Since revision rhinoplasty is typically a more complex surgery than primary rhinoplasty, it may end up costing more. However, that is not always the case.

There are several key factors that make up the price of a revision rhinoplasty.

We’ll go over the basic revision rhinoplasty cost factors here to give you an idea of what to expect. As you’re considering the cost of corrective nasal surgery, it’s also important to ensure that you don’t pay the highest price of all for your revision: a disappointing outcome.

You shouldn’t have to go through all of this again–and if you prioritize finding the right plastic surgeon, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to get the result you truly want.

A rhinoplasty specialist can assess the current condition of your nose and develop a plan for an attractive and functional result. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will be honest with you so that you know what to expect from your revision rhinoplasty–including the revision rhinoplasty cost.

An expert plastic surgeon will partner with you for the best possible outcome. To moderate your revision rhinoplasty cost and minimize unforeseen expenses and disappointment, you shouldn’t settle for less than the best.

Avoiding the Ultimate Revision Rhinoplasty Cost: Disappointment

At this point, unfortunately, you have already paid a price for your disappointing nose job: you’ve spent time, gone through discomfort, endured a recovery and spent money—then you dealt with the stress and frustration of an unsatisfactory result.

The good news: you likely can avoid repeating this process. With a successful revision rhinoplasty, you should emerge with an attractive nose and without breathing problems. Your revision rhinoplasty cost should not include disappointment. You can avoid disappointment by choosing your plastic surgeon wisely for revision rhinoplasty.

Now is the time to research and vet the process carefully in order to maximize the likelihood that this will be your final rhinoplasty procedure.

Here’s how you can reduce risk and reduce revision rhinoplasty cost this time around.

Revision Rhinoplasty: Consider All the Costs

When deciding if revision rhinoplasty to correct problems with your nose is worthwhile, be sure to add up all the costs, not just the price tag. For example, your time is a cost – it will take a couple of weeks to recover initially from revision rhinoplasty. Balance that against the time you may spend now, on a daily basis, being bothered, hindered or distracted by your nose.

If the above calculation makes you decide to go forward with revision rhinoplasty in NJ, further consider your time (another cost of any surgical procedure) and its value. Also consider quality – consider how important it is that the procedure be done right this time. Make sure you get the very best surgeon, a true rhinoplasty expert in NJ. Even if the price tag is higher, seeing an expert will save you time, frustration and disappointment. Your investment in the right plastic surgeon for your secondary rhinoplasty will help you get the best possible result.

Protect Your Investment: Put Experience to Work for You in Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty with an experienced, highly-qualified plastic surgeon at your side is typically a worthwhile endeavor. At our practice, we’re referred some of the more complex cases from across the country—and the vast majority of patients can expect improvement in the look and function of their nose. We truly enjoy helping patients be the best they can be, and your chosen surgeon should also have this level of dedication.

Ours is an aesthetic and reconstructive practice, so working with difficult cases, as well as more simple, straightforward rhinoplasty revisions is our calling. Be sure to seek out an equally experienced, dedicated rhinoplasty specialist when you consider (and if you decide to undergo) revision rhinoplasty surgery. Remember that not every patient and surgeon make a great team. Talk to more than one practice if necessary to find the one that is just right for you. This should make the experience well worthwhile and you won’t regret it.

Revision Rhinoplasty: The Hardest Part for Patients

Thankfully, a second corrective rhinoplasty procedure usually isn’t far different from the first despite the circumstances being far different. It’s generally not more painful than the first surgery, but just having to endure an uncomfortable recovery (all over again), along with the week or more you’ll need to take off work or school (again)…it makes things unsavory for any patient in this situation.

In addition to downtime, there is the anxiety and extra expense patients must endure (again) in order to undergo a revision rhinoplasty. The anxiety and stress can be worse the second time around, for sure.

Not to mention the time and research needed to find just the right revision rhinoplasty surgeons for you in NJ. What you need is an expert partner in the process, and we are here to help.

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost Factors Revealed

The major factors impacting the cost of revision rhinoplasty:


Rhinoplasty is one of the more complex plastic surgery procedures–and revision rhinoplasty can be the most complicated type among rhinoplasties.

Typically, a plastic surgeon will not attempt revisions or reconstructive procedures until they are well established in their career, have developed a keen appreciation/interest in rhinoplasty and have dedicated a significant focus of their practice to this type of surgery.

Although insurance doesn’t cover aesthetic rhinoplasty or the complications of previous cosmetic surgery, there are often mitigating factors which lend themselves to exploring coverage options.

