast surgery, you’ll surely notice that there are a lot of breast surgeons in NYC and the surrounding area. All you need is the right breast surgeon for you.

To help you organize the search for your ideal breast surgeon, start with the notion that not all surgeons who advertise themselves as breast surgeons are true breast specialists. Narrow your search to plastic surgeons that concentrate exclusively on breast surgeries.

How to Identify a True Breast Specialist

Top breast implant surgeons are also excellent breast lift surgeons and breast reduction surgeons — they’re skilled at most types of breast surgery. But they typically don’t spend a significant amount of time on other types of plastic surgery. In order to become an expert in breast surgery, you must devote most of your time to it. Keep these tips in mind when selecting your breast surgeon in NYC or NJ:

  • Find a breast specialist. Don’t choose a generalist plastic surgeon that performs all types of face and body surgeries, because this surgeon may not have the same level as expertise that a breast specialist would.
  • Make sure that your surgeon has spent at least 10 years in the field of breast plastic surgery and is board certified by the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery).
  • Look for reconstructive experience. A reconstructive surgeon has advanced training and a deep level of experience not only in reshaping, but also rebuilding the breast. Even if your surgery is less involved, you will benefit from this skill.

Advantages of Choosing a Top NYC Breast Surgeon

A specialist in breast surgery has developed meticulous and precise surgical techniques and excellent judgment, allowing him or her to perform surgery to meet your specific objectives and goals for your new, improved breasts. Your surgeon will take great care in properly placing your implants (if you are having a breast augmentation or reconstruction) for a firm and high, yet natural look.

Your NYC breast specialist will treat tissues gently, work to preserve breast sensation and ensure proper blood supply. A true specialist in breast plastic surgery will use incisions that are no longer than absolutely necessary and will place them in areas that are hidden in your daily life, such as the breast crease or around the areola.

Your surgeon will be attuned to every detail of the form and proper function of your breasts. Your surgeon will check for symmetry and make small adjustments before completing your breast surgery if necessary. Perhaps most importantly, your ideal breast surgeon will know exactly how to handle any complications so that you have a safe and successful outcome.

Find an NYC Breast Surgeon You Can Talk To

Two-way communication is crucial in planning and completing a successful breast surgery. Among the breast specialists you’ve identified, be sure to choose the one that you can talk to freely and the one who makes every attempt to understand your specific needs and desires. You want a breast surgeon who asks you a lot of questions, listens carefully to your answers and also answers your questions clearly. You want the surgeon who takes the time to get to know what’s unique about you and your body.

You’ll need lots of advice from your NYC breast surgeon, so you want someone who takes a deep interest in you as a person. There should be a healthy dose of mutual respect between you and your surgeon. Your surgeon should respect and take an interest in your goals and desires for your breast surgery outcome.

He or she should help you understand whether what you’ve got in mind will work or be feasible. However, an elite surgeon will never dictate to you, but instead will work with you to make the best plan to achieve your results. Good, clear communication is crucial prior to breast surgery. There are more variables to be planned in advance for breast procedures than for most other plastic surgeries.

Your NYC breast surgeon will need to guide you through options (depending upon the type of breast surgery you’re seeking) such as, whether you need a breast lift, breast implants or both, as well as the type of implant (saline, silicone, gummy bear, smooth or textured), size, shape (round, teardrop), amount of projection, placement under or over the muscle, amount of cleavage desired and possible, incision placement and how your breast surgery will affect your life.

To guide you through all of these decisions, you need a trustworthy surgeon with whom you’re comfortable. Don’t settle for just any breast expert; choose the surgeon who is really right for you.

Look Before You Leap

By the time you meet your prospective breast surgeon, you already know that his or her qualifications are top notch, but how do you build your confidence even further? Check out your NYC plastic surgeon’s past work. Look through the before-and-after photos in the office and/or online. Do most of the results look natural?

Do the breast sizes, placement and shape seem to suit the women’s bodies? Do the breasts look relatively symmetrical? Do you see a positive change from the before to the after shot? You can also ask to meet or speak to former patients and ask them about their breast surgery experience, recovery and results.

To help ensure that you and your surgeon have made the right decisions before your breast implant surgery, most will allow you to “try on” the size, type and shape of the implants you’ve chosen — or try a few to help narrow down your options.

Of course, implants placed in your bra won’t exactly mimic the real results of your procedure, but this will help you get a better idea about what you can expect as your outcome after surgery. Once you have a good idea of what to expect from your breast surgery, you can go forward confidently with your surgeon at your side. This is how the best breast surgery results are obtained.

Benefit from Our Experience: Consult an Elite NYC-Area Breast Surgeon

At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, NJ, we believe in sharing our knowledge to help women considering breast surgery learn about their options. Our best work isn’t restricted to the operating room. We’re happy to meet with you and answer your questions about breast surgery.

If you’re a good candidate and we decide to work together, we’ll create a surgical plan built around your specific goals and needs. We’re located just outside NYC in Northern New Jersey, so please contact us for your consultation today!

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