If you’re considering getting a rhinoplasty in NJ, you’ve likely already considered tons of different questions relating to the procedure. This should include rhinoplasty cost, recovery and finding the right surgeon.

We’ve spoken with countless rhinoplasty patients who were overly focused on their total rhinoplasty cost. Although your rhinoplasty cost is an important factor, we don’t want to see it drive your decision. This is because the total cost is about more than price: your health and well-being are also things to consider.

If you’re dissatisfied with the look or function of your nose, you can’t do the work to improve it on your own. That’s why you’ll seek out more information about a rhinoplasty and the services of an experienced Bergen County plastic surgeon. As with any type of body or life improvement, you’ll also find yourself wondering if the process (including the price or cost) will be “worth it”. It’s natural to be concerned about rhinoplasty costs. We’ve worked with thousands of patients at our NJ practice and you’ll find below some of the information that they believed improved their experience: both pre- and post-op.

Determining the Cost of Rhinoplasty in NJ

I’ll share with you some important insider information about your total rhinoplasty cost. We’ll discuss general costs including actual price, your time, surgical risks, the recovery experience, the outcome and more.

These are all part of the “total cost” you’ll pay for any plastic surgery procedure, including rhinoplasty. Some key information will also be provided on how to minimize your overall costs and get the best outcome from your nose job here in Northern NJ.

Typical Rhinoplasty Expenses

Each item on this list may cost you more money in some cases or less in others. In some cases, a specific cost, or line item, may appear higher but win you value in other areas such as time saved, safety increased, outcome enhanced or complications avoided. The final cost of your rhinoplasty is based on these considerations:

  • Geography: A surgeon in Manhattan charges more to cover overhead costs, and perhaps for the perceived prestige of practicing in Manhattan. NYC does not guarantee quality, but wide-ranging rhinoplasty experience (that may come with any big metro area) is valuable for the patient.
  • Expertise: Your plastic surgeon should be board certified by the ABPS and currently state licensed, at a minimum. Also crucial is an absolute focus on rhinoplasty, to the exclusion of other types of plastic surgery. Accomplishments should include revision and complex cases. Advanced training, like reconstructive surgery, is invaluable to help you get a truly stellar rhinoplasty result.
  • Experience: Choose a surgeon with 10+ years as a rhinoplasty specialist for a consistently great rhinoplasty outcome. Experience may cost you more, but it’s the best predictor of success when combined with clear communication.
  • Renown: A well-known surgeon may be constantly booked up and therefore command a higher fee. Make sure the renown is deserved by evaluating the surgeon on your own terms.
  • Surgical venue: Ideally, your surgeon will have surgical privileges at a nearby, well-known hospital, but perform your surgery in an accredited outpatient facility. A hospital OR is typically the most costly place to have rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty performed in an accredited outpatient surgery center saves your money, while also providing top-level patient safety due to accreditation.
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia is typically the best choice for most rhinoplasty procedures. Safety and a great outcome are also ensured by having a skilled anesthesiologist on duty when preparing for before and during surgery.

Important Rhinoplasty Essentials that Add Value (without increasing costs)

  • Artistry: When your surgeon has a great book of work to recommend him or her, you’re in good hands.
  • Honesty and openness: This helps ensure you know what to expect from your rhinoplasty surgery and increase your satisfaction rate.
  • Compassion and concern: This doesn’t add extra costs but makes a big difference in your experience before, during and after rhinoplasty.
  • Connection: When you communicate well with your surgeon and feel understood, you have the best opportunity to get the result you crave from your rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty Revisions are Too Common: How to Avoid a Mistake

During my 15 years of practice in Northern NJ, I’ve found it extremely rewarding to help a few thousand men and women bring their facial features into better balance, creating an appearance that they find comfortable and pleasing. I’m not here to say that any well-functioning nose needs to be fixed.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some people are proud of the very same feature that others seek to change. My job is to make a positive change for those who are bothered, dissatisfied, debilitated or distracted by their nose.

