Breast augmentation is the number one plastic surgery in the US, but that doesn’t mean that it’s become a simple, semi-automated procedure. A good, natural looking breast augmentation that matches your specific needs, creates your ideal silhouette and lasts many, many years, is still fairly rare.

A glance at the tabloids or celebrity websites will tell you that even wealthy people, who make a living from their look (at least partially), can end up with awful breast implants. so, what’s the secret to getting the look you want from your NJ breast augmentation? Take your time and carefully research your breast surgeon. This includes meeting the plastic surgeon and discussing your surgery in detail.

Look for All-Around Excellence

Don’t be bowled over by just one aspect, such as a great website, a top medical school or even a long career (although your chosen surgeon should have these). After vetting your surgeon, meet with him or her to make sure you communicate well. Be certain that you and your surgeon make a good team.

An expert NJ breast surgeon makes the difference between a so-so, okay looking outcome and an artistic, comfortable, natural-appearing and stunning breast augmentation. If you rush into surgery, hurriedly picking a surgeon who seems experienced, you may end up disappointed. If you fail to wait until you find not only a top breast surgeon, but an elite plastic surgeon who is interested in your goals for your breast implant procedure, you may be leaving your outcome to chance.

Finding an Expert Breast Specialist: Why It’s Worth Your Time and Effort

Since wonderful looking breast implants that fit the body and conform to the individual woman’s unique sense of beauty are somewhat rare, too many women need to resort to second (revision) breast surgeries soon after.

There area other reasons that women seek revision. Second surgeries are sometimes due to a woman’s needs or tastes changing over time, or due to old-style implants from the 80s-90s that were unreliable. Besides these reasons, you shouldn’t have to go through breast revision surgery again in a year or even 10 years. Your surgeon will discuss with you how long your implants are expected to last, which depends upon the type, manufacturer and your age, among other factors.

Remember, you deserve a NJ breast augmentation surgeon who has top-level skills and years of experience–and one who is invested in a terrific result for you. You’re making an investment of time and money (and some discomfort) for your goal. Until you find an expert breast surgeon you’re confident in and completely comfortable with, keep searching. Only breast implant surgeons who excel in all these areas can produce reliably great outcomes—this is the surgeon you’re seeking. In fact, a truly talented breast surgeon can even limit your discomfort, help speed healing and lessen the risk of complications affecting your outcome.

Hallmarks of an Elite Breast Surgeon: Your Checklist

Your breast augmentation surgeon should be:

  • Board certified by the ABPSThe American Board of Plastic Surgery has stringent requirements for certification of career plastic surgeons. Accept only ABPS certification in plastic surgery, specifically. To verify board certification, visit the CertificationMatters website or the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s site.
  • State licensed: Check that your plastic surgeon has a current NJ state medical license with the Dept. of Consumer Affairs.
  • Experienced: Look for 5+ years experience–the more the better.
  • Focused on breast surgeries: To become an expert breast implant surgeon, your doctor must spend most of his/her time doing breast augmentation and other breast surgeries. It is perfectly ok if the practice includes other surgeons who perform various plastic surgery types, but your surgeon should be a breast specialist. You can find out your plastic surgeon’s specialty by checking your surgeon’s website and discussing it with them in-person at your consultation. It’s very fair to ask how many surgeries they have done in the past year.
  • A reconstructive plastic surgeon: This advanced qualification identifies a NJ breast implant doctor with superior anatomical acumen and detailed experience in functional breast issues, which can only improve your outcome.
  • Up-to-date: Choose a breast surgeon with the latest knowledge. Find a breast augmentation specialist with surgical privileges at a well regarded hospital. Hospital management requires superior performance when granting privileges. Surgeons affiliated with a university hospital are likely mentoring or teaching residents and/or exposed to new techniques.
  • Affiliated with an accredited surgery center: (Such as Vanguard Surgical Center, adjacent to our offices for the convenience of our patients.) Accreditation requires that the outpatient surgery center (where most breast augmentations take place) maintain high standards for patient safety.
  • Well-regarded: Select a breast specialist with an excellent reputation. Ask relatives, colleagues and your family doctor for referrals or recommendations. Ask the plastic surgeon to let you contact a former breast augmentation patient.
  • Artistically talented: Make sure your NJ breast augmentation surgeon shares your concept of beauty—or is capable of achieving the look you want and respects your wishes. If your surgeon seems to be dictating to you or reassuring you in vague terms that your goals will be accomplished, think twice. Also, proceed carefully if many of the surgeon’s “before-and-after”s patient photos look similarly unnatural (unless that is the look you want) or if the past photos seem to show the same type of implant results. When you discuss your goals with your surgeon (showing photos of what you like and don’t like, etc.), make sure that he or she seems interested and understands what you want.
  • Honest: If your plastic surgeon thinks that your breast augmentation goals are not realistic or inadvisable, and explains why, you should listen to the voice of experience. Before going forward, you and your NJ plastic surgeon must agree on the plan and goal for your breast surgery. If you cannot agree, then you are not the right team and should not go forward.
  • Dedicated to your wellbeing: You’ll probably be able to tell if your breast augmentation surgeon is “on your team” after meeting with him or her. Don’t choose a NJ breast surgeon who is indifferent about the intended outcome. Look for a surgeon who really seems to want what’s best for you and wants to help you achieve your best look.

Because breast surgery has become popular and relatively common in recent years, don’t make the mistake of thinking any plastic surgeon will do. If you choose a breast augmentation surgeon you haven’t checked out carefully, your breast augmentation results may rely on luck. Instead, choose a true breast implant expert, someone you can trust to do consistently good work–someone who intends to put all their skill to work on your behalf.

That’s how we work at Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, NJ. We’re happy to help you learn about your options for breast augmentation. Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation today.

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