Of all the plastic surgeons in NJ, you must find the true breast augmentation specialists. Among that group will be a breast surgeon that is just right for you. Not just any plastic surgeon will do, of course.

For a predictable and good breast augmentation result in NJ, you must choose a plastic surgeon who spends most of his or her time doing breast surgery–and someone who has been doing so for 10+ years.

If you take a look at a plastic surgeon’s website, you’ll see that there are many different types. Some offer every type of face and body plastic surgery imaginable, while others focus only on the face or body.

This variety of focus is fine, if done at a practice with more than one surgeon. But if you find one plastic surgeon offering all types of plastic surgery, that’s not the one you should choose for your breast augmentation in NJ.

Get Specialist Care for Your Breast Augmentation in NJ

You may have heard the phrase, “jack of all trades, master of none.” That is not good in plastic surgery. There is so much to know about each part of the human anatomy and so many different surgical techniques to master, you don’t want a generalist plastic surgeon for breast augmentation.

Plastic surgery encompasses many skills–and a huge amount of varied knowledge and experience is required to synthesize it all into a successful surgeon. That’s why you should only choose a NJ plastic surgeon who concentrates their practice on breast surgery primarily.

Outlining Some of the Skills Your Breast Surgeon Must Have

A plastic surgeon must understand the medical science (biology) involved in how their body area of specialty, in this case the breast, functions. Your surgeon must pay special attention to preserving nipple sensation, for example, which involves sophisticated knowledge and skill related to preserving blood vessel function and nerves, with gentle and precise surgery methods.

The breast surgeon must also have an intimate knowledge of the complex anatomy of the breast area, which you can think of as biological mechanics. This includes knowing the cohesive functionality of all types of tissue, muscle, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, nerves, skin and much more.

This knowledge helps the breast surgeon plan the specific type of surgical approach needed for your case. Ideally, choose a reconstructive breast surgeon to get the most advanced skills in this area.

Your NJ Breast augmentation surgeon must then use excellent surgical technique to carry out their surgical plan. Meticulous surgical technique involves a combination of manual dexterity, years of practice and well-honed judgment about how the body reacts to specific actions, in order to perform successful breast surgery.

Your surgeon must understand the proper use of the latest surgical equipment, including the latest breast implant types and new techniques that apply to your surgery. Your NJ breast surgeon must also have an excellent and well-developed aesthetic sense to perform your breast augmentation successfully.

Your surgeon must understand, for example, how to place the nipple on the breast in a natural and youthful position (while, as mentioned, maintaining blood flow and nerve function). Your surgeon must be able to present your choices of implant type, material and shape  explain their aesthetic and functional differences.

In the final analysis, aesthetics must combine with technique and biological expertise so that your surgeon can carry out and accomplish your agreed upon breast augmentation outcome. Some of the variables include size, shape, projection out from the chest and position on the chest (the proper height on the chest wall and the correct distance apart horizontally to create more, or less cleavage, as needed.)

Also very important aesthetically, your surgeon must ensure minimal, well hidden scarring with sophisticated incision and suturing techniques. The above are just some of the reasons that only an expert will do for breast augmentation in NJ.

Education, Skills and Experience are Not Enough

Beyond all the attributes we’ve mentioned thus far, which describe an expert breast surgeon, you must also seek a dedicated surgeon–and one with you communicate well. Basically, you should choose a top breast surgeon (based on the above-mentioned qualifications).

Then, narrow down to the one who is interested in your specific needs and desires and committed to your success. Select the expert surgeon that you feel understands your needs and cares about you as a unique individual. Choose the NJ breast augmentation surgeon you trust.

How Do You Know When You’ve Found the Right Surgeon?

You can recognize dedication in the breast augmentation surgeon who spends time with you. The NJ breast surgeon who answers all your questions fully and in a way that is clear to you. A dedicated surgeon will ask you many questions to determine what your needs and wants are for your breast augmentation. The right surgeon for you is the one who won’t be happy unless you are happy.

This is the surgeon who will do everything medically possible to achieve your result, but will also let you know if your goal is unrealistic. Your surgeon can, in this case, help you understand what your true options are, explaining the pros and cons and the risks involved in your surgery.

A dedicated surgeon will never recommend or go forward with surgery if he or she feels your goal is not achievable or that the risks outweigh the benefits. If your breast surgeon feels that you are, or are not, a good candidate, he or she must let you know. If you are a good candidate, choosing to move forward and selecting a surgeon, are both decisions that you must make.

For some of the intangible qualities that make up an excellent breast surgeon, you must go with your intuition and trust your gut feeling. Never go forward unless you have complete confidence in your NJ breast surgeon.

Checking the Basics about Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Before you meet with a breast augmentation surgeon in NJ, make sure he or she has these basic expert qualifications. Check for:

  • Current state license with the State of NJ’s Consumer Affairs Division
  • Board certification in general and plastic surgery
  • Reconstructive experience, to ensure deep knowledge of breast anatomy and function
  • Surgical privileges in a prestigious hospital (check the surgeon’s website and/or ask them)
  • 10 or more years experience in breast surgery (check original license date to determine years of experience and ask the surgeon or read the surgeon’s website bio in order to find out how much time has been dedicated specifically to breast surgery)

At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, we are dedicated to helping patients improve their lives, helping each one to look and feel as they would like. When you’re ready to learn about the specific options for your breast augmentation, we invite you to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with us. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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