A good portion of my practice has been dedicated to repairing or fixing bad nose jobs that patients have undergone elsewhere. It’s unfortunately common that patients have to endure a second rhinoplasty due to dissatisfaction with the first outcome. I find these cases to be some of my most rewarding.

Even so, I want to make sure you avoid the need for a revision rhinoplasty. I’m hoping that the tips contained here will help you make careful and wise choices when it comes to choosing your rhinoplasty surgeon.

Minimize Costs by Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

These cases also illustrate the idea of paying too high a cost for plastic surgery. No matter what price someone pays for a botched surgery—it is too high. That’s why, before having surgery—it is a good thing that you are researching its cost. Be sure to consider all the “total costs”, in addition to the “price.”

Consider the very high cost of a failed procedure and take steps to avoid it. The first step is the careful advance research that you’re doing now. Through your research, make sure to choose a Bergen County plastic surgeon that is qualified–and also one who you can communicate with.

This is the best way for you to minimize the total cost of your rhinoplasty and ensure success. Choose the right surgeon to ensure that you get the rhinoplasty outcome you want.

One of the best things you can do to decrease your rhinoplasty cost is to choose a surgeon that is the right fit for you. Just because one surgeon was a good fit for your neighbor, doesn’t mean they’re the best option for you.

We’ll explore through this post how to choose the right surgeon and how to determine if rhinoplasty is worth the cost.

Breakdown: How Rhinoplasty Cost is Determined in NJ

The following major considerations impact the overall cost of a rhinoplasty procedure:

1) The Complexity of Rhinoplasty Surgery

A revision rhinoplasty is one of the most complex rhinoplasty surgeries. Nasal surgery that repairs a deviated septum or other structural or functional breathing problems can also be considered complex. This lengthens the time surgery will take and it makes the nature of the work more precise and exacting,

In these cases, operating room fees may be higher, anesthesia and monitoring are needed for a longer period and therefore more costly, etc. These related factors can all add to the price of rhinoplasty procedures.

By choosing an experienced surgeon who has taken care to understand your needs and goals for your rhinoplasty, however, you will be working with someone who uses time efficiently and has experience in the most complicated surgical techniques.

Consequently, you will spend less time in the OR than you might with a less-experienced surgeon handling your case (so fees may end up being similar) and your outcome is likely to be much more satisfying. That last part is invaluable.

2) Your Rhinoplasty Specialist’s Credentials

If general anesthesia is needed for rhinoplasty surgery, this means a skilled anesthetist will manage and monitor your respiration and vital signs during surgery, ensuring your safety and comfort.

A top Northern NJ plastic surgeon will always operate in an accredited surgery center, which conforms to the highest standards for patient safety. These important details may add to the overall fee for your surgery and the final rhinoplasty cost.

Question your plastic surgeon about the credentials of the anesthetist that will be assisting in your rhinoplasty surgery. You should also ask whether the surgery center is accredited. Don’t choose a surgeon who skimps on quality, even if you might save a bit on price. You may end up paying the high cost of risking your safety and health.

3) The region of the Country Where Your Nose Job is Performed

Here in the Bergen County area, you will find some of the most skilled rhinoplasty specialists in the US. There is a certain cost associated with medical procedures in the larger metro areas around the country. Plastic surgeons here are much busier and get much more experience here than in some parts of the country. Surgical fees will be higher because of this.

At Cohen/Winters, we treat each and every patient like family. We dedicate ourselves to providing an outcome that matches your goals. That type of commitment can’t be found elsewhere and it doesn’t cost extra.

4) Surgical Experience in Rhinoplasty

Since you’ll get the best result from your procedure with a surgeon who has been in practice for years, you should not settle for less. Be sure to take time to check your surgeon’s background, licensure and hospital privileges. (We have surgical privileges at Hackensack University Medical Center, which is one of the best hospitals in the New Jersey region.)

This provides extra quality assurance that your surgeon is top notch. Experience has an effect on the fee and impacts the total rhinoplasty cost, but most patients agree that it is well worth it.