Because your nose has been operated on before, your surgeon often has some challenging conditions to deal with the second time around, including:

  • Scar tissue that has formed after your prior nose job.
  • Weakened supportive structures.
  • Less/damaged bone and cartilage to work with.
  • The need for tissue grafts to rebuild the underlying structure of your nose and provide proper support for a lasting result.
  • Breathing problems or septum damage that may have developed due to the prior surgery.
  • Scarred nasal lining
  • Compromised blood supply
  • Unusable skin/soft tissue
  • In some cases, what may look like a big problem to you is actually a relatively simple correction for an expert surgeon. Don’t make any assumptions until you get an expert opinion about your case.

Most of these conditions and complications lengthen the time and increase the expertise that your revision rhinoplasty surgery will demand. This time around, the procedure will need to be more precise and exacting than the initial rhinoplasty surgery.

This can make operating room fees higher, require anesthesia and monitoring for a longer period and result in a higher revision rhinoplasty cost. In the end, however, you are likely to save time and trouble, provided you choose your surgeon carefully. Speed is not the goal, but efficiency underlies experience,  good judgment and technical skill.

Your Rhinoplasty Specialist’s Credentials and Experience

Surgeons with expert skills and years of experience may have higher fees, but having an expert on your side for revision rhinoplasty is essential. Surgeons of this caliber have developed techniques to correct various types of deformity and have honed their judgment to solve problems created by an earlier rhinoplasty surgery.

Ideally, you should seek out a surgeon with reconstructive experience. This means that the surgeon has the highest level of knowledge of facial and nasal structures and can handle complex functional and aesthetic problems for an attractive result.

Specialists generally work with top anesthesiologists, so even though you may be anesthetized for a longer period for your revision rhinoplasty, you will be in good hands. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about the credentials of the anesthesiologist that will be assisting in your rhinoplasty surgery.

The best plastic surgeons also typically perform their procedures in state of the art, accredited surgery centers. However, you should still ask whether the surgery center is accredited. These important details may add to the revision rhinoplasty cost–and also improve the outcome.

Regional Costs of Revision Rhinoplasty

In the Bergen County area, you will find some of the most highly skilled revision rhinoplasty specialists in the entire country. There is a certain cost that comes with surgery in major metro areas. But since plastic surgeons near population centers get much more experience, you will have less risk associated with your surgery.

Experience really counts in reconstructive or revision rhinoplasty. These costs are often 20-50% higher than in less metropolitan areas with surgeons fees ranging between $5,000 and $15,000. Often you may sense that there is no good reason why one fee would be more or less than another.

You should demand transparency of price and quality from your surgeon. In fact, if patients would only do this in all areas of medicine, there would be more healthy competition which would control health care costs considerably!

Artistry in Revision Rhinoplasty

While it’s true that a well-developed aesthetic sense can come with experience, some surgeons never really get there. Technical expertise is extremely important for the success of your revised nose job—but so is a superior artistic sense.

The best rhinoplasty surgeons will spend time with you learning about your goals, evaluating the current condition of your nose and planning for your new look. Your surgeon’s aesthetic sensibility is what enables him or her to repair your nose and reshape it so that your facial features are in balance.

Carefully consider this quality in your surgeon in the context of price. What you cannot afford is to settle for less than the best. That’s because artistry and clear communication, combined with experience, will make your revision rhinoplasty worthwhile and ultimately successful.

Honesty and Dedication are Priceless

These qualities will enhance your relationship with your surgeon so that you can go into surgery with confidence. A surgeon who is upfront with you about the challenges and options for correcting your previous nasal surgery will help you understand the outcome you can expect from your revision rhinoplasty.

Your surgeon can tell you if you are a good candidate for a revision and if your goals are realistic. It’s not easy going through a second, corrective rhinoplasty surgery. Make things easier by choosing a dedicated surgeon who will partner with you for the best possible result.

Choose a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist: You Need an Expert in Your Corner

Of course, you are anxious to have your nose fixed, but don’t let yourself rush into anything. Don’t go forward until you find an NJ surgeon who has the skill and the dedication required to do the job right this time.

