Many surgeons simply claim they are “the best” in a given area and expect their readers to blindly listen to their word. However, choosing your breast implant surgeon is a very personal decision. We don’t seek to persuade your decision, but rather we hope to educate you on how to make the best decision you can.

We’re Not For Everyone, But We May Be Perfect For You

Although we are extremely experienced and dedicated, we don’t consider every patient the perfect candidate for us. All surgeons realize this fairly quickly as they enter into this profession– but many still resort to sales tactics to convince (or even pressure) patients to choose their practice for breast implants or other surgical procedures.

That’s why we offer a no-obligation consultation for Westchester breast implant patients. This gives us the chance to get to know one another and decide if we’ll be a great team. As a patient, you can learn a lot, even from an expert surgeon who has never worked with you before (However, our consultation is very complete and includes a physical examination.) In fact, meeting with more than one breast specialist plastic surgeon is an excellent idea. This allows you to gather information, get different perspectives and assess different communication styles.

There are a hundred little decisions and details that go into a truly successful breast implant surgery, especially in the planning phase. This means that you need to choose your expert surgeon very carefully. At the same time, gather all the information possible before you proceed with breast implant surgery anywhere.

How To Identify a Top Breast Implant Surgeon

The experience and qualifications part of choosing your breast surgeon must be handled objectively before you proceed to subjective decisions about which surgeon you are most comfortable with and have the best communication with. Before meeting with a surgeon about breast implants in the Westchester County area, make sure he or she is:

Board certified by the ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery): Be certain that your surgeon has ABPS certification in plastic surgery, specifically. To verify this information, go to the American Board of Plastic Surgery website or The latter site also shows whether the surgeon has participated in continuing medical education and activities to maintain their certification.

Licensed by the State of NY or NJ: Check that your plastic surgeon has a current medical license.

Mainly focused on breast surgery: To gain the necessary expertise, your breast implant surgeon needs to devote the majority of their practice to breast implant procedures and other breast surgery. To learn whether breast surgery is a specialty that your surgeon concentrates on, start by looking at their practice website, especially “About Us” pages or biography or CV/resume pages. You should ask your surgeon about this when you meet. Ask how many breast augmentation (or other breast) surgeries they have done in the past year.

Experienced, with at least 10 years in the field: You can also ask your surgeon at your consultation about the length and breadth of their experience in breast implant surgery.

A reconstructive surgeon: Breast reconstruction experience tells you that your surgeon has an advanced, in-depth understanding of the form and function of the breast.

Current: Select a breast specialist with surgical privileges at a renowned nearby hospital or university medical center, like Hackensack University Medical Center. This gives extra vetting of the surgeon’s skill and their focus on patient safety—and also ensures that they are up on the latest surgical procedures.

Highly regarded: Get recommendations from friends or relatives (if you feel comfortable talking with them about your plans) or ask your family doctor. Request to speak to a former patient of your surgeon. You can also look for reviews online, but be wary of fake reviews, both positive and negative. Also, check for sanctions when looking up license information on the NJ Dept. of Consumer Affairs website.

The following qualifications, while essential for a stellar outcome, are more subjective–so you must assess and decide if your surgeon has them:

Aesthetically aware: To have full confidence in your breast surgeon, you should get an idea about his or her concept of beauty—and whether it meshes with yours. Your surgeon should understand the idea of natural attractiveness, proper shape, position on the chest and proportion in relation to body size. In order to get the result you want from your breast surgery, you must have a detailed discussion with your surgeon about the goal—how you want to look after surgery. One way to assess your surgeon’s artistic sense is to look at and discuss “before and after” photos of patients. Another way is to observe whether he or she asks you questions about your desires, lifestyle, etc., and also observe whether the Westchester area breast implant surgeon shares with you a clear surgical plan to achieve your goals.

Upfront: You need a Westchester area surgeon who will be honest with you about whether your goals for surgery are achievable. You should also get his or her opinion on whether your choice of implant size, shape, etc., is wise in the surgeon’s expert opinion. Before going forward, you and your surgeon must be “on the same page” about the surgical plan and goal for your breast implant procedure.

Dedicated: Choose a breast implant surgeon who expresses genuine interest in your wants and needs. Choose someone who will do his or her best work for you.

Information, Operation or Both?

The point is that we feel it’s part of our calling as surgeons to take an interest in the whole patient and what is best for her long-term. We are happy to provide a consultation to help a woman learn all she can about breast implants and find out what is right for her. We’re pleased to answer all your specific questions about breast implants and help you be an informed consumer. We are interested in discussing (or helping you form) your specific goals for your breast surgery and making a plan to accomplish those goals.

We feel our jobs as surgeons are not just about the technical aspects of surgery, but primarily about helping patients improve their lives. This is true whether we do your breast implant surgery or not. My staff and I will always put your needs first.

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your goals, ask questions or get personalized advice about breast implants in the Westchester area.

Dr. Stephanie Cohen’s Perspective

As an experienced breast surgeon, I consider my work with patients outside the operating room to be just as important as what I do in the OR. Because I am a woman, I feel a special affinity with my breast implant and reconstruction patients. I’m committed to helping you along your journey to a successful breast augmentation.

At Cohen/Winters, our practice is patient-centered, so learning about you and your desires—and making a plan for surgery tailored to your needs–is crucial. It’s also a part of my practice that I enjoy and find rewarding. I encourage you to give me a call when you’re ready to learn more about your breast implant options. Call Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County NJ.

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Dr. Cohen

About Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen specializes in breast lifts, augmentations, revisions and reductions as well as breast cancer reconstructions. A long time dream of Dr. Cohen’s was to travel to developing countries and provide expert surgical care to those who have no other possible access to medical care. This became a reality in 2007 when she became a founding member and Vice President of ISMS Operation Kids.