Knowing that you’ve chosen an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon should help you go into surgery more confidently. Anything that lowers your stress will shorten your healing time and make your results even better. Sometimes experience and top credentials only seem more expensive on the surface.

5) Well-Developed Aesthetic Sense

This important consideration often gets lumped in with experience, but the two qualities sometimes aren’t found in the same surgeon. Along with your eyes and your smile, your nose is a focal point of your face. The balance between the nose and the other features is key–and not all surgeons have a deep understanding of facial harmony.

When you talk with Bergen County plastic surgeons and discuss your goals for rhinoplasty surgeon you’ll develop a much deeper understanding of your surgeon’s aesthetic sense. It’s okay to ask to see photos of past patients as surgeons with great results won’t be afraid to share them with you.

If you notice a pattern of noses appearing too small or too blunt at the tip–or if all appear to be very similar from patient to patient–you should probably continue your search for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Northern NJ. A good aesthetic sense can actually lower your rhinoplasty cost because you can expect a good result.

Caring and Commitment are Free with the Right Surgeon

Don’t base your decision about a surgeon just on experience and high-level credentials, however. Make sure you choose someone who has won your confidence. A surgeon who’s technically excellent, but doesn’t give you the nose you want (instead you get the look that he or she favors) is a waste of your time and money.

You need the surgeon who listens and shows a genuine interest in your personal goals. At Cohen/Winters, we partner with you for the best rhinoplasty experience possible. That kind of commitment is built in–and it doesn’t show up on your bill.

Providing all else is equal (that your surgeon is skilled and qualified) go with the one you feel a rapport with. This is crucial and it doesn’t add anything to your rhinoplasty cost.

Avoid Bargain Prices for Rhinoplasty and Luxury Pricing, Too

very low rhinoplasty price, discount or coupon can be a sign of inexperience or low quality. This may be a Bergen County surgeon who is trying to attract his first patients or perhaps he or she has a basic procedure that they repeat on every patient.

These are bad news for you, the rhinoplasty patient. Each case is completely unique and must be handled expertly because, well, your nose is individual to you. Choosing a bargain price could end up adding a lot to your rhinoplasty cost.

At the other extreme, if you encounter pricing that is very high, remember that it doesn’t guarantee quality. You still have to check for all of the above-mentioned qualities and qualifications in your potential surgeon.

This includes making sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon’s plan for your rhinoplasty and with their honesty and commitment. It’s all part of your overall rhinoplasty cost.

Balancing Rhinoplasty Cost and Quality: Choosing the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

A reminder of qualifications to look for in your plastic surgeon:

  • Board certification in general surgery and plastic surgery along with a current state medical license.
  • Membership in the ASPS (the American Society of Plastic Surgeons). This organization sets high standards in patient care, including the use of accredited surgery centers.
  • Superior medical and surgical credentials, which include education, experience and Northern NJ hospital privileges — plus a history of success in repairing and reshaping the nose.
  • Reconstructive experience, an indication of advanced surgical skill.
  • Expertise with revisions. A surgeon who can fix others’ mistakes is one of the most highly skilled.
  • Good “before and after” photos. Remember that all cases are unique, but examples of good work are important.
  • Interest in you and your goals for rhinoplasty. The surgeon should evaluate your health and ask about your medical history. He or she should ask what you want to achieve through the surgery. The plastic surgeon should also provide a clear outline of how the goals can be achieved.
  • Avoid a surgeon, even a rhinoplasty specialist, who rushes you or emphasizes price.

Bottom line: To minimize rhinoplasty costs–increase your chance of a stellar outcome. For the best rhinoplasty outcome, don’t choose the highest price or the lowest price—chose the right surgeon for you.

General FAQs: Rhinoplasty in NJ

1) What if I’m afraid to get my nose fixed because I’m not sure how it will come out?

