There are many plastic surgeons in NJ, but not so many are expert plastic surgeons specializing in breast surgery.

Among these experts, there are just a few top breast surgeons with revision and reconstructive experience.

Among this elite group of breast revision experts – there is one who is really, truly right for you. That’s the surgeon you need to locate.

Finding an elite breast surgeon is not difficult if you allow yourself time, meet with qualified surgeons and keep the following in mind.

Finding Your Breast Revision Surgeon in NJ

To find the NJ breast surgeon for your revision, you’ll first need to do some basic competency research. Basic competency sounds simple, but for a breast revision surgeon there is a very high bar.

Meticulous surgical technique, excellent judgment and years of experience are absolutely required for a predictably successful outcome in a breast implant revision.

Before meeting with breast surgeons, be sure to rule out those lacking the basic expert qualifications.

Check for: 

  • Current licensure and reputation with the State of NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. Information includes education details, types of board certification(s) and any sanctions, and can be found using the State Board of Medical Affairs “Find Your Doctor”.
  • Surgical privileges at a well known local hospital (check the surgeon’s website and/or ask them).
  • At least 10 years experience devoted to breast surgery (check original licensure date and ask).

Why Higher-Level Qualifications Are Required and Worth Searching For

Corrective breast surgery or implant revision is much more complex than the initial placement of implants—and even that initial procedure, of course, requires a skilled breast surgeon.

What’s so complex about revision? Breast revision surgery requires an expert breast surgeon (with years of experience and with reconstructive skills, preferably) because, for one thing, revision is a second surgery on a previously operated part of the body.

This brings challenges like dealing with scar tissue, implant rupture and many unique, varied scenarios. No matter what area of the body we’re talking about, a second surgery is a complex undertaking. Hence the need for an expert plastic surgeon that is a breast specialist.

Finding an Elite Breast Specialist in NJ

As you may know, not all plastic surgeons work on the body. Many focus on the face or the hand and rightly so, because each area of the body is a complex world unto itself.

In plastic surgery, you must be an expert in anatomy and the function of all related structures and tissues in your area of specialty and the body in general, including muscles, tendons, bones, veins, capillaries, arteries, the lymphatic system and more.

In the case of a breast revision surgeon, this specialized plastic surgeon must in addition be familiar with unique structures like milk ducts, nerve structures surrounding the nipple and much more. Of course, your breast surgeon must also have expert knowledge of all the latest breast implant types—and all the old ones as well.

Your ideal surgeon is an implant revision specialist. Since old-style implants are often being removed to correct the prior procedure or make way for new implants, your surgeon must know the properties of each type.

Your breast surgeon must understand how each implant functions in (and affects) the body, for whom each type of implant is best suited and how to remove and replace all of them.

EXPERT TIP: Don’t choose a facial plastic surgeon, who only dabbles in breast surgery. A true expert dedicates most of their time to breast surgery.

Check the surgeon’s website to see their areas of focus and/or ask:

  • How many breast surgeries they perform per year.
  • How many years they’ve been in practice.
  • If they are a reconstructive surgeon.

Finding a Good Communicator with Artistic Sensibility

Breast surgeons must not only know how to repair or correct prior breast surgeries, ensuring patient health and function, they must also know how to make the result look good.

Make sure you and the breast revision surgeon understand one another or are “speaking the same language.”

The best surgeons will explain to you their recommended strategy and any options for replacing your implants, correcting the placement, reshaping or lifting your breasts and treating your pain or other symptoms.

EXPERT TIP: Don’t choose an aloof breast revision surgeon. They may be technically skilled, but also take the time to explain well. You must be clear on the strategy and agree on the expected outcome.

  • Does your surgeon’s idea of large implants or a youthful look mean the same as your definition? You can tell if you communicate well with one another during the surgical consultation and planning stage.
  • Look at samples of implants together with your surgeon.
  • Look at before and after photos for an idea of the surgeon’s sense of beauty. Does it mesh with yours?

Finding The Expert Surgeon for You

Now you’re getting to the tipping point. Soon you’ll have enough information to make your choice of NJ breast revision surgeon.

Next, among the elite breast revision and reconstructive specialists, look for a breast artist. Seek out the breast surgeon with a unique understanding and intricate knowledge of the female breast anatomy, along with a deep empathy for and understanding of the patient’s needs.

Are women better breast surgeons? Not necessarily, but it may give them an edge in this specific category.

EXPERT TIP: When you meet with your NJ breast specialist plastic surgeon, you will get a sense of his or her understanding of your needs and their level of dedication.

  • Do you feel like a generic patient, being quickly rushed out of the office?
  • Are you comfortable with the surgical plan recommended for (and explained to) you?
  • Are risks carefully explained?
  • Does the surgeon take an interest in you as an individual?
  • Does he or she spend time exploring your goals and needs?
  • Does the surgeon have empathy for or relate to your pain or implant problem?
  • Do you trust this surgeon?
  • Never rush your decision!

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