For those considering revision rhinoplasty, a certain amount of concern or anxiety is typically present.

Although this feeling is perfectly normal, it’s important to allay any unfounded fears with facts, so that you feel completely comfortable with your decision, before opting to get revision rhinoplasty.

It’s equally important to be certain of your decision should you decide not to have a corrective rhinoplasty procedure.

One of the more practical concerns is about revision rhinoplasty prices in NJ. Here, we will look at some of the doubts you may have when contemplating a second surgical journey—and how to turn the doubts into a solid decision that makes you happy.

To make a wise and confident decision about revision rhinoplasty, gather and factor in the following key information.

Add Up All the Costs of Revision Rhinoplasty

Perhaps the main concern for most patients is (understandably) determining if the revision nasal surgery is worth the price and costs involved. You must consider both budgetary price and emotional costs, of course. Things like inconvenience, time and pain are big costs. An experienced surgeon may have a higher fee, but may save you from a second bad rhinoplasty experience. Once you gather and weigh this, along with all of the following information – you will be well prepared to make your decision, factoring in revision rhinoplasty prices in NJ.

Talk to Your Primary Rhinoplasty Surgeon if You Feel Comfortable

This might be the cheapest way to go, if you have trust in your original rhinoplasty surgeon. However, don’t go back to your original surgeon just to save money. Some will charge you just as much to revise their prior work as they did the first time around.

Some also react badly to being confronted with a possible error, throwing trust into question. Your initial rhinoplasty surgeon may not have the advanced skills needed for a successful revision rhinoplasty.

Don’t put yourself through this if your trust is no longer there. You owe it to yourself to have confidence going into your second rhinoplasty surgery and to do all you can to make it a success. That means choosing the right surgeon, putting aside revision rhinoplasty prices in NJ.

Meeting with a new surgeon, a true revision rhinoplasty specialist, will provide you with a valuable new perspective and the specialist will have more options for correcting your nasal problems, whether cosmetic or functional. Remember, if it has been less than a year since your primary nose job, you may not be seeing your final result yet.

Get Expert Opinions from Experienced, Honest Surgeons

Meeting with a top revision rhinoplasty surgeon can help with your decision: provided you don’t rush and don’t feel obligated. If you run across the sales-pitch type, learn all you can in the meeting (taking it with a grain of salt), then move on.

At my practice, I feel that one of the most important ways we can assist patients is to help them make a solid decision about revision rhinoplasty.

To go forward successfully, each patient must decide what is right for them, individually. In all my years of focus on revision rhinoplasty, I’ve gained lots of experience helping patients make a confident, fact-based decision about whether revision rhinoplasty is possible and advisable for them. The more you are informed, the better you will feel going into surgery and the better your chance of success.

To help limit your revision rhinoplasty prices in NJ, ask for a free consultation. If the surgeon won’t see you personally, but sends an assistant or coordinator, reconsider. You can’t make an informed decision if you aren’t speaking about your case to the person who will be performing your revision rhinoplasty.

Check for Understanding: Does Your Surgeon Know What You Want?

A surgeon cannot achieve what you want if they don’t know what your goals are. Discuss in detail what you want to change about your nose and how you would like it to look.

For me, meeting each patient and discussing each unique case is almost as enjoyable as seeing the smile on the face of a surgical patient when the splint comes off. I gain satisfaction from helping you make the right decision for you.

I’m here to help you succeed and improve your life by providing expert information, not to sell you something.

As you decide about your revision rhinoplasty, remember the importance of honesty and clear communication in any important relationship.

You don’t want a surgeon who tells you what you want to hear or talks in extremely vague terms. Hold out for a surgeon who asks about your concerns. Expert surgeons ask what you want and listen.

The best surgeons will respect you enough to explain whether your goals are achievable and how surgery will be done. This should be their focus, before asking you to commit to anything or quoting their revision rhinoplasty prices in NJ.

Your outcome should be as important for your surgeon as it is for you.

Investigate the Risks of Revision Rhinoplasty

There are generally extra risks with a revision rhinoplasty surgery, as with any secondary procedure on a part of the body has been operated on before.

Your surgeon should be able to tell you what percentage of patients suffer complications.

Some risks and challenges of a secondary nose job include:

  • Prolonged swelling.
  • Infection.
  • Excess bleeding.
  • Excess scarring and scar tissue.
  • Skin loss.
  • Structural weakness.
  • Loss of smell (temporary).
  • Anesthesia complications.
  • Continued cosmetic or functional problems.
  • And more specific to your case details.

Don’t be unduly concerned, but mitigate these problems by searching out an expert in revision rhinoplasty.

A true expert understands anatomy so deeply that the surgeon can plan around many risks and obstacles. Part of being an expert in this complex nasal surgery is knowing what to do in the event something goes wrong.

Experts can’t ensure nothing ever goes wrong, but they help prevent a minor issue from becoming a big problem through excellent surgical judgment.

Seek Reconstructive Experience for Deep Anatomical Knowledge

Talk to a reconstructive surgeon, specializing in nasal plastic surgery, before you complete your decision process. If you’re worried about price, don’t. You need information.

Remember you’re evaluating the entire cost of the revisional procedure; its total effect on your life, not just revision rhinoplasty prices in NJ. Make the price tag just one aspect of your decision.

Reconstructive expertise is important for exactly the reason you might think: it imparts an incredibly thorough knowledge of the nasal and facial anatomy that really cannot be achieved any other way.

Reconstructive plastic surgeons get patients referred to them regularly from other surgeons, including other plastic surgeons. Since revisions can be complicated and you want this to be your final nasal surgery, do not be afraid to talk with the best revision rhinoplasty surgeons in the field.

Cohen/Winters: Helping Patients Understand Revision Rhinoplasty

One of the main reasons I partnered with Dr. Cohen, at our practice in Bergen County NJ, is that we share a basic philosophy about plastic and reconstructive surgery.

We gain great satisfaction from helping patients find clarity, no matter if their decision is to go forward with surgery or not. For some patients, it is best to avoid revision rhinoplasty entirely.

Both of us enjoy all the aspects of our profession, including meeting with patients and helping them, whether helping via surgery or with information.

That’s why I don’t charge for a consultation to help you review your options. Only after your specific surgical plan is made can we discuss revision rhinoplasty prices in NJ.

If you need expert help to learn what revision rhinoplasty can and cannot do in your specific case, I urge you to contact Cohen/Winters in Bergen County.

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Dr. Winters specializes in primary, revision, reconstructive, functional and teenage rhinoplasty surgeries. Dr. Winters is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and maintains active memberships in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery and others.