For your revision procedure, you must find an expert rhinoplasty surgeon–because a run-of-the-mill plastic surgeon might not tell you that:

  • Revision rhinoplasty is by nature somewhat complex and can become very complex. It’s not a job for just any plastic surgeon.
  • Your revision rhinoplasty surgeon will have to deal with scar tissue that has formed from the prior nose job.
  • Your revision surgeon may have less bone and/or less cartilage to work with.
  • Cartilage grafting may be required to rebuild the interior structure of your nose so that your breathing will improve and your new nose will maintain its shape and structure. Cartilage might come from your septum, rib cage or ear as needed. This may add to the revision rhinoplasty cost.
  • Your revision rhinoplasty surgeon needs years of reconstructive surgery experience, which brings with it a deep understanding of the facial and nasal structure. Your evaluation and plan need to be thorough and anatomically exacting. Otherwise, your surgery won’t be.
  • Revision rhinoplasty requires an excellent aesthetic sense to ensure you get a visually pleasing result. Your surgeon must plan your revision so that your facial features are in balance and enhanced by your new nose.
  • You need a surgeon with impeccable surgical technique and judgment—forged from extensive experience—to handle a revision rhinoplasty properly.
  • Your revision rhinoplasty surgery itself may take longer to complete, which means that revision rhinoplasty costs like surgery center fees and anesthesia may be higher. Accredited surgery centers may also have higher rates, but they are an important safety feature for patients.
  • Surgical fees may be higher with top-tier rhinoplasty surgeons–it is important to understand the enormous costs of not getting it right this time.
  • Above all, you need a Bergen County surgeon who is dedicated. You and your chosen plastic surgeon must communicate well and understand each other. Don’t choose a surgeon that you don’t feel completely comfortable with. Don’t choose a surgeon if he or she doesn’t seem to understand your goal for your rhinoplasty procedure. Don’t choose a surgeon who doesn’t seem interested in you or does not take your questions seriously.
  • You need an honest and upfront surgeon who won’t gloss over the complexity of your procedure. Choose a surgeon who spends time explaining his or her revision rhinoplasty strategy for your case. Choosing a confident surgeon is important.
  • When you choose a real rhinoplasty specialist, your recovery time will be minimized. With an expert performing your surgery, your revision rhinoplasty recovery typically won’t be any longer than it was for your initial rhinoplasty.

Why Are There so Few Great Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons?

Revision rhinoplasty is difficult for surgeons, too. For plastic surgeons, revision rhinoplasty is often so complex that most won’t even attempt a revision procedure to correct another surgeon’s rhinoplasty. (In fact, many plastic surgeons avoid even primary rhinoplasty altogether, choosing instead to focus their practice on other facial and body cosmetic procedures.)

Even an initial rhinoplasty surgery requires a unique skill set, so be sure your revision rhinoplasty surgeon demonstrates:

  • Exacting surgical technique (to work gently and meticulously with delicate nasal tissues, bone and cartilage).
  • Expert knowledge of complicated nasal and facial anatomy (to plan the proper repairs including grafts, as necessary).
  • Excellent surgical judgment (to take quick action during surgery).
  • A keen sense of aesthetic principles (to create an attractive result).
  • Years of experience (preferably reconstructive experience) with a variety of treatment situations.
  • A practice focused on rhinoplasty that has evolved with years of experience.

All these skills and abilities are necessary to produce consistently good results in primary and revision rhinoplasty.

However, revision requires even more judgment and care, because all of the above are focused on an area of the body that has been operated on before.

Meet with a top NJ plastic surgeon to learn his or her plan to solve your revision rhinoplasty issues.

Revision rhinoplasty’s extra challenges include:

  • Potential lack of bone, cartilage, nasal lining and skin
  • Weakened nasal structure.
  • Scar tissue formed after prior rhinoplasty.
  • Shifted implants or grafts..
  • Unpredictable or compromised blood flow.
  • Breathing issues.

Many other types of facial cosmetic, breast and body contouring plastic surgery procedures are not so challenging – with so little margin for error.  Needless to say, finding the right expert revision rhinoplasty surgeons will take some effort, patience and diligence. This process is essential to your results and will be well worth your trouble.

Surgical Challenges in Revision Rhinoplasty

You need one of the very best NJ rhinoplasty surgeons for a revision since there are challenges to be dealt with from your past rhinoplasty procedure.