Surgical experience (in rhinoplasty) is the number one determining factor to predict a successful nose job. You can get a predictably terrific outcome from rhinoplasty, provided the right surgeon performs it. Surgeons’ records of success vary greatly. Generally, some are top surgeons with nearly perfect records of patient satisfaction, while other surgeons have very poor stats. And with the surgeons “in-between” those levels, you’re taking your chances. Avoid rhinoplasty disappointment in New Jersey by:

  • Looking for 10+ years of experience in complex rhinoplasty surgeries.
  • Looking for advanced expertise. For the most certainty and confidence going into your nose job, seek out a reconstructive rhinoplasty surgeon and/or a plastic surgeon with microsurgery experience, which signal the highest levels of technical expertise and anatomical knowledge.
  • Choosing the expert surgeon that you feel comfortable with and confident in, after meeting.
  • Not settling for less.

2) How do I know I can trust a rhinoplasty surgeon? They all seem confident and have nice-looking websites.

You’re already on the right track. Visit the websites of a few board certified plastic surgeons–but don’t be overwhelmed. Slick, impressive-looking websites are very common these days. There is a certain “soul-less” feeling about the fake or exaggerated ones. These sites are not hard to set up, so look for more than that! You only need to spend time on the websites of experienced rhinoplasty surgeons, with an excellent record of success. Weed out your surgeons by:

  • Checking with the Consumer Affairs Dept. of NJ website for a current license to practice medicine and the proper type of Board Certification: from the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery), which is the only board recognized by the industry standard-setting organization, the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties.)
  • Weed out less-than-stellar rhinoplasty surgeons and find who you really want to meet with. Then, schedule a meeting or two. You only need to do more if you’re not comfortable enough with one of the first surgeons. You can save time that way, but don’t stop until you find a rhinoplasty expert you genuinely like and trust.

3) Is a third rhinoplasty possible, with good results? Is a 3rd nose job safe?

Yes, but it’s not simple to accomplish. In some cases, it may be too risky to attempt a 3rd nose job. You need an expert, in-person evaluation.

  • As we’ve stressed, locating an NJ rhinoplasty surgeon with the most experience and knowledge depth is your number one task for a good result from a secondary or tertiary rhinoplasty. When you’re on your 3rd procedure, you especially need a rhinoplasty surgeon with reconstructive experience.
  • Also, consider why the first 2 surgeries failed. Is it because your surgeon did not understand what you wanted? Are you unsure what you want from rhinoplasty and need an expert surgeon to help you clarify your goals? Was the prior surgeon(s) just unskilled, and you’ve since heard of a lot of unhappy patients? This helps you know what qualities you must look for in your final rhinoplasty surgeon.
  • Always make sure you have a surgeon you communicate well with. Talk to your new, super-experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and try to determine what went wrong before—then take steps to ensure success. Choose the rhinoplasty specialist that you trust and who has the very best credentials.

4) Will my new nose “age well” after rhinoplasty?

After plastic surgery of any type, the body will keep aging and change somewhat over the years. What you want to avoid is a nose that droops at the tip after a few years or a nasal implant that extrudes from the skin–or other such disfiguring rhinoplasty issues, years down the road. Your NJ rhinoplasty surgeon must take care when planning and performing your nose job to ensure the longevity of rhinoplasty results. Top surgeons know how to achieve long lasting nose job outcomes for you. With the right surgeon, you will get a new nose that ages well.

5) Why don’t all plastic surgeons do revision rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty requires precise results if you want happy patients–and some surgeons don’t yet have the required experience or meticulous technique. Some plastic surgeons in northern NJ are not great with the bedside manner (not good communicators) so they would rather not do a surgery that requires that they understand exactly what the patient wants.

Some plastic surgeons would rather not commit the necessary time required to plan each revisional nose job. These surgeons deal in volume, and they can’t get an assembly line going when each corrective nose job is complex and completely unique from the others. Some surgeons don’t want to perform careful, delicate rhinoplasty surgery or don’t quite have the meticulous technique to do it well. If you’re not easy on the nasal tissues when performing surgery, you can lengthen the healing process or produce a bad outcome.

