Rhinoplasty is one of the more complex plastic surgery procedures. If you are in need of a revision rhinoplasty, seek out a rhinoplasty specialist. The structures of the face require both expert and gentle handling  to produce a successful outcome.

When a secondary procedure is being done, it is done on an area where surgery has already taken place, so even more skill is required. You certainly don’t want to go through the procedure yet again.

By going to a NJ plastic surgeon that focuses on rhinoplasty and revisions, you have an excellent chance to get just the outcome you’ve been striving for.

Why the Nose Gets Noticed, and Should It?

Not only is your nose the center of your face, it also effects the look of all your other facial features and your overall appearance. A successful nose job will bring out the best in – and draw more attention to – your eyes, cheekbones, mouth/lips and chin.

A successful nasal surgery will bring your facial features into an appealing, natural-looking balance, which can be life changing. After a successful rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty revision your nose may actually be less noticed by others, and thus less distracting than before.

After their revision rhinoplasties, many of my patients receive compliments on their eyes or comments that they “look great” – rather then comments on their nose. These are just some of the reasons why I specialize in the most complex rhinoplasty cases, including revisions (or secondary rhinoplasty) and reconstructive nasal surgery. Complicated cases give me the opportunity to make the biggest difference in a patient’s lives.

Why Do Patients Seek Revision Rhinoplasty?

When revision cases are referred to me, I often encounter a stressed and frustrated patient. It can be seriously disappointing to receive a less-than-satisfactory result from your first rhinoplasty.

After having invested your hopes along with valuable time, money and stress, plus the discomfort of a surgical procedure and recovery period – you’re understandably upset when results are disappointing. The good news is that, in most cases, your nose can be repaired and you can achieve a pleasing look with rhinoplasty revision in NJ.

If you don’t like what you see as a result of your primary rhinoplasty or if your nose doesn’t function properly, don’t give up. But do choose a specialist.

Patients commonly see me to repair one or more of the following problems, by performing a revision rhinoplasty:

  • A “boxer’s nose” or “saddle deformity” (a collapsed nasal bridge).
  • A nasal bridge that is overly wide or too narrow.
  • A nasal tip this is blunt, too broad and unrefined (poor tip definition) or, at the at the other extreme, the tip looks too tiny, too sharp or too “done”.
  • A dorsal hump not completely corrected, with excess bone or cartilage still remaining–or overcorrection of the hump, resulting in too much of a “dip” in profile.
  • A drooping tip.
  • A “pollybeak deformity” where the area above the nasal tip is more prominent than the tip itself
  • Poor tip projection.
  • General dissatisfaction with the look of the nose due to unsatisfactory outcome of first rhinoplasty.
  • Problems with breathing after primary rhinoplasty or constant post-nasal drip.
  • And more.

Rhinoplasty Revision in NJ: The Advantages of Choosing An Expert Surgeon

An expert rhinoplasty surgeon realizes that each millimeter is important when reshaping and repositioning the nose. In addition to precision and accuracy, a keen aesthetic sense is required when shaping the bridge and refining the tip. Your NJ rhinoplasty surgeon must also take special care with other minute, but crucial, details of the rhinoplasty procedure, such as ensuring that the nostrils are well shaped and properly sized, if necessary.

The nose must be contoured so that it is in proper proportion with the rest of the face. If your primary rhinoplasty procedure was less than successful, it’s likely that details were overlooked. When I examine a rhinoplasty patient in our consultation, I can typically determine what was and wasn’t done in their primary rhinoplasty procedure.

Reconstructive Experience for Revision Rhinoplasty

In many cases, a revision rhinoplasty is more of a reconstruction procedure. If too little nasal tissue is present, structural grafts may be necessary. Structural grafting requires advanced skill for proper placement and longevity and can produce an excellent physical appearance and functional result if properly performed.

Over my 15 years of practice, I have developed solutions to correct most aesthetic and functional problems for rhinoplasty patients through revision rhinoplasty surgery. This experience has allowed me to hone my surgical technique to produce a predictable, durable and consistently successful result for a wide variety of men and women.

I owe a good deal of my success to years of reconstructive surgical experience, which provides a surgeon with superior anatomical knowledge of the delicate facial structures – and excellent judgment on the best course of action.

Not Just Any Expert Rhinoplasty Surgeon Will Do – Find One Who Listens

In many cases at time of the primary rhinoplasty, the original surgeon didn’t comprehend the patient’s goals and desires for the procedure or had no wherewithal to make them happen. Many of these patients tell me they feel betrayed – because they trusted their surgeon and yet the results were not good and their feelings were dismissed post operatively.

In many instances, the solution boils down to finding a surgeon that pays attention. Don’t choose a rhinoplasty surgeon who rushes you, glosses over details or ignores your questions.

Instead, find someone who takes a keen interest in you and your rhinoplasty goals. Find a surgeon who can explain his or her plan for your rhinoplasty. This is a way for you to determine if your NJ plastic surgeon shares your vision and has a plan to deliver it.

One of the aspects of my profession that I most enjoy is consulting with my patients. I enjoy discussing your goals and concerns, talking about what is possible and mapping the best strategy to the rhinoplasty result you want and need. Communication is so important. This is the way to find a NJ revision rhinoplasty surgeon in whom you can be confident.

Revision Rhinoplasty: Art and Science

Everyone has their own idea of beauty, although there are some basic tenets that lay out the proper proportions for each area of the face. An expert revision rhinoplasty surgeon can help guide you toward a balanced and harmonious look, but the best NJ surgeons will not dictate to the patient. The plastic surgeon should understand classic beauty, while also working with you to plan for the look you are seeking.

If your goals are not realistic for some reason, your surgeon should be honest enough to let you know. It’s my practice to partner with my patients to achieve a successful result. I’ve found that the best way to do this is to make sure we’re on the same page aesthetically—that we both understand the anticipated outcome. I won’t be happy if you’re not happy, because if we go forward with your revision rhinoplasty, we’re in it together.

At Cohen/Winters, I dedicate a large portion of my practice to revision rhinoplasty cases. I find great satisfaction in helping patients who have endured disappointment to regain their confidence and achieve their desired appearance. To learn if you’re a good candidate for a revision rhinoplasty and find out what can be done to repair and improve your nose, schedule a no-charge consultation at our Bergen County offices.

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Dr. Winters specializes in primary, revision, reconstructive, functional and teenage rhinoplasty surgeries. Dr. Winters is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and maintains active memberships in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery and others.