Challenges for your revision rhinoplasty surgeon include:

  • Weakened nasal structure
  • Scar tissue
  • Insufficient bone or cartilage, requiring grafts from your ear or other body areas (These are then custom-shaped, sculpted and properly fixed in place, to fill in for missing tissues)
  • Aesthetic challenges, since your results should include a natural look that enhances your entire face and also corresponds to your own unique sense of beauty and identity

Why Revision Rhinoplasty Requires Expert Skill

Your revision rhinoplasty surgeon must recreate a nose that:

  • Looks natural
  • Corrects problems created (or never properly addressed) by your prior nose job
  • Suits your face
  • Is visually symmetrical
  • Has a pleasing appearance, including details like overall size, how much the nostrils show, how wide or narrow the bridge is, how far the tip projects from the face, and more
  • Reflects your wishes and goals
  • Balances your other features to create a harmonious look
  • Allows you to breathe well
  • Holds up structurally throughout your life

Achieving the Look You Want from Revision Rhinoplasty

Choose a top revision rhinoplasty surgeon and one who has great listening skills to go along with their surgical expertise. You and your plastic surgeon will be working together on a crucial project, as you plan your revision procedure. Make sure your chosen surgeon shows genuine interest in your desires and your personal taste, as most elite rhinoplasty surgeons do. Your surgeon should ask you lots of questions about what bothers you about the look of your nose and about any breathing problems you may have.

A top rhinoplasty surgeon can provide an honest, expert assessment of your options for correcting your rhinoplasty. If your goal for rhinoplasty revision surgery is not realistic given the state of your anatomy, your surgeon will let you know. A top rhinoplasty surgeon or NJ reconstructive surgeon is typically able to offer distinctive improvement in the appearance and function of your nose, correcting any errors that your prior surgeon might have made. This may or may not match the look you have been envisioning or that would be your absolute ideal. Be prepared to collaborate with your surgeon for the best revision rhinoplasty outcome.

How are Secondary Rhinoplasty Costs Determined?

The following factors generally go into the total cost of corrective rhinoplasty. If you receive a high price quote from a particular surgeon, keep in mind that a high price is no guarantee of quality, expertise and a happy outcome. On the other hand, a seeming bargain price can be a red flag that you won’t be getting the expertise, experience, careful planning, problem-solving and meticulous surgical skill required to deliver an excellent result for you.

Pricing for NJ revision rhinoplasty surgery is partly determined by:

  • Surgeon’s fee (Takes into account board certification, years of experience, advanced training and scheduling availability.)
  • The complexity of the surgical procedure (Rhinoplasty, especially revision, is one of the most complex surgeries to get right.)
  • Geographical costs (Often, highly populated coastal cities are most expensive, however, plastic surgeons are typically more experienced in these regions of the country, which is to your advantage as a patient.)
  • Surgical center with accreditation (This helps ensure a top safety record.)
  • Length of time in the surgery center operating room (Surgical centers are reserved by the hour. When you choose a rhinoplasty specialist, who may charge a higher fee, their experience allows them to operate efficiently, precisely and decisively. This means that they can generally complete your procedure in less time than a less-experienced or bargain-priced surgeon. You’ll save money on the surgery center portion of the bill – and you’ll get a superior result.)
  • General anesthesia (This is most often used.)
  • Anesthesiologist’s background (General anesthesia should be administered by a specialist MD with years of experience.)

Revision Rhinoplasty Solutions in Nearby NJ: From Minor Tweaks to Reconstruction

Fortunately, some patients come to us after experiencing minor problems rather than a disastrous rhinoplasty result. Many people only need small tweaks to the prior nasal surgery to set things right.

On the other hand, many patients seeking revision rhinoplasty find themselves in terrible shape, seemingly without much to work with and perhaps suffering breathing problems on top of it. We call this the rhinoplasty cripple.

Even if correcting your rhinoplasty seems hopeless to you, don’t give up. We have had great success in even the most complicated revision rhinoplasty cases. No matter the extent of your failed or unsatisfactory primary rhinoplasty,  here at Cohen/Winters, we have dedicated revision rhinoplasty surgeons.

We also realize, after many year’s experience, that not every surgeon and patient make a good team. You need not only an expert revision rhinoplasty surgeon this time around—but you need the best surgeon for you.

Evaluating Your Needs for Revision Rhinoplasty

If your primary rhinoplasty procedure left you with breathing problems, too much or too little tip definition, a very wide nose, a low bridge or an overly narrow bridge, collapsed or uneven nostrils or nasal asymmetry—you owe it to yourself to learn more about your options.

In some cases, you may be unsure what bothers you about your original nasal surgery. Maybe something is just off, but the problem is not obvious. Whether you know what needs to change or not, you can benefit from a consultation with an expert plastic surgeon specializing in revision rhinoplasty.

Knowing your options and learning about specific revision rhinoplasty costs can help put your mind at ease. Finding a surgeon you can trust is half the battle: doing so greatly reduces the emotional and psychological cost of revision rhinoplasty.

When you’re ready to learn more about your revision rhinoplasty cost, contact Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, NJ.

We are happy to meet with you at no charge, evaluate your specific case and help you contemplate the next step in your revision rhinoplasty journey.

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