However, it is best if a surgeon is honest when they don’t want to or cannot perform rhinoplasty. Be happy if you learn a surgeon does not do these complicated revision nose jobs! What you fear are those who are cocky or confident–but don’t have the experience to back that up. Hence your need for research.

6) Are there any NJ-area surgeons who give free rhinoplasty consultations?

Some of the best plastic surgeons offer a free consultation for a nose job, but they may be hard to find these days. We feel no-charge consultations are the way to go–because we don’t want patients to feel they will lose money if they don’t choose us. We realize that every surgeon doesn’t make a good partner for every patient and there are some patients who are not good candidates for rhinoplasty or revision.

We don’t believe in charging a patient for not performing surgery. We feel very comfortable offering you the time to get expert rhinoplasty answers without the worry of cost. That’s because we enjoy meeting and helping patients make informed decisions about nasal surgery. We find it very gratifying to share information with you. That’s enough “payment” for us.

Tips to Travel to NJ for Rhinoplasty

Rely on a Pal During Your Rhinoplasty Trip

Another cardinal rule of rhinoplasty travel is that you must have a friend or family member with you to drive you to and from (or fly with you) and remain with you for 24 to 48 hours after your surgery. You typically won’t need medical supervision after you’re released from the recovery room after your NJ rhinoplasty, but your friend’s support is still required.

Having a friend or family member by your side means that you have someone to get you a glass of water or help you to the bathroom. They’ll remind you to eat and prepare a light meal,  make sure you don’t lift anything more than 5 pounds, etc. Surgeons don’t want to see their work ruined, nor do we want you to endure a revision or repair to your original rhinoplasty.

Having a friend or family member standing by means that you have less chance of a mishap, such as tripping on the carpet when groggy or distracted by your splint, picking up something heavy from the ground (bending and lifting are banned until your recovery is well underway), etc.

Other Ways Friends Can Help You After Rhinoplasty 

If you have young children, you’ll need to plan for your support person or another family member to care for them for a few days. You can’t lift toddlers and beyond for several weeks after rhinoplasty in NJ. (Even when you are cleared to lift and exercise by your surgeon, be careful when lifting a young child. Remember, they can grab at your face or move an arm or leg very quickly and, if on your lap at the time, could bonk you on your new nose.) Be careful with rambunctious pets as well–ask your family to feed the dog if s/he tends to jump up when food is on the way.

Rhinoplasty Away from Your Home Town: Driving Distance

If you live in NYC or anywhere within driving distance of our Bergen County, NJ offices and nearby surgical center, your friend can drive you home after you’re released from the recovery room. However, you would need to return the next day or within 48 hours for a checkup by your surgeon.

Alternatively, you may decide to stay in a nearby hotel with your support person, if driving to and from is impractical. Additionally, you should feel completely comfortable calling your surgeon at any time if you have a concern between visits. You will return to the office again within a week to have your splint removed.

At this point, your surgeon will tell you when you need to return next because the healing process is very individualized and dependent on the extent of your surgery. You may not need to return again for 3 weeks to get a checkup on your healing progress. After that, you will likely only need to come in a few more times throughout the year. You are welcome to come in as often as necessary if you have any concerns during your healing process, however.

Returning Home After Rhinoplasty: Long-Distance

Out of town patients, who are not within driving distance, should ideally stay in the NJ area until the nasal splint and any packing in the nose is removed by your surgeon. We require that you have a friend or family member with you for the first 24 to 48 hours after your surgery. Typically, patients have a friend that accompanies them to the Bergen County area the night before surgery and spends the night at the nearby Hilton.

Our office can help you in advance with hotel tips and advice. We can even connect you with a private duty nurse for the first night after surgery if you desire—although your friend’s support is generally all that is needed. Arriving the night before ensures that you don’t have to step off a red-eye flight and come straight to the surgery center. We prefer that your surgical experience (especially surgery day) is as calm and relaxed as possible.

