Was your primary rhinoplasty result a disaster or just underwhelming? Were you left with the same or new breathing problems after your prior rhinoplasty? Is there just something you can’t put your finger on that bothers you about the outcome of your first rhinoplasty?

No matter what went wrong with your first rhinoplasty experience, don’t give up. A true rhinoplasty specialist can help in many cases by doing a revision rhinoplasty to fix your nose.

There are many things to consider when you’re contemplating revision rhinoplasty in NJ, It’s natural to be concerned about price and cost because surgery is expensive both monetarily and in relation to your health. These are just of the few considerations that you should look into when thinking about a revision rhinoplasty surgery.

Find Out What Went Wrong with Your Rhinoplasty

After a failed rhinoplasty you go through so much physically and emotionally- you never want to go through a similar experience again. You’ve invested time and money and were left with frustration, disappointment, anxiety and even physical pain.

Your hopes were dashed after your first rhinoplasty. So how can you end up with an attractive, well-functioning nose after all you have been through? An expert revision rhinoplasty surgeon, one who is equipped to handle the most difficult revision nasal surgery, can accurately assess what happened during your first surgery.

What most often goes wrong in a failed nose job occurs before the actual surgery even begins. The major mistake is often in miscommunication or the planning. Choose an NJ surgeon who is a good communicator and who cares enough to explain their thoughtful plan for your revision.

Make sure you are on the same page and that you define success the same way. That’s how you can help avoid a rhinoplasty gone wrong.

The Challenges of Revision Rhinoplasty

What must be overcome for consistent, successful results in revision rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty revisions require more care and meticulous technique since surgery is to be performed on the focal point of the face that has been operated on previously.

The challenges of rhinoplasty correction include:

  • Weakened nasal support structures.
  • Possible lack of cartilage and bone.
  • Scar tissue from primary nasal surgery.
  • Bad grafting technique.
  • Improper use of nasal implants.
  • Insufficient local circulation.
  • Breathing problems.

Top Causes of Revision Rhinoplasty

Why you might need corrective rhinoplasty after your first surgery:

  • The surgeon’s lack of experience in rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Poor or imprecise surgical technique.
  • Inadequate follow-up and post-op care by the surgeon.
  • Patient not following proper instructions.
  • Poor healing.
  • Excessive scar tissue.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Implant/graft problems.
  • Complications not properly handled.
  • Insufficient or unclear communication prior to surgery.
  • Aesthetic differences (different notions of beauty between surgeon and patient).
  • Unrealistic patient expectations.
  • Unforeseen circumstances.

Many of these issues can be avoided with proper surgeon selection and clear communication.

Get the Best Deal on Revision Rhinoplasty Costs in NJ: Choose a Stellar Surgeon

There are many ways that revision rhinoplasty can bring you benefits that greatly outweigh the cost of the surgery. The cost comes in many forms, of course, not just in dollars and cents.

When you choose a top NJ rhinoplasty surgeon to perform your corrective rhinoplasty, your costs will be minimized in many important ways.

What Sets a Top NJ Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon Apart?

The best surgeons are considered the best because they optimize everything about the surgical experience. A dedicated, skilled and experienced Northern NJ rhinoplasty specialist can give you a more comfortable experience, with a better result, than less experienced surgeons can provide.

You don’t want to be disappointed again with your nose job. Disappointment is a high cost to pay for anyone. And the price in dollars would be much higher too. The best insurance for a positive experience with revision rhinoplasty is choosing an impeccably qualified and caring surgeon.

Look for a rhinoplasty specialist who has:

  • Excellent reputation: Check your plastic surgeon’s record with the state, on social media and through patient/peer references.
  • Years of experience: Including reconstructive rhinoplasty expertise.
  • Surgical privileges at a noted hospital, such as a respected university hospital.
  • Upfront manner with a clear plan: You’ll feel more confident going into revisional rhinoplasty if you know the game plan. A top surgeon will explain the strategy to correct your bad nose job in a way you can understand and give an honest assessment of the possibilities to fix your nose.
  • Ability to handle surgical complications from revision rhinoplasties: No one can guarantee that there will be no complications in surgery, especially in a second rhinoplasty surgery. Talk to your rhinoplasty specialist about your specific risks and how complications would be handled. An experienced surgeon should know what to do.
  • Taken time to clearly explain risks/goals: Ask your surgeon about his rate of complications. A good surgeon won’t hesitate to discuss this with you. You should also learn what can and will be done to ensure your safety and reduce risk and achieve goals.
  • “Before and Afters” that include reconstructive cases: Of course your case is unique, but seeing successful rhinoplasty photos will help lower any stress going into your second surgery. It will also give you an idea of the surgeon’s aesthetic sense and abilities.
  • Answered all your tough questions: You should be able to get clear answers and information that covers all your concerns about secondary rhinoplasty before you commit to surgery and choose your surgeon.
  • Inspired trust: After meeting with your revision rhinoplasty surgeon, you should sense a level of honesty and dedication, especially after asking lots of tough questions. Even if a surgeon has a stellar reputation and many years of experience, don’t go forward unless you get a good feeling about them after meeting. It is wise to trust your intuition or gut feeling, after checking the surgeon’s credentials. You want a surgeon who will be there for you throughout your revision rhinoplasty journey.
  • Commitment to Excellence: By devoting a substantial portion of their practice to rhinoplasty, taking on secondary cases and the ability to be honest about their result and learning experience.

Save Time and Ease Stress with a Top NJ Rhinoplasty Surgeon

The time you spend healing and recovering from revision rhinoplasty is a cost that many people fail to consider. However, the very best revision rhinoplasty specialists can help speed up your healing process. How do they do it? Top surgeons work carefully and use advanced techniques, meticulously performed, to avoid tissue trauma and create a strong, attractive and functional nose for their patients.

The careful work that a top surgeon is capable of, with his or her years of experience, reduces any trauma to delicate nasal tissues. This means you will likely heal faster. Your revision rhinoplasty recovery could be shorter than the original surgery and it usually is not any longer—even though revision is a more complicated procedure.

What about stress? By choosing a top Bergen County surgeon that you have confidence in, you will go into your procedure confidently, expecting the best. Low stress is conducive to healing. Find a surgeon with top credentials that you trust. It makes all the difference in the world.

Understand the Plan to Build Trust in Your Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

What you need is not only an expert surgeon who makes a surgical plan tailored to your unique goals and starting point. You are also looking for a revision rhinoplasty surgeon who knows what to do if things don’t go perfectly according to that plan.

You need that rare combination of dedication, skill, experience, artistic sense and excellent surgical judgment. Your NJ revision rhinoplasty surgeon must have a solid strategy to solve your nasal problems and achieve your goals—and he or she must be prepared to make adjustments mid-stream.

The only way to lower the risk of disappointment or worse is to choose a plastic surgeon who can handle almost anything if need be.

Beautiful Nose Jobs Happen Every Day: Focus on Clear Communication

The good news is that you can find the surgeon who can solve your problem, and create an improved outcome to your unsatisfactory first nose job. Patients who had little hope and lots of frustration, have ended up with a look they love and a nose that functions properly.

You need to find one of the best surgeons in NJ because only the truly qualified experts regularly handle revision rhinoplasty. Then–you must find the NJ rhinoplasty specialist who is right for you from among that elite group of skilled, experienced rhinoplasty doctors.

Achieving Revision Rhinoplasty Success

The first step to a successful revision rhinoplasty experience is to get started. Be patient and diligent as you search and hold out for the best rhinoplasty surgeon and the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you.

Provided you do your basic research first, as to experience, board certification and track record—you will know the right surgeon when you meet them.

Trust yourself to choose a New Jersey plastic surgeon who will partner with you to achieve the result you desire and to communicate to you exactly what to expect. Verify your choice with validation from other patients, nurses and doctors.

Make Sure Your Views are Respected: Choose an Excellent Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Another hallmark of the very best plastic surgeons for revision rhinoplasty is: they listen. Honest communication is key to getting the nose you want and learning what is or is not possible. A top surgeon will hear you and explain the plan to accomplish your goals for your corrective rhinoplasty. If your goal is unrealistic, you need a top surgeon who will tell you so and explain your options. You don’t need a yes man or woman. Expertise, honesty and understanding are part of the DNA of a top revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

You Need a Customized Procedure, so Find a Great Surgeon

Yet another way a terrific surgeon can lower your costs is personalization. Less-experienced (or just less dedicated) rhinoplasty surgeons may optimize their time at the expense of optimizing your results. The inexperienced surgeon may do nearly the same procedure on everyone.

