As you are probably aware, the decision to have plastic surgery is an important one, which requiring careful thought. Unless it is an emergency, any type of surgery, including plastic surgery in New Jersey, must be well considered thoroughly before going forward.

These days, when plastic surgery is relatively commonplace, there is a tendency to see it as not “real” surgery. As experienced aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons, we are here to tell you that any surgery, plastic surgery included, is a serious undertaking.

In our experience, the best outcomes are assured when the patient does careful research in advance, including meeting with plastic surgeons. This way, if you decide not to have surgery, or decide to go forward with it, you won’t be troubled wondering if you’ve made the right decision.

Motivation: Common Reasons That People Seek Plastic Surgery in New Jersey

Most of these reasons are perfectly valid, provided you make your decision about plastic surgery logically and rationally with realistic expectations. 

  • To eliminate distractions or obstacles: Is your crooked nose the first thing you think of when you wake in the morning? Is it time to consider rhinoplasty? Would a breast reduction make you more comfortable participating in things you enjoy, like sports or playing with your child?
  • To improve self-confidence: If you feel that all the attention in the room goes to your nose and you’d like your features to be more in balance, looking into rhinoplasty is a valid step to take. (On the other hand, if you feel that getting the “perfect” new nose will make everything in your life go smoothly from now on, you won’t be happy with rhinoplasty. It won’t give you what you are looking for.)
  • To turn back the hands of time. (Facelift, neck lift, breast lift or breast reduction, etc.)
  • To return the body/figure to pre-pregnancy state or pre-breastfeeding state. (tummy tuck and breast lift or breast implants, etc.)
  • To look/feel sexier, more confident. (Facelift, liposuction of the flanks, breast enhancement, breast reduction etc.)
  • To eliminate excess skin after large weight loss or weight loss surgery. (“Body lift” or abdominoplasty or tummy tuck,  breast lift etc.)
  • To restore function or feel whole again after an illness or accident. (Everything from post-mastectomy breast reconstructive surgery to septoplasty for breathing problems, etc.)
  • To feel comfortable in your skin.

Plastic Surgery Choices: The Importance of Deciding for Yourself

While we feel you owe it to yourself, and to your future peace of mind, to look into changing anything about your body that is getting in the way of living your life—remember it’s your life. If your boyfriend or husband is the one who wants you to get breast implants, it’s affecting his life, not yours.

Don’t put yourself through plastic surgery in New Jersey to please someone else or live up to their standards. Your standards are what matters.

It’s true that this advice is most useful for younger people considering teen plastic surgery, because we tend to grow out of being influenced by others. But the issue can trouble some of us throughout our lives, depending upon the circumstances. If there’s any doubt you’re feeling pressured, we just ask you to examine your motives for seeking plastic surgery.

Your plastic surgeon will ask about your motivation and will be concerned about unhealthy motivating factors. If your surgeon is concerned, he or she may suggest you wait and think over your real wants and needs, or reconsider the surgery entirely.

If your surgeon feels you are not a good candidate for surgery, he or she will explain why. If you are, for example, feeling pressure from a loved one or society in general, we would encourage you to seek help from someone you trust or talk with a psychologist.

Talking with an objective professional can really help you clarify your needs and wants, in any area of your life.

Planning Plastic Surgery? Decide Who You Want to Tell

Are you worried about judgmental people in your life, certain family, friends, co-workers or fellow students? You should consider if judgmental people will be a problem for you, in advance of your surgery, only because it is an extra stressor that you don’t need.

Ideally the important people in your life should be supportive of your decision, but as we all know, there are always a few who might not understand.

If you are the independent sort and this is not a concern for you, that’s terrific! But if you are concerned about going public, just remember that you don’t have to reveal your decision about having plastic surgery to the world.

You may be pleasantly surprised that many more people are open to the idea of plastic surgery these days. It’s likely that most people have considered it themselves at some point, or at least have a friend or relative who has had plastic surgery.

It is important to keep your stress down when preparing for surgery and during your recovery period. Choose to tell anyone if they will be helpful and supportive.

They should help lower your stress level, not raise it! Bottom line: it’s your life and up to you. Do what works best for you.

You’ll Be Surprised Who Doesn’t Notice

In general, our philosophy at Cohen/Winters Plastic Surgery is that you should look after surgery like you are rested, refreshed, and healthy. Younger and thinner may also be byproducts of this, but you should never look “operated-on”.

Even though you believe that the surgery is as plain as the nose on your face, most patients report that the majority of their friends, co-workers, fellow students and even family, don’t realize that they have had plastic surgery.

If you plan to share with everyone what you are having done or decide to share with no-one, the only one who really matters is you.

Most obvious signs of plastic surgery have resolved in the first few weeks. So plan accordingly and no one else need be informed unless it is your choice.

Getting Specifics about Plastic Surgery: Is There an Easy Way?

In an ideal world, exploring the possibilities of surgical correction or aesthetic improvement of your face or body would cost you nothing but some research time. Getting general information is, fortunately, fairly free and easy online. But soon you will need more specific details pertinent to your specific situation.

We recommend you look for dedicated New Jersey plastic surgeons, experienced in your particular surgery, who offer a free consultation (yes, it is possible) or at least something non-exorbitant.

At the same time, we also recommend that you take your time and be aware of sales pitches. Luckily, these are fairly easy to recognize. Even so, make it a rule not to commit to anything or sign anything without allowing yourself time to consider what you’ve learned.

Why do we offer free consultations? Although our time is certainly valuable, we hope that when you come for your consult you will feel free of any constraints.

We hope to educate you about the procedure you are seeking and help you decide if it is the appropriate choice for you. If it is not, it does not benefit any of us if you feel obligated by any financial commitment.

The reality is that the vast majority of our patients come to the first visit having done a fair amount of research on us and most will stay with us.

Is Plastic Surgery Worthwhile? How to Decide

This is an entirely individual and subjective decision, of course. The only way to definitively make the decision about value is to research, then get details on your specific surgical goal and what it entails.

Find out everything that is involved in your plastic surgery procedure in New Jersey – including recovery time, surgical risks, price, projected amount of improvement and ability to achieve your goals for the outcome. Ask questions and think it over carefully, then ask more questions.

At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, New Jersey, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your plastic surgery options. The consultation is free of charge, so bring your questions – and make your appointment today.

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