The cost of breast implants here in the greater NYC area is generally well worthwhile, provided that you do some important homework in advance. Concentrate your efforts on choosing a top NJ or NYC plastic surgeon, who specializes in breast surgery including breast implants.

Ironically, focusing on the price tag too early on can make your costs for a successful breast implant procedure near NYC way too high.

How to Save Money on NYC Breast Implants

I think we can agree: the highest cost of any surgery is a bad outcome — and the need to have even more surgery to correct it. So, by doing research to make a stellar breast implant result possible, you ensure a positive surgical experience and terrific outcome from your breast implant surgery.

Don’t be distracted at first by focusing on the price of NYC breast implants. Keep your focus on ensuring the very best breast implant results. For a terrific breast implant outcome, find an expert partner (your NYC breast implant surgeon), one that you trust and with whom you can communicate well.

What Makes Breast Implants Cost so much in NYC?

Exact costs for breast implants in NYC and the surrounding metro areas will vary, depending on a number of specifics unique to your surgery and area. To keep your costs low, expand your search area outside of NYC and NY. The fact is that the high overhead of NYC makes everything there more expensive than it needs to be. This includes everything from a mundane cup of coffee to a life-changing event like breast implant surgery.

Besides the high price tag of NYC breast implants, the rushing and hectic atmosphere of the city can make your surgical experience trying and stressful. This is not good for healing after breast implants and can produce a less-than-desirable breast implant result. Solution: Keep your costs low for breast implants by choosing a surgeon nearby NYC, in northern NJ.

Your Breast Implant Costs: How to Reduce Your Bill

Here are the major cost factors for breast implants in NYC and around the country. In some cases, paying a higher price tag is worth it, if it saves you time or prevents disappointment.

Remember to calculate all of the possible costs before having breast implant surgery, including:

  • Geographic costs of breast implants: This is where choosing a surgeon near, but not in, NYC can benefit you. You can save on your surgeon’s fee and all costs related to breast implant — by simply driving a few minutes outside of NY.
  • Surgeon experience: An experienced surgeon may have a higher fee or a lower fee, but experience saves you on all other costs and helps ensure an amazing result for breast implants in the NYC area, including Bergen County, NJ. An experienced plastic surgeon for breast implants will work quickly, precisely and efficiently, which will save on the price of the surgery center, billed hourly.
  • Advanced training: Surgeons who perform the most complex breast implant procedures, such as breast reconstruction with implants, may command higher fees (although not always.) Skills in reconstructive breast surgery can help your surgeon provide an excellent breast implant result. You deserve an excellent breast implant outcome, so choose a surgeon best equipped to do the job right—and you save money because you avoid disappointment (the need for breast implant revision).
  • Complexity: The more complex your breast implant surgery, the higher the price you could pay. In a way, you want your breast implant procedure to be complex because complex can really mean detailed and planned around you. A generic, assembly line type of breast implant procedure will be quickest, but it won’t serve you well. Make sure your NYC breast implant surgery is planned in detail, make sure it’s a bit more complex, and make sure your surgeon has the experience and credentials to do the job. This way you’ll enjoy a natural looking result — one that matches your breast implant goals through customized breast implant surgery with an expert NJ breast surgeon.
  • Consultation: These fees are worthwhile — because of the amount you learn about breast implants in the NYC and NJ area. You’ll learn about the different materials, shapes, and sizes of breast implants, about the procedure itself and your options, and you’ll also learn if your surgeon is the right one for you. Communicating in person with an expert breast implant surgeon is invaluable to the success of your procedure. If you need to consult with more than one breast surgeon to find the right one, that is well worthwhile too.
  • Surgery center time: Having your breast implant surgery in an accredited NJ surgery center saves a significant amount of money over a hospital OR. If your surgeon has access to a high-tech surgery center with an excellent safety record (documented by accreditation), you can save money and have a safe and successful surgical experience.
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia costs more than other sedation methods, but it keeps you safe and comfortable during your surgery. If your surgeon recommends general anesthesia, make sure you’ll be monitored and cared for by an MD anesthesiologist. Any extra cost is well worth it for your safety.
  • Health insurance: Most breast implant surgeries are done as purely cosmetic procedures, and not covered by insurance. Health insurance, however, can help with the cost of breast reconstruction with implants, after mastectomy.
  • Breast implant cost: Silicone implants generally cost more than the saline option, and larger implants may cost a bit more than smaller sizes, but this is a tiny segment of your total cost for breast implants in NJ.

If your surgeon is offering a bargain price or a fixed, upfront cost (before even examining you and learning about your specific needs and desires), ask yourself why. Don’t go with an inexperienced or uncertified breast implant surgeon to save money, because your cost could be very, very high.

You could put your safety at risk and risk a botched breast implant surgery. Remember, too, that paying a high price, by itself, is no guarantee for a better outcome. Focus on choosing an NJ plastic surgeon with top credentials, who shows dedication and an interest in creating a customized breast implant result just for you.

Breast Implants Near NYC: Get an Expert Consultation

To learn more about breast implants and get detailed costs for your breast implant surgery, contact Cohen/Winters Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery. We are conveniently located just outside NYC, in Bergen County NJ. Schedule your personalized breast implant consultation today.

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