When You Fly for Rhinoplasty: Stay in NJ for a Few Days

Patients who fly into Northern NJ for rhinoplasty generally stay in town for the first 4 or 5 days after surgery. During this time, your splint/packing is removed and healing begins. Bleeding, if any, has stopped (although it may reappear slightly at the end of week 2 when scabs inside or under the nose may dislodge). Still, each case and patient is unique–your surgeon must clear you to fly.

Swelling and bruising generally reaches a peak about 3 days following rhinoplasty surgery, and there will still be swelling and bruising when your cast is removed. Swelling may appear to increase a bit when the splint is removed, but will then begin subsiding. If you’d like to hide behind sunglasses on your return flight home—remember: no weight can be placed on your new nose.

Stick to these options: You can suspend your glasses from your forehead with medical tape, carefully apply makeup as a coverup (with doctor ok) and/or wear a scarf, hat or hoodie. (Avoid pullover styles in favor of button up or zip up tops.)

Your friend must fly back home with you. Having your support person on hand during your return trip home after rhinoplasty in NJ ensures that nothing is forgotten. For instance, they can grab your luggage or even carry a backpack for you.

Ideally, your blood pressure should not rise and it’s important to have a friend with you helps keep the travel experience calm. The friend can run interference and smooth any common travel annoyances like finding the closest counter or baggage handler to check your bags, etc.

Flying Home Safely and Comfortably After Rhinoplasty in NJ

When your surgeon has examined and cleared you to fly, follow the individualized instructions given to you, which will likely include these rhinoplasty travel tips:

  • Use a decongestant nasal spray on your return flight: Sinus congestion at this time is very uncomfortable. Your nasal decongestant will help ease the effect of the inevitable atmospheric pressure changes on your plane flight. Ask your flight attendant for a head’s up about 15 minutes before a descent into your home airport. Use the spray at that time to help prevent that ear-popping sensation.
  • Chew gum before and during the flight to prevent ear popping.
  • Use a saline nasal spray or ointment to keep your nasal passages comfortably moisturized and open.
  • Stay well hydrated to prevent blood clots.
  • Move about the cabin as allowed during the flight to avoid blood clots.
  • Stay relaxed and avoid stress during your trip home, so your blood pressure stays near normal.
  • Do not lift luggage.
  • Do not put things into or retrieve things from the overhead bin.
  • Be careful and aware of your surroundings. This is easiest if you avoid rushing–get to the airport well in advance of your flight. Let your friend help you. You will be moving through crowds, tight spaces and unfamiliar places. Be mindful so that you don’t get elbowed in the face, bumped with someone’s briefcase going into the overhead bin or struck by the bathroom door, etc.
  • Bleeding from the nose due to altitude changes when flying is possible, but unlikely. If you get airsick, nausea and vomiting may prompt bleeding. Discuss your specific details with your surgeon and you will receive personalized advice for your travel.
  • Forceful sniffling, nose blowing, pinching you nose, the habit of rubbing your nose–all of these things can cause bleeding while you are healing from rhinoplasty surgery. Try to avoid doing these things and your support person can remind you as well.
  • If for some reason you need to fly while still wearing your nasal splint, be on the safe side and ask your surgeon for a note telling the airline you’re medically cleared to fly.

Rhinoplasty in NJ

At Cohen/Winters, we’re experts in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, including rhinoplasty, septoplasty (correction of a deviated septum to alleviate breathing problems) and revision rhinoplasty. If you’d like to know more about rhinoplasty surgery, we’re happy to offer a no-charge consultation answer your questions.

We’d like to learn more about your goals and ensure that you’re a good candidate for rhinoplasty. This comes before any thought of your rhinoplasty cost. We’re located in Bergen County NJ, however, we welcome patients from all over the country.

We believe that a rhinoplasty should be considered a destination surgery. Traveling to find the perfect fit for you will ensure that you are truly happy with your end result.

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Dr. Winters

About Dr. Winters

Dr. Winters specializes in primary, revision, reconstructive, functional and teenage rhinoplasty surgeries. Dr. Winters is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and maintains active memberships in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery and others.