Teens who have nose jobs are physically quite safe throughout the entire process, provided that they are good candidates for teenage rhinoplasty surgery. Outcomes are generally stellar and satisfaction is high with an experienced surgeon. For teens considering rhinoplasty, the greatest danger is not physical harm—it’s regret. A good plastic surgeon, a true teen rhinoplasty specialist, can keep you safe from this danger. That’s why my job as an NJ plastic surgeon begins well before any surgery takes place, and sometimes it may not include surgery at all.

As a rhinoplasty surgeon working with teens, I find that my work outside the operating room can be the most rewarding. This work includes meeting and helping teens make the right decision about plastic surgery. I’ve taken an oath to do no harm, keep patients healthy and improve their lives if I possibly can. That’s my primary goal, whether I do it through surgery or not. For a safe and successful rhinoplasty experience, choose an experienced surgeon with a similar mission for expert rhinoplasty advice.

Rhinoplasty is Life-Changing

Make sure it’s a good change, by getting expert advice before rhinoplasty. My goal as a rhinoplasty specialist is to ensure that you, as my patient, have a positive life change from rhinoplasty. All dedicated rhinoplasty surgeons feel this way. A positive life change comes from making informed decisions about rhinoplasty surgery, it’s goals and timing. With every rhinoplasty surgery that I perform, I fully expect success. I won’t go forward unless I feel the surgery will be completely successful, reaching the goals the patient desires and improving their lives for the better.

Clarify your goals about rhinoplasty. A knowledgeable surgeon can help you learn about your options for teenage rhinoplasty in NJ. If a teen’s (or anyone considering surgery’s) desired goal is not possible and/or unrealistic, due to physical or emotional development, this means that s/he is not a good surgical candidate at this time. Thinking about motivation is one way to examine if you’re ready for nose surgery.

Do it for the right reasons. Teens should consider why they want their nose reshaped. If they feel peer pressure from friends or sweethearts, they may end up regretting rhinoplasty after the fact. If a “new nose” seems like a ticket to instant popularity, the result will be disappointing. In these cases, after discussing the reasons, teen rhinoplasty surgery must be postponed, or possibly re-evaluated in a few years. I find that most teens “get it” and come to understand the reason for this advice. When done for solid reasons, teen rhinoplasty can improve confidence, help teens come out of their shell or just remove a frustrating distraction and let the fun of life shine through.

Rhinoplasty is Permanent

Do it right the first time. Despite the idea teens may get from the unrealistic world of the media, where plastic surgery is taken very lightly, rhinoplasty is permanent. If you think a bad haircut is awful, ill-advised teenage plastic surgery is much more difficult to fix. You could get a rhinoplasty revision later in life if you have a bad first experience, but, you may never achieve the best result and risks are much greater in revision rhinoplasty. Your revision rhinoplasty would have to be done on a less-stable nose anatomy and with scar tissue already present. By having teenage rhinoplasty surgery too early or for the wrong reasons, you miss out on having the very best outcome, plus waste time, money and endure disappointment for no reason.

Be sure to get the facts and details, along with expert advice from an experienced Bergen County rhinoplasty surgeon, before you commit to rhinoplasty surgery as a teen. I’ve seen thousands of happy outcomes from teenage rhinoplasty in NJ and you can get a permanent improvement in your life from teen rhinoplasty. Just count on doing it right the first time, by choosing a dedicated local rhinoplasty surgeon that you trust.

Rhinoplasty Surgery has Unique Risks for Teens

Minimize risks by choosing an experienced surgeon with stellar qualifications. Since your nose is front and center on your face, rhinoplasty is a very exacting surgical specialty. It requires years of experience to do it right, consistently. You need a dependable outcome so you can count on a good result from a teenage nose job. For this reason, teens should remember: don’t rush into surgery to fix your nose. Do not go forward until you find an experienced plastic surgeon who has won your confidence. Be ready to meet with more than one rhinoplasty specialist if necessary. Your New Jersey surgeon should clearly explain any rhinoplasty risks for teens and you should ask questions if anything is unclear.

Don’t rush. As a teenager, you may want your nose improved yesterday, after being distracted or annoyed by it for years now. Still, remember that a permanent change is worth all the upfront research. Don’t rush to get surgery “tomorrow” just because you are on summer break or want to sneak it in over Christmas. Wait until you find a qualified surgeon and a surgeon you trust. My patients typically do research (just like you’re doing now) before choosing to have surgery and picking their surgeon. The time you spend is well worth it, according to the smiles I see every week when I removed splints to reveal my patients’ “new noses” to them.

How to Check Out Your NJ Surgeon before Teen Rhinoplasty

Be confident in your surgeon. Teens and parents should check the surgeon’s licensure with the State of NJ Department of Consumer Affairs. That is only the lowest rung, however, showing your surgeon is acceptably qualified and can legally practice medicine. You must also check for proper board certification in both plastic surgery and general surgery and affiliation with a prestigious hospital. These are all hallmarks of excellent and more years of experience. Your surgeon’s experience helps keep your teen (or you) safe during surgery. An experienced surgeon with excellent credentials as mentioned above will know how to handle any complications in rhinoplasty surgery and help minimize the risks that all surgeries carry.

Expert Advice about Teenage Rhinoplasty in Bergen County NJ

Although most NJ teens I meet with are good candidates for rhinoplasty success, some teens are not ready to undergo surgery with a successful outcome. The teen years are known as a time when poor decisions can be made if you’re not careful. That does not mean that teenagers and young people always make poor decisions. Teens may need guidance to make the best decisions about getting a nose job. Teens and concerned parents should seek out a dedicated rhinoplasty surgeon for expert advice on teen rhinoplasty.

Talk to Cohen/Winters. The doctors at Cohen/Winters can help you make the right decision about rhinoplasty and answer your questions, as a teen or parent. Reach out to Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive surgery in Bergen County. Any of the doctors would be happy to meet with you free of charge.

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