Even if his or her services don’t cost much, they are not worth what you might endure. Revision rhinoplasty, even more than other plastic surgery procedures, must be customized for your desires and needs specifically. There is no one-size-fits-all in a revision rhinoplasty because there are so many variables concerning what might need repair. You may be experiencing breathing problems, a weakened nose structure or simply be unhappy with the way your nose looks on your face.

The Secret to Successful Revision Rhinoplasty

Some surgeons are primarily technicians. They love performing surgery but perhaps don’t love talking with patients. You have probably dealt with medical professionals who are impatient, who rush you, who only vaguely answer your questions, who are dismissive and maybe even disrespectful when you meet them. But as long as they know how to do the cutting properly—that’s the main thing right? In some surgical disciplines that may be true. But for revision rhinoplasty, you definitely need a highly skilled surgeon, but you need even more than that–good communication.

Rhinoplasties, especially revisions, are incredibly complex surgeries. Many plastic surgeons don’t do them at all, because revision rhinoplasty takes time, concentration, skill, experience and excellent communication with patients. For best results, find a dedicated surgeon with top-level skills who genuinely likes people.

You need a surgeon who takes an interest in you personally and sees you as an individual—not as patient 3,384. You need these skills for a successful surgical outcome. Choosing a surgeon that you can’t communicate with, understand and trust can cost you.

Don’t rush–don’t have surgery until you find the surgeon who has all the top qualities. When you look back on the experience, you’ll see what we mean about a bargain. Your patience will be rewarded and your experience (and your new nose) will be worth it.

Don’t Let Your New Surgeon Off the Hook. Period.

Listen to the strategy laid out to repair your nose–and challenge your surgeon with questions. The more in-depth your conversation, the more you have to go on when making your decision about your NJ revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

It is unfortunate that you must go through this process a second time, but remember that successful revision rhinoplasties happen every day. Find a surgeon who is optimistic about the likelihood of success gratified by the smile on a patient’s face when the rhinoplasty splint is removed.

The Revision Rhinoplasty Surgical Checklist

Your NJ rhinoplasty specialist should have these qualifications:

  • Outstanding reputation.
  • Board certifications — in general surgery and plastic surgery.
  • More than 10-15 years’ rhinoplasty experience — including reconstructive and secondary rhinoplasties.
  • Devotes practice to rhinoplasty.
  • Maintains surgical privileges — at a top hospital.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of your needs — and explains how they can be achieved.
  • Acknowledges risks and revision rhinoplasty complications.
  • Impressive before and after pictures.
  • Discloses all surgical costs.
  • Shows obvious dedication.
  • Is confident.
  • Displays honesty.
  • Gains your trust.

Asking the Tough Questions: Your Surgeon Can Handle It

Or rather, seeing how your NJ rhinoplasty surgeon handles your meeting will tell you a lot. Remember the list of questions you asked the first time around? Ask them again and ask the questions you wish you had asked.

Don’t be pushed to commit until you have the answers you need and you trust those answers. Value honesty and expect confidence — but not cockiness.

The best surgeons are in this profession for you, not just themselves. The great thing is, you can usually tell. Trust yourself to identify dedication.

How will your surgeon field these questions?

  • How many rhinoplasty revisions have you performed this year? How many in your career?
  • What is your complication rate?
  • What is wrong with my nose?
  • Can I expect a _____ nose after my revision? (Smaller, straighter, upturned, narrower…?)
  • Am I a good candidate for the procedure?
  • How can we reduce revision rhinoplasty risk?
  • Are you a reconstructive surgeon?
  • Where will my surgery be performed?
  • Will I have an incision and scar? (An open procedure)
  • What is the rationale for choosing to perform open vs. closed rhinoplasty procedures?
  • How much recovery time will be needed?
  • Will my breathing be improved or at least not worsened?
  • What happens if things don’t work out?

Rhinoplasty Revision Q and A

When meeting with your NJ plastic surgeon for revision rhinoplasty, be sure to use your time wisely by preparing your most urgent questions in advance. You should never feel rushed during your consultation with an elite rhinoplasty surgeon in NJ– still, there are many details to cover in planning rhinoplasty surgery, especially rhinoplasty revision. A dedicated rhinoplasty specialist plastic surgeon should ask you lots of questions. This shows that he or she is interested in learning about your desires and your needs. Be sure to add any burning questions you may have that aren’t on this list.

Here are some key questions to ask your NJ revision rhinoplasty surgeon:

1. Am I a Good Candidate for Revision Rhinoplasty (also called Secondary Rhinoplasty)?

If you are in good health and have realistic expectations for your revision rhinoplasty outcome, and you’re not a smoker, you’re likely to be a good candidate for successful secondary rhinoplasty.

2. What Went Wrong with My Primary Rhinoplasty? Why Didn’t I Get the Look I Expected?

Some of the more common errors or issues in primary rhinoplasty include:

  • Improper diagnosis of nasal problems, physical and/or functional
  • Poor listening skills or misunderstanding how the patient wants his or her nose to look
  • Unexpected issues with healing. Everyone heals slightly differently depending upon genetics, age, skin thickness, tendency to develop scar tissue and more. Even so, an elite plastic surgeon can adjust for some of these factors to ensure you get a predictable outcome.
  • Poor surgical technique and/or inadequate experience as a rhinoplasty surgeon

3. What problems can rhinoplasty revision solve for me?

Common reasons people seek rhinoplasty revision include:

  • Nose is too small
  • Nose is too large
  • The bridge is too low, nose looks flat in profile
  • The nasal bridge is too curved
  • The bridge is too wide
  • Nose is too narrow
  • Nose is too long
  • Nose is too short
  • Nostrils show too much
  • Tip of nose droops
  • The tip is creased at the center (knuckling)
  • The nasal tip is too upturned
  • The nasal tip is too sharp or pinched
  • The nasal tip is bulbous or lacking detail
  • Sides of nose collapse inward when breathing, making breathing difficult
  • Nose looks the same as before primary rhinoplasty – issues not corrected
  • Nose has a bump
  • Asymmetry or the nose or tip
  • And many more problems can be corrected through revision rhinoplasty

4. Will You use a Graft to Strengthen or Build up My Nasal Structure?

Cartilage grafts are often needed to reshape the nose during rhinoplasty revision. Autologous grafts are taken from the nasal septum, ear or rib, typically.

5. What Will Take Place During My Surgery?

Your surgeon should describe his or her surgical strategy to achieve the goals you discussed and correct the problematic areas of your nose.

6. What Type of Anesthesia will be Used? Do You Work with an MD Anesthesia Specialist?

It’s very likely that general anesthesia will be used for your corrective rhinoplasty procedure. Having an MD monitoring and administering your general anesthesia, working alongside your revision rhinoplasty specialist, is essential for your safety.

7. Is the Recovery Period Longer after Revision?

It may be a longer, depending on the complexity of the corrections and the amount of nasal reshaping needed. Swelling may persist for much longer in secondary rhinoplasty, but most visible swelling will dissipate in 6 to 9 months. Internal structures may remain swollen for up to 2 years. Most patients report minimal pain or discomfort, similar to the primary rhinoplasty surgery.

8. What are the Risks of Rhinoplasty Revision?

Revision rhinoplasty carries most of the same risks as your primary surgery along with additional challenges due to a weakened nasal structure. In addition, each surgery on the same spot can leave you with less natural, untouched tissue and more scar tissue. That’s why choosing a top revision rhinoplasty specialist in NJ is crucial. An expert plastic surgeon cannot ensure a completely risk-free surgery, of course. An expert, however, has the experience to understand exactly how to deal with any surgical complication that could occur and provide you the best outcome possible.

9. What is the Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty?

Be sure that your revision rhinoplasty specialist clearly explains the costs you will pay for your secondary surgery. Many elite surgeons include all needed follow-up in their fee. Anesthesia (and your anesthesiologist needed for general) may be each a separate line item but should be included in your final total, along with surgery center time and costs.

10. What Options Exist for My Specific Revision Rhinoplasty?

At Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Bergen County, NJ, we’re happy to answer all your questions about rhinoplasty revision as it applies to you, personally. If you’re a good candidate for a revision rhinoplasty procedure, we can typically improve significantly upon your prior rhinoplasty outcome. Learn about the options available to you for an attractive and natural nose through revision rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty in NJ

At Cohen/Winters, we’re experts in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, focusing much of our time on revision rhinoplasty cases. If you’d like to know more about your options, we’re happy to offer a no-charge consultation at our Bergen County NJ office.

We’d like to learn more about your goals for revision rhinoplasty. These important details come before any thought of prices and cost. In fact, an accurate price can’t be determined until we examine you and understand your needs. So don’t let thoughts about cost hold you back. Please contact our offices in Bergen County to schedule your consultation.

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