There are many decisions to be made once someone officially decides that they would like to get breast implants. One of the most important factors to consider before committing to a surgeon is the cost of the procedure. While some less-than-experienced surgeons may offer a bargain price to their patients, is the risk that something may go wrong in the operating room worth the money that you save in the long run?

In other words, you want to look back on your breast augmentation experience in a few months and be entirely happy with your result. It’s also important to be satisfied with other aspects of your breast implant procedure; including a smooth, reasonably quick, healing process and the smallest possible scars (which are well hidden).

You also want to feel good about how you were treated and supported by your surgeon and his or her medical staff. If you concentrate first on finding the right surgeon in the Westchester, NY area for your breast implant surgery, your experience should, in the end, be worthwhile and extremely successful.

Don’t Waste Your Time Comparing

As the old saying goes, and it’s true when comparing the price tags for breast implant surgery: you can’t compare apples and oranges. I bring this up because the best breast surgeons always plan your breast implant selection (and surgery) around you specifically—to meet your individual needs. This means that each surgery performed by a surgeon should have a different price tag from one another because each surgery is completely different.

Each surgeon brings his own level of surgical skill, judgment, years of experience, aesthetic awareness, compassion and dedication to the table, and overall, sets his own pricing for the cost of breast implants. So your choice must be made by weighing your overall comfort level with your expert partner, also known as your Westchester breast implant surgeon.

How to Make Your Breast Implant Experience Worthwhile

Ensure that every surgeon you meet with is eminently qualified and then choose the one who suits you best (the one you trust). By doing so, you are creating a worthwhile breast implant experience for yourself, no matter the actual cost of breast implants. By partnering with the right breast implant expert, your surgery will likely be well worthwhile–no matter the price. That’s because you save so much with an elite breast implant surgeon.

You may not save money (although it’s possible that you will), but you’ll definitely save yourself some trouble and uncertainty. You will likely save yourself the need to undergo a corrective surgery or breast revision. You will spare yourself disappointment and you will also save time and money by getting breast implants done right the first time.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Breast Implants

These are the typical “line items” that might cost you more in dollars (but not always), plus some notes on how they can actually save you, in the long run:

  • Geographical Costs: Doctors and surgeons in a large city often have higher fees than those in rural areas.
    • Your savings: Metro area surgeons, like those in the Westchester NY region, also get more (and a wider variety) of experience and may offer more breast implant options and provide better, more complete treatment services. Practice makes perfect–that’s an oversimplification, but it makes the basic point.
  • Experience: It takes years to develop all the skills and artistry that go along with augmenting or reconstructing the breasts. Choose experience, even if the cost of breast implants is a bit more.
    • Your savings: Experience improves your likelihood of an excellent outcome and it also keeps you safe. An experienced surgeon will know what to do in the face of a surgical complication, preserving your health and further ensuring a great outcome. Your safety is priceless.
  • Surgical Complexity + Surgeon’s Experience: The length of time your surgery takes to perform translates into a higher cost of breast implants. For instance, if you need a breast lift in conjunction with breast implants in order to achieve the results you want—that may increase surgical time and complexity. If you have had breast surgery before, scar tissue and other factors may complicate and lengthen your surgery.
    • Your savings: An elite, experienced Westchester, NY breast surgeon may perform the surgery more quickly due to experience and familiarity with advanced techniques. So complex surgery with an experienced surgeon may take the same amount of time, or less time, than uncomplicated surgery with a less experienced surgeon.
  • Board Certification: ABPS certification is the gold standard in plastic surgery. The American Board of Plastic Surgery has high expectations that surgeons must meet and maintain throughout their careers to remain certified with them. Don’t accept a certificate that looks impressive with similar initials. That could mean an inexperienced plastic surgeon who was a dermatologist but completed an extra short course is plastic surgery. Check the CertificationMatters website and make sure to choose a properly certified surgeon who is listed there, even though less experienced and less well-trained surgeons may cost less.
    • Your savings: Ensuring your safety and high-quality care are beyond value.
  • Advanced Skills: You may not think you need a surgeon with reconstructive experience for your breast implants, but the more in-depth knowledge your surgeon possesses, the better for you. Among other advantages, a reconstructive surgeon handles tissues especially gently and takes utmost care to minimize scarring with proper incision placement and skin closing procedures.
    • Your savings: That extra expertise may not cost you more, and it may mean that your healing is faster, or your scars are more inconspicuous, or your ability to breastfeed after implants is preserved. There are no absolute guarantees and all surgery carries risk–but having the most experienced surgeon on your side is always an advantage.
  • High-tech Surgery Center + Hospital Privileges: Your Westchester breast implant surgeon should have both. Your surgery will likely take place in a surgical center that is just as safe as a hospital but is able to charge you much less. At the same time, however, your chosen surgeon should have operating and admitting privileges at a nearby prestigious hospital. This means that the hospital administration has confidence in the surgeon’s safety record and ability, which gives you another layer of quality vetting about your surgeon.
    • Your savings: Well-vetted, elite surgeons affiliated with well-known hospitals may charge more, but their affiliation with an accredited surgery center will save you money. Certain costs may be higher with a top breast implant surgeon, but other costs may be lower, to balance the equation.
  • Breast Implant Costs: Certain implant types (like silicone), shapes and sizes (larger) may cost more.
    • Your savings: The difference in cost between implants is often negligible and ensuring you get the right implant for your needs means a better result. A great result, even if the necessary implant casts a bit more, means that you won’t need to have a corrective surgery to change out the size or type of implant in the near future.

Integrity and Dedication are Free

Whether you get breast implants at a swanky address in Manhattan or in a lower priced (typically) suburban area, some surgeons will click with you and some won’t. The feeling of rapport and trust you get when you meet and consult with the right surgeon can happen at any price point. Provided all the surgeons you meet with have vetted qualifications and experience, (that you’ve found through your research), choose the Westchester NY surgeon who you feel is on your team and who will do their best to ensure you are happy with your results. This doesn’t mean they will promise the moon, but it means that your surgeon will be honest and upfront, making sure you know what to expect.

A great surgeon will let you know if your wishes are not advisable or readily achievable through breast augmentation, and why. A great surgeon won’t go ahead until you are on the same page. When you’re on the same page, pulling for the same goal, that’s when the stellar breast implant results happen.

Once You’re Got the Facts, Trust Your Intuition

Some surgeons will inspire your confidence because you feel you’re having an honest and informative conversation with them. Other surgeons will feel off-putting and you may feel they don’t understand you. Keep looking until you find a breast surgeon you truly trust, whether the price is lower or higher–and you’ll have the result you want.

Dedication to do their best for you–that’s something that surgeons don’t charge more or less for, it’s just part of the individual’s character and personality. This is the most valuable quality to look for in your ideal breast implant surgeon in the Westchester NY area — or anywhere in the world.

Learn the Exact Cost of Breast Implants

You’ll find that concentrating on your main goal: finding the best surgeon for you– is much simpler than getting caught up in comparing price tags, when each package of services (and each surgeon) is different.

All that said, Cohen/Winters will be pleased to provide you with complete breast implant cost information, tailored to your specific needs, at a consultation in our northern NJ offices, conveniently near Westchester NY.

When You’re Ready, Give Us a Call

Meet with a local breast specialist who just may be “the one” for you. At Cohen/Winters, we like to make finding your ideal surgeon easy–by offering a no-risk consultation. This way, you can truly set the cost of breast implants aside and, while getting information specific to you. When you’re ready to find out more, contact Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